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Summersgiving Day – June 22, 2024

Summersgiving Day is celebrated annually on the Saturday after the summer solstice and this year it will be held on June 22. The holiday is dedicated to celebrating life, being grateful for our loved ones, and bringing America’s finest thanksgiving food together. A good number of people have favorite holiday food, and National Summersgiving Day is a great opportunity to combine them into one big meal as we come together to celebrate with family and loved ones.

History of Summersgiving Day

Summersgiving Day began in 2009 when Robert Solomon organized a Thanksgiving barbecue for his friends and loved ones to celebrate summer and have all the food associated with Thanksgiving Day. Solomon loved Thanksgiving food a lot, so he invited his friends to eat roast turkey and drink cranberry Martini long into the night. Summersgiving Day might have remained a private celebration had Solomon not met Eva Shure, a business entrepreneur, on a flight from Boca Raton to Newark in 2018.

They had a conversation in which he told her all about the event. According to Solomon, she was ecstatic and wanted to have a similar one with her friends. Shure said: “People love Thanksgiving. People love summer. This is something that could spread.” Together, they developed a website, and in 2019, National Summersgiving Day was proclaimed an official holiday to be celebrated every year on the Saturday after the summer solstice.

Americans eat tons of turkey every year, and most of it is eaten during Thanksgiving. Summersgiving Day provides an alternative opportunity to eat turkey while celebrating earlier in the year, instead of waiting until November. Since June is also National Turkey Lovers Month, it’s a double celebration of the widely-loved meal. Thus, Summersgiving Day was birthed out of the love of family, friends, good food, and drinks.

Summersgiving Day timeline

The Summersgiving Day is Born

Solomon hosts a Thanksgiving barbeque for his friends during the summer.

The Plans are Put in Place

Solomon meets Eva Shure on a flight to Newark, and they make plans to register National Summersgiving Day as a national holiday.

The Start of National Summersgiving Day

Summersgiving Day is registered as a national holiday.

The Official Date is Set

Summersgiving Day is set on the Saturday after the summer solstice.

Summersgiving Day FAQs

Is Robert Solomon a chef?

As unbelievable as it sounds, Solomon isn’t a chef by profession. He is an attorney with offices in Newark and Staten Island.

Can Summersgiving Day be celebrated anywhere?

Yes, it can. All you need is to gather your friends and family together, cook some nice meals, and don’t forget the turkey!

Is turkey the only dish served on Summersgiving Day?

Although turkey is the centerpiece of National Summersgiving Day, other meals are served such as corn stuffing with Andouille sausage, corn soufflé, and Broccoli Supreme.

Summersgiving Day Activities

  1. Invite friends over

    Summersgiving Day wouldn't be complete without your friends and loved ones. So invite them over to share in the food and fun.

  2. Grab a turkey

    It’s all about our love for turkey. Enjoy a turkey with your favorite holiday food today.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Let everyone know what's being celebrated. Post about it on your socials, and use the hashtag #NationalSummersgivingDay.

Five Surprising Facts About Summersgiving

  1. Summersgiving Day is widely celebrated

    The holiday that started with Solomon and his friends is now celebrated by over 200 families across America.

  2. Summersgiving Day started in Norwood

    Summersgiving Day started in Norwood, where Solomon lives.

  3. It's the second turkey day

    National Summersgiving Day is widely regarded as the second turkey day, the first being Thanksgiving in November.

  4. Solomon raised money for a good cause

    In 2020, Solomon set up a GoFundMe account for donations to provide food for those in need.

  5. Cooking runs in the family

    Solomon's grandfather once owned a luncheonette.

Why We Love Summersgiving Day

  1. Summersgiving Day is fun

    Everyone gets to eat their best food. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and have some fun.

  2. We celebrate love and friendship

    Summersgiving Day is all about spending time with our family and friends. We get to take out time to reflect and just be grateful for having loved ones in our lives.

  3. We love turkey and great food

    We get to celebrate our favorite Thanksgiving food early. Who doesn’t love turkey?

Summersgiving Day dates

2022June 25Saturday
2023June 24Saturday
2024June 22Saturday
2025June 28Saturday
2026June 27Saturday

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