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Operation Santa Paws

Operation Santa Paws – December 2024

Operation Santa Paws is held from December 1 to 24 every year, and we are excited to extend love and care to our furry friends and pets in shelters and rescue centers in every way we can. Animals have been kept as pets since time immemorial. Dogs especially are man’s oldest and best friend and, over the years, have proven their love and loyalty to humanity. Operation Santa Paws is the perfect time to show our love for them in return.

History of Operation Santa Paws

Pets are an important, integral part of our lives. They are our friends, family, guards, and go-to whenever we feel down and need some loving. Pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, rabbits, or birds, have all been with us through the good, bad, and ugly times, leaving imprints on the pages of our hearts. It is therefore devastating to note that millions of these beautiful creatures are abused, maltreated, and subsequently abandoned in shelters and rescue houses every year, with limited resources and supplies available for their care. And so Operation Santa Paws was born.

Founded in 2001 by Justin Rudd, an animal lover himself, Operation Santa Paws is a call to all animal lovers to donate blankets, treats, food, toys, supplies, and money for all our loyal furry friends housed in several shelters and rescue centers around the country.

Operation Santa Paws initially started in Long Beach California, but it has since spread all over the country with increasing growth witnessed in other countries and cities of the world like Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Starting on the first day of December, Operation Santa Paws helps us to extend a hand to animals that might not have the opportunity to be loved and cared for, especially as we enjoy, give, and receive gifts during the holiday season.

Operation Santa Paws timeline

13,000 B.C.
Domestication of Animals

Prehistoric man domesticates dogs as hunting companions and protectors for their children and family.

3,100 B.C.
Pets as Therapists

Ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece keep dogs and cats in homes and healing temples as co-therapists because of their perceived powers to ward off death and bring good health.

Friends and Family

Pets are seen by many societies as an integral part of the family and are more than just animals.

Operation Santa Paws

Justin Rudd’s initiative to source donations for neglected animals is born.

Operation Santa Paws FAQs

What is the best pet to own?

This depends on your choice, personality, and needs. There are several breeds of dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. While some breeds are calm, some can be a bit aggressive, and some a bit clingy. 

What are the best pets for kids?

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, and hamsters all make great pets for children.

How much does it cost to take care of a pet?

For dogs, it will cost you between $1,400 and $4,500 a year to care for them.

How To Celebrate Operation Santa Paws

  1. Donate to the cause

    If you don’t have money to spare, see if you can organize a donation drive, or donate a few things your own pets may have lost interest in to a shelter.

  2. Volunteer at a shelter

    Shelters are often understaffed and depend on the generosity of others to help care for animals. Volunteer at a shelter close to you as your way of donating and showing your love.

  3. Foster or adopt a pet

    This is a good time as any to foster or adopt a pet from a nearby shelter.

5 Fun Facts About Domesticated Animals

  1. They can smell really well

    Dogs can smell 40 times better than people, which is why they are used by the police for detection purposes.

  2. There are hundreds of breeds and crossbreeds

    There are about 350 breeds of dogs and crossbreeds, and about 40–71 breeds of cats with unique characteristics.

  3. Emotional at heart

    Dogs and cats are emotional animals that feel the whole process of happiness and joy, and they can read our emotions.

  4. They can see color

    Animals can see a limited number of colors, unlike humans — dogs discern only the color blue and yellow, while cats can discern only blue-violet hues.

  5. They get jealous

    Pets can get jealous and show signs of it when they are not being given enough attention.

Why We Love Operation Santa Paws

  1. It is a time to extend our love to animals

    Even though we might have pets at home, Operation Santa Paws affords us a time to remember those animals that are not so fortunate to have a warm home by granting them as much comfort and love as possible.

  2. Many pets get a chance at a family again

    Operation Santa Paws is a time when many people go to shelters and rescue centers to adopt pets, affording those chosen few a new home.

  3. It is a fun and bonding experience

    Collection events and drives are often organized during the month of Operation Santa Paws, including competitions like animal beauty pageants, races, and shows of unique skills, making it fun for young and old.

Operation Santa Paws dates

2024December 1Sunday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 1Tuesday
2027December 1Wednesday
2028December 1Friday

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