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Honduras: Discovery of America Day – October 8, 2024

Discovery of America Day, observed on October 8 annually, is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in Central America. The holiday was previously marked on his arrival but it was changed in 2015 to fall on October 8 in order to accommodate a long weekend at the start of October. The Western world started on the day of America’s Discovery. The famous European explorer, whose explorations altered the destiny of two continents, is honored in Honduras with a national holiday. It is a public holiday in the country and it is traditionally honored during the actual anniversary.

History of Honduras: Discovery of America Day

European explorer Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. An ardent student of geography and history, Columbus started sailing at age 14 and spent most of his time making maps of Europe. However, the little he made from the sale of the said maps, he would save it and make plans for adventures at sea.

His journey toward the West began in the late 15th Century. After six years of requests and pleas from the Royal Court, the explorer earned the sponsorship of Catholic Monarchs Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II for a journey towards the West. After two unsuccessful voyages, Columbus sailed for the third time and landed at Guanahani. On October 12, 1498, Columbus, the great European explorer and the first known person to find the American coastlines, first set foot in the Americas. His discovery set in motion one of the most remarkable turns of events in the history of the world.

Discovery of America Day commemorates the anniversary of the event that changed the universe of the American continents. The day of discovery is marked and emphasized as a significant historical event in Honduras. The celebration of Discovery of America Day symbolizes the resilience and cohesion of Hondurans in the face of the contentious and terrible effects of colonization.

Honduras: Discovery of America Day timeline

Columbus Powers Up for the Trip

Columbus sets sail after achieving the financial backing of Spain’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Columbus Lands on the American Continent

Columbus’ fleet reaches the Bahamas and the coasts of Cuba and Hispaniola.

The Celebration is Announced

Honduras formally adopts October 12 as Columbus Day.

A New Date is Announced

Honduras consolidates holidays and anoints October 8 as the official day of celebration for the Discovery of America Day.

Honduras: Discovery of America Day FAQs

Who coined the name ‘America?’

‘America’ comes from ‘Amerigo Vespucci,’ an Italian explorer who believed that Columbus had discovered a separate continent in 1942.

Is it safe to visit Honduras?

There are high levels of crime in Honduras. Most serious crime does not affect tourists, but attacks on foreigners, including armed robbery and sexual assault, sometimes occur. These attacks can take place anywhere and at any time of the day. People have been killed and injured resisting attacks.

When did Discovery of America Day become a public holiday in Honduras?

The Discovery of America Day became a public holiday in 1937.

How to Observe Honduras: Discovery of America Day

  1. Educate yourself

    On Discovery of America Day, we encourage you to read all about the late 15th Century that led to the formation of the Western world. This will help you understand how events in the past made things the way they are today.

  2. Watch a movie

    Watch “Christopher Columbus: The Discovery,” a detailed feature film on the conquest of Columbus and the events that unfolded during his voyage. History movies make it simpler to concentrate on particular eras or individuals.

  3. Honor the Hondurans

    Plan a Honduran feast, break into the traditional dance, and celebrate the holiday in the true Honduran spirit. Invite your friends and family too.

5 Incredible Facts About Columbus

  1. His real name is Cristoforo

    In Italian, Columbus’ known as ‘Cristoforo Colombo,’ his birth name, and in Spanish as ‘Cristóbal Colón.’

  2. He started sailing at 14

    Columbus was a lifelong admirer of geography and became a seafarer at 14.

  3. He got funded by royalty

    The two monarchs that funded Columbus' largest missions were Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

  4. He fought conspiracy theories

    Columbus could not recruit members for his voyage because most people believed that the earth was flat.

  5. He never stepped foot in North America

    Although Columbus is regarded as the Father of the West, he never stepped foot in North America.

Why Honduras: Discovery of America Day is Important

  1. It celebrates the birth of the West

    Discovery of America Day honors the tireless quest of Columbus and the establishment of the current world order. The day celebrates the persistence of the Hondurans and illuminates one of the most significant anniversaries for the country.

  2. It commemorates the legend of Columbus

    Discovery of America Day is an important anniversary, as it highlights the day Columbus landed on the shores of Central America. The impact of this day is witnessed in the roads, bridges, and communities we share.

  3. It illuminates the integrating culture of the West

    Hondurans celebrate the day despite the ruins and rampage brought forward by the European settlers. The anniversary is a stark reminder that the course of history does change, and Honduras is still writing its destiny.

Honduras: Discovery of America Day dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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