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Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh – December 1, 2024

Indigenous Faith Day is celebrated every year in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh on December 1 to safeguard and promote all indigenous faiths across the state. In so doing, the day honors the unique identities of the people of the beautiful and lush North-Eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

To preserve the diverse traditional faith and practices of the various tribal communities, the day is often celebrated with pomp and merriment as the rapidly-modernizing state tries to keep its traditions and customs alive.

History of Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh also called the ‘Land of Dawn-Lit Mountains’ is a state in Northeastern India.

The state is popularly believed to have existed since the prehistoric days of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and different other sacred mythologies. The historical characters of Lord Parashuram, King Bhismaka, and Princess Rukmini are also said to be from this region.

Between 500 B.C. and 600 A.D., the Northwestern parts of Arunachal Pradesh were ruled by the Monpa kingdom of Monyul and the rest of that state shared control between local chiefdoms and the Chutia kings of Assam. Subsequently, the northern region was controlled by Bhutan and Tibet while the other parts were governed by the Assamese.

The Simla Accord was negotiated by the representatives of Tibet, China, and Britain in the years 1913 and 1914. This treaty drew a boundary of 550 miles, also now famously known as the McMahon Line, between India and Tibet. However, this border was not acknowledged by China, even after two decades of the Simla conference.

Arunachal Pradesh was founded as the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) region in 1954 and Sino-Indian relations were cordial until 1960, but a resurgence of the border disagreement led to the tragic Sino-Indian War in 1962. During the war, China captured most of Arunachal Pradesh but no sooner had they declared victory did they withdraw to the original McMahon Line and returned Indian prisoners of war in 1963.

The Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh was established when the region was renamed in 1972 and it wasn’t until 1987 that the region gained its statehood, making it India’s 24th state.

Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh timeline

500 B.C. — 600 A.D.
The Monpa Kingdom

The area now known as Arunachal Pradesh is ruled by the Monpa kingdom.

1913 — 1914
British Takeover

Britain annexes the state from the Assamese.

Sino-Indian War

China and India go to war over the disputed territory, with the former capturing most of the state.

The State is Established

Arunachal Pradesh gains statehood, making it India’s 24th state.

Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh FAQs

What is Arunachal Pradesh famous for?

It is known around the world for its pristine beauty and lush green forests. Arunachal Pradesh is also called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’ There are also many fun activities to do like river rafting and paragliding.

What is the dress of Arunachal Pradesh?

The traditional dresses of the state are shawls, wraps, and skirts. The most significant tribes of Arunachal Pradesh include Adi, Aka, Galo, Nyishi, Bori, Apatani, Bokar, and Tangsa each of which has its own unique cultural attire.

Which food is famous in the state?

One popular alcoholic beverage in the state is ‘apong’ or rice beer, which is made from fermented rice or millet. There are different types of rice beer with different flavors. The staple food is rice, eaten with fish, ‘lukter’ (beef sprinkled with chili flakes), bamboo shoots, and green vegetables.

How to Observe Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Visit Arunachal Pradesh

    Visit the state to see the celebrations for yourself. You can also use this as an opportunity to go sightseeing and admire its high-altitude mountains, pristine lakes, tribal culture, and quaint hillside villages.

  2. Honor all faiths

    Use this day to reflect on the many unique and diverse cultures and faiths that exist around the world. Make a point of honoring and respecting all of them to contribute to their preservation and promotion.

  3. Raise awareness

    Learn more about the many faiths and cultures that coexist in Arunachal Pradesh. Share this information with people who you think might be interested on social media.

5 Facts About Arunachal Pradesh That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It has a lot of oxygen

    It’s an incredibly green state with over 82% forest cover.

  2. It’s very diverse

    The entire state is inhabited by 26 major tribes and 100 sub-tribes.

  3. It’s very old

    Neolithic tools dating back 11,000 years have been found in the state.

  4. It rains a lot

    The state receives an average rainfall of above 118 inches annually.

  5. It has a small population

    It has the lowest population density in India at around 13 persons per square kilometer.

Why Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh is Important

  1. It has a long history

    Arunachal Pradesh is an extremely old region dating back to when the legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata took place. It has many temples dating back to the 10th and 14th centuries, many of which have been well preserved.

  2. Its culture is being forgotten

    Due to rapid modernization and westernization, the age-old customs, rituals, and traditions of this beautiful state are withering away. Many people are making serious attempts to revive and maintain their rich heritage.

  3. It’s a diverse state

    The state has many different tribes and sub-tribes that coexist peacefully. The day recognizes, honors, and celebrates these people.

Indigenous Faith Day in Arunachal Pradesh dates

2024December 1Sunday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 1Tuesday
2027December 1Wednesday
2028December 1Friday

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