National Pierogi Day 2018 – October 8

Each year, we set aside October 8 to celebrate everyone’s favorite flavorful Polish dumplings. Pierogis were traditionally considered a peasant food, but they eventually gained popularity and spread throughout all social classes—including nobles in Europe.We can see why—they’re made of unleavened dough, boiled, and then baked and fried with butter. Then, they’re stuffed with the most delicious of fillings: potato and cheese, potato and onion, cabbage,mushrooms and spinach… the list goes on! And if that isn’t decadent enough, Pierogi are often served with melted butter, sour cream, fried bacon crumbles, sautéed mushrooms and onions and/or green onion. If you’re pining for pierogi, come on and celebrate with us!

National Pierogi Day Activities

1. Visit your local Polish restaurant
Every neighborhood Polish restaurant has pierogi on its menu, and we guarantee they’ll have a few different varieties. Maybe it’s time to branch out and try a dessert pierogi!

2. Make your own pierogi
Pick your favorite recipe online and go for it! Stuff them with whatever you like — cheese, sausage, potato, or all three. There’s no right way to pierogi—and no wrong way either.

3. Throw a Polish-themed potluck
Challenge your guests to make their best pierogi. It’s a great way to get more familiar with Polish cuisine, and the best part is you get to taste them all! Go crazy—you have our permission.

Why We Love National Pierogi Day

A. They’re stuffed
You can put anything you want in these Eastern European dumplings—from spinach to ground beef. And that means textures and flavors are combined in every bite to create a delicious combination.

B. You can have them as a dessert too
Can you name any other food that’s an appetizer, side dish, and dessert? No, you can’t, and that’s why we love pierogies. The dessert variety (they’re filled with fruit) can be enjoyed topped with applesauce, maple syrup, chocolate sauce and/or whipped cream.

C. They're comfort food
After a long, hard day, nothing makes us feel better than a savory, rich meal. While pierogies are small, they’re the best comfort food because they’re fried and stuffed with whatever your heart desires. All hail the pierogi!

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