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Romania Independence Day – December 1, 2024

Romania Independence Day is observed every December 1. The National Day of Romania has been celebrated on May 10, August 23, and finally, December 1, at different periods in the past. It was celebrated on May 10 to commemorate Prince Carol of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen’s oath on behalf of the United Princedoms of Romania, proclaiming the independence of Romania as a state, before the Parliament, in 1866. August 23 marked the popular revolution in which Romania turned their weapons against Nazi Germany, while Transylvania, Banat, Crisana, and Maramures joined Romania to become one country on December 1, 1918, marking the reversion of their Independence Day to this day.

History of Romania Independence Day

Romania, whose national capital is Bucharest, is a country in southeastern Europe. During the Romanian War of Independence, also known as the 1877 to 1878 Russo-Turkish in Romanian historiography, they gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, fighting on the Russian side. Romania signed a treaty with the Russian Empire in their capital city of Bucharest on April 16, 1877, under which Romania allowed the Russian troops to pass through its territory with the condition that Russia respected the integrity of Romania.

Mobilization began and 120,000 soldiers stationed in the south of the country were ready to defend against an eventual attack by the Ottoman forces. On April 24, 1877, Russia announced that they would go to war against the Ottoman Empire. Its troops entered Romania through the newly built Eiffel Bridge, but they soon began to suffer great losses, so they asked Romania to intervene. In 1877, the Romanian Army units joined forces with the Russian Army.

On January 19, 1878, the Ottoman Empire requested a cease-fire, which was accepted by Russia and Romania. However, it was not until 1881 that Romania became a kingdom. Romania National Day or Independence Day is better known by people outside the country as the Great Union, and an annual military parade is performed to celebrate the day. Paperwork ratifying the merger of the regions was signed in the city of Alba Iulia, and the declaration was read out loud to a large audience of Romanians in 1918, which can be found in public records.

Romania Independence Day timeline

Romania’s Independence

Romania wins its full independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Romania Becomes a Kingdom

The Romanian parliament raises the country to the status of a kingdom as an assertion of full sovereignty, and Carol is crowned king on May 10.

The Great Union

The Romanian kingdom unites with the regions of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina.

Romania Doubles in Size and Population

Romania virtually doubles in size and population as part of the peace settlement at the end of the Russo-Turkish war.

Romania Independence Day FAQs

Does Romania Independence Day change?

No, it does not. It is celebrated every year on December 1.

What was Romania originally called?

Its English name was originally borrowed from the French ‘Roumania’ or ‘Roumanie,’ which evolved into ‘Rumania.’ After World War II, this officially changed to ‘Romania.’

Where can Romania Independence Day be celebrated?

All around the country. You can join in by attending a military parade as they are held in many parts of Romania.

How to Observe Romania Independence Day

  1. Enjoy your free day

    As it is a national holiday, most Romanians get a free day and do not have to go to work. Only some places such as shops and restaurants choose to open.

  2. Attend a military parade

    Military parades are organized throughout the country. The armed forces match in their best uniform, proudly carrying the country’s flag.

  3. Gather with your family and friends

    Make it a family celebration, especially if you have Romanian roots. Go shopping, spend time with your family, or meet your loved ones for dinner.

5 Facts About Romania That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The world's heaviest building

    The heaviest building in the world is Bucharest’s vast Palace of the Parliament.

  2. The fifth booziest country

    Romanians drink 14.4 liters of pure alcohol each year.

  3. The world’s most beautiful bookshop

    Cărturești Carusel, which opened in 2015 in a restored 19th-century building, contains more than 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and DVDs, and a top-floor bistro.

  4. Romanian coffee is one of the best

    The man who invented espresso, and founder of Italian coffee brand Illycaffè, Francesco Illy, was a Romanian-born Hungarian.

  5. The world’s largest flag

    A five-ton flag of 349 by 227 meters was unfurled in Romania in 2013.

Why Romania Independence Day is Important

  1. It is a free day

    It’s a national day in Romania, so you can spend time with your loved ones and do whatever you want. Take a stroll through the streets, have a feast with your family, and take the time to enjoy the day.

  2. The importance of national freedom

    The freedom that we have as a nation and the rights we have as its people are celebrated. Never forget the importance of freedom.

  3. A long and interesting history

    Romania's history is full of interesting events, particularly in connection to World War II. Take some time to do some research into this rich and interesting history.

Romania Independence Day dates

2024December 1Sunday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 1Tuesday
2027December 1Wednesday
2028December 1Friday

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