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State Inauguration Day in Nagaland – December 1, 2024

State Inauguration Day in Nagaland is observed on December 1 each year. This day signifies the integration of the 14 tribes into a single political entity. The Naga people have long struggled to attain independence from British rule. They achieved success when they demanded an independent homeland and were granted statehood by India under the State of Nagaland Act. It followed a period of violence and political turmoil in the state between the Naga people and the Indian government. The British administration had first attempted the integration of the tribes into a single territorial entity. However, these were only marginally successful as most villages remained outside government control.

History of State Inauguration Day in Nagaland

In 1961, the territory was placed under the Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation. This law provided for an interim body consisting of 45 members to be elected by tribes according to their customs, traditions, and usage. Then, in 1962, after the State of Nagaland Act was passed by Parliament, Nagaland became a state.

The interim government of Nagaland was dissolved on November 30, 1963, and the state of Nagaland was officially inaugurated on December 1, 1963. Kohima was named the capital city. The first democratically elected Nagaland Legislative Assembly was constituted on February 11, 1964, after elections in January 1964. The Naga rebels’ activities continued in many areas of Burma and India. Ceasefires were announced and negotiations continued, but the violence did not stop. After the imposition of direct rule in March 1975, some leaders of the most significant rebellion groups agreed to lay down their arms and accept the constitution, while a small group did not agree and continued their insurgent activity.

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council played an important role by initiating peace efforts in the 1960s, helping to end decades of violence, which took concrete and positive shape in early 1964. The Nagaland Peace Council was formed in 1972. Nevertheless, the state’s efforts to end the violence have not been entirely successful. In 2012, the state’s leaders appealed to India’s central government for a political solution to their problems.

State Inauguration Day in Nagaland timeline

Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulations

Nagaland is placed under these regulations, providing an interim body consisting of 45 members to be elected by tribes according to their customs, traditions, and usage.

The Inauguration of Nagaland

On December 1, Nagaland is officially inaugurated, with Kohima being named the capital city.

The Nagaland Peace Council is Formed

The council is established, an important step toward initiating peace efforts and helping to end decades of violence.

An Appeal to India's Central Government

The state's leaders appeal to India's central government for a political solution to their problems.

State Inauguration Day in Nagaland FAQs

How many tribes are there in Nagaland in 2021?

The Nagaland state of India is home to 16 major tribes, including the Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Khiamniungan, Kuki, Konyak, Kachari, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sumi, and Sangtam. The Angami Nagas reside in Kohima District and Dimapur District.

What is the largest tribe in Nagaland?

The largest tribe in Nagaland is the Konyak people, followed by the Ao, Tangkhul, Sema, and Angami tribes. Other Naga tribes include Lotha, Sangtam, Phom, Chang, Khiemnungam, and Yimchungre.

What is the dance of Nagaland?

Nagaland is known for its many folk dances, including Modse, Agurshikukula, Butterfly Dance, Aaluyattu, Sadal Kekai, Changai Dance, Kuki Dance, Leshalaptu, Khamba Lim, Mayur Dance, Monyoasho, Rengma, and Seecha. The most well-known dances are the War Dance and the Zeliang Dance.

How to Observe State Inauguration Day in Nagaland

  1. Attend an event

    Attend any event organized by your local government or community group. Most towns will have some sort of parade or celebration. After all, Nagaland is known to be the “Land of Festivals.”

  2. Learn more about the day

    You can also visit your local library or other public building to learn more about this special day and why we celebrate it now. And share your knowledge of this day with other people.

  3. Plan a trip to Nagaland

    If you live outside Nagaland, plan a trip to this state to celebrate this special occasion with your loved ones. Cross this state off your bucket list!

5 Fascinating Facts About Nagaland

  1. The land of many tribes

    Nagaland is home to some of India's most beautiful tribes, including the Angami Naga tribe and the Ao Naga tribe.

  2. Nagamese is the primary language

    The major languages spoken here are Nagamese — a blend of Assamese with Kachin, English, and Hindi.

  3. The Naga population

    Nagaland has a population of nearly 1.9 million people.

  4. The ancient Nagaland

    The Naga tribes have traditionally lived in what is now Nagaland since ancient times.

  5. Its culture is so rich

    Nagaland is one of India's most culturally rich states, with several tribes and traditions that survive even today.

Why State Inauguration Day in Nagaland is Important

  1. It reminds us of the struggle for freedom

    This day is important because it reminds us of past struggles that resulted in freedom from colonial rule and freedom of expression. It reminds us to appreciate the rights that we enjoy today, which we might at times take for granted.

  2. It signifies a new beginning

    State Inauguration Day is a significant occasion for the people of Nagaland because it signifies a new beginning for them as a state and also marks their freedom from British rule. New beginnings represent the birth and creation of something new, which we should all celebrate.

  3. It pays homage to freedom

    It is a day to commemorate the day of the inauguration of the state and pay homage to the freedom fighters who died for the state. It is a day to remember them and take inspiration from their sacrifices.

State Inauguration Day in Nagaland dates

2024December 1Sunday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 1Tuesday
2027December 1Wednesday
2028December 1Friday

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