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Romania National Day
SunDec 1

Romania National Day – December 1, 2024

Romania National Day or the Great Union day is marked on December 1 and is considered an extremely important day in Romania because of the history behind the regions that are now modern-day Romania. The event that announced that great union is what millions of Romanians worldwide celebrate each year.

History of Romania National Day

Romania National Day doubles as the day that commemorates the union of the separate ancient regions of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom to form present-day Romania and as the country’s Independence Day.

The country’s independence day has been moved a few times in the past: first, it was May 10, which represents the day that King Carol I ratified the Declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877; next, it moved to August 23, starting 1948, to mark the 1944 overthrow of the pro-Nazi government in the country. But since 1990, Romania’s independence day has been celebrated on December 1.

Romania National Day is better known as the Great Union by people outside the country, and the annual military parade performed that day with a usually large crowd of bystanders is enjoyed by Romanians and foreigners around the world.

According to records, the paperwork that ratifies the merger of the regions was signed in the city of Alba Iulia, and the declaration was read out loud to a large audience of Romanians in 1918.

Romania is the 12th largest country in Europe and the sixth most populous member state in the European Union. In 2018 when the country celebrated the centenary of Great Union Day, 4807 people gathered to recreate the silhouette of Romania in Alba Iulia, setting a record as the largest human image of a country ever.

Romania National Day timeline

The Name ‘Romania’ First Appears in Print

The word ‘Romania’ is documented in the early 19th century.

Romania Independence

Romania officially gains independence from the Ottoman Empire, after the Russo-Turkish war.

The Unification

The Romanian kingdom unites with the regions of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina, in an event known as the Great Union.

Move Toward Democracy

Romania’s 1989 Revolutionary results in its transition toward democracy and a free-market economy.

Romania National Day FAQs

How does Romania celebrate its National Day?

The day is celebrated with military parades in major cities, including Alba Lulia and Bucharest, and public broadcasts are made by various leaders. 

How many national holidays does Romania observe?

The country’s constitution, as of 2011, recognizes 51 national holidays, which represents 14% of the days of the year. 

How safe is Romania?

According to the Global Peace Index, Romania is the 22nd most peaceful country, out of 163 countries covered in the survey. 

How To Observe Romania National Day

  1. Attend the annual parade

    Attend the massive military parade in Romania’s capital city of Bucharest to observe the holiday. Witness thousands of troops and performing arts practitioners dazzle spectators with breathtaking performances.

  2. Read history books and indulge in traditional Romanian dishes

    Indulge in traditional Romanian dishes such as ‘sarmale,’ ‘ciorba de burta,’ ‘pomana porcului,’ and ‘mici’ to celebrate the nation’s independence day. Read a book about the history of Romania, too.

  3. Talk about it on social media

    Spread awareness about the day on the internet by posting pictures or generating discussion around the event using hashtags such as #GreatUnionDay, #RomaniaUnification, #MareaUnire, and #RomanianNationalDay. Spread the word!

5 Things You Should Know About Romania National Day

  1. It was signed in Alba Lulia

    The agreement that ratified the Union of the three regions together with the Romanian kingdom in 1918 was signed in the city of Alba Lulia.

  2. The Romanian national flag

    The Romanian national flag is a tricolor blue, yellow, red, with colors arranged in vertical bands of equal size that represent the three regions that merged to form modern-day Romania.

  3. National Military Parade

    The Great Union Day or Romania National Day witnesses a military parade held in its observance with a usually large crowd of bystanders.

  4. The first celebration is the most memorable

    The first December 1 national holiday recorded the largest celebrations in Alba Iulia, the location where the unification of the three regions with Romania kingdom was signed.

  5. Great Union

    Romania National Day is better known as the Great Union by people outside the country, an event marking the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918.

Why We Love Romania National Day

  1. The military parade

    We love the military parade. We see it only once a year, and it represents a show of unity among the merged region. A large number of military personnel march through Bucharest, while thousands of spectators watch.

  2. We get to wear the Romanian national colors

    There are usually less perfect reasons to have to wear the national colors of Romania when it’s not December, but Romania National Day presents the reason. Because it’s customary, we get to wear the colors of the Romanian flag, which represents different provinces of Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania.

  3. The history

    On Romania National Day we experience the richness of the history of the country! We reminisce on past events and marvel at how far the nation has come.

Romania National Day dates

2024December 1Sunday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 1Tuesday
2027December 1Wednesday
2028December 1Friday

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