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Alvin C. York Day
TueOct 8

Alvin C. York Day – October 8, 2024

Alvin C. York Day on October 8 is an occasion where famed WWI hero Alvin C. York is remembered for his contributions to the war. This day also celebrated his unique character, his stance against fighting with anyone, and how he eventually ended up contributing a great deal to the battles he was a part of. Truly, this day is full of history, inspiration, and a newfound respect for the war heroes who served the United States of America. So on this day, pay a special tribute to Alvin C. York, and acknowledge thousands of other soldiers without whom the U.S. would not be the superpower it is today.

History of Alvin C. York Day

Before Alvin C. York became a war hero, he led a simple life in Tennessee. Born in 1887 to a blacksmith, York grew up with hunting skills and was often required to put food on the table for his large family. However, when he grew up, York decided to turn towards devotion to God and became a churchgoer. Things took a new turn when the U.S. became involved in World War I in 1917. Though York believed the bible strictly spoke against killing, he ended up joining the war after a petition with his draft board as a conscientious objector was rejected. He was assigned to the 82nd Division at Camp Gordon, Georgia.

Even at camp, York made his reservations towards killing anyone quite clear. Little did he know that protecting the nation was his destiny. This is why he became known as the best shot in his unit and was surprisingly fond of the U.S. Model 1903 Springfield rifle. Then came the fateful day when York’s unit was under fire from several German machine guns during a mission. Since the Sergeant of the unit was injured, York had no other option but to take charge. It is during this time that he started killing the German machine gunners one by one. Once the gunners were eliminated, the unit continued with the mission and York kept on killing the enemies that came in the way. On the way, he also took a German officer hostage and used him to gather prisoners from the army. He managed to accumulate 132 prisoners.

Alvin C. York Day timeline

Till Death Do Us Part

York marries Gracie Loretta Williams.

You Reap What You Sow

The Nashville Rotary Club raises funds and buys York the Pall Mall farm.

Reel Hero

The movie based on his life titled “Sergeant York,” directed by Howard Hawk, is released.


Sergeant Alvin York passes away at the age of 76.

Alvin C. York Day FAQs

Did Alvin C. York want war?

Initially, he didn’t want to go to war but later went due to unavoidable circumstances. 

Who was the most famous soldier in World War I?

Alvin C. York was one of the most famous and earned prestigious U.S. medals in WWI.

Was Alvin York a good shot?

Yes. He was the best shot in his unit. 

How to Celebrate Alvin C. York Day

  1. Visit a World War I museum

    Use this day to head to a museum with friends, family, or the kids. The trip could prove to be extremely educational.

  2. Watch the movie based on Alvin C. York

    To find out more about York, simply watch a movie made on his life and catch up on all the essential historical facts in a matter of hours.

  3. Read up on the history

    To find out everything you need to know in great detail, read up on the history of Alvin C. York, his personality, and what made him stand out from the rest.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Alvin C. York

  1. The York family

    Alvin C. York was the third of 11 children.

  2. The movie

    The film “Sergeant York” was based on his heroism.

  3. Alvin in his 20s

    He was a heavy drinker, gambler, and a bit of a brawler.

  4. York’s registration card

    He wrote the phrase “don’t want to fight” on it.

  5. The highway named after York

    The state highway, 127, in Tennessee is named York Highway.

Why Alvin C. York Day is Important

  1. Reminds us about the difficulties of war

    Since York was an individual who initially did not want to go to war or fight, the day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices soldiers make for a nation.

  2. Makes us grateful to our war heroes

    The day reminds us of how grateful we are to the U.S. war heroes and how the country would not have been the same without their contributions.

  3. It's a blast from the past

    The day really is a blast from the past since it is full of interesting historical facts that every American must be aware of.

Alvin C. York Day dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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