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Battle of Angamos – October 8, 2024

The Battle of Angamos, also known in Spanish as the “Combate naval de Angamos,” is observed on October 8. The battle took place during the naval stage of the War of the Pacific in 1879. The Chilean navy, led by Captain Juan Jose Latorre and Commodore Galvarino Riveros, encircled and managed to capture the ironclad ‘Huáscar,’ commanded by Rear Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, who was killed in action. The injured Peruvian navy was not able to stop the invasion of its territory after the battle. The ‘Huáscar’ was repaired and served under the Chilean flag until it was decommissioned, and it now can be found as a floating museum in Talcahuano’s port.

History of Battle of Angamos

The Battle of Angamos was naval combat that took place during the War of the Pacific. It was fought between Chile and Peru on October 8, 1879, at Punta Angamos. The battle was the culmination of a five-month-long naval campaign wherein the Chilean navy had the sole mission of eradicating its Peruvian counterpart. Two armored frigates headed by navy Captain Juan José Latorre and Commodore Galvarino Riveros Cárdenas battered and afterward captured the Peruvian monitor ‘Huáscar,’ commanded by Rear Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario.

After losing the Independencia warship at Punta Gruesa, Seminario attempted to challenge the outnumbering Chilean fleet by employing a harassing strategy to try and inflict as much damage as possible while avoiding a full-scale engagement. Admiral John Williams Rebolledo was ordered to catch Seminario and to, no matter what, pursue him along the Pacific coast. His inability to do so cost him his commission, and Riveros took his place. He used a different strategy to encircle Seminario at Punta Angamos. Seminario was compelled to display a fight, ordering the corvette ‘Unión’ to escape to Peru after falling into a trap set by Riveros and Latorre.

Aboard the Almirante Cochrane, Latorre was the first to engage. Huáscar, Seminario’s ship, was shelled for nearly two hours, withstanding potent Armstrong-type batteries with armor-piercing projectiles; Huáscar could only end up causing minor damage to the Chilean ironclads with regular elongated shots, and Seminario was killed in action. His flagship, on the other hand, continued the fight, even as Riveros engaged her with the Blanco Encalada as well. The Huáscar was boarded and captured after being battered for nearly three hours, left unable to sustain combat.

The Chilean navy had complete success, securing its dominant position for the remainder of the war. It enabled the preparation of the Tarapacá department invasion, which took place in early November. The Chilean navy’s dominance off the Pacific coast was critical to success in the subsequent land campaigns across the Atacama Desert, which ended with Lima’s fall in January 1881. The Huáscar was repaired and served under the Chilean flag until it was decommissioned, and it can now be found as a floating museum in Talcahuano’s port.

Battle of Angamos timeline

Peruvian Independence

On July 15, Manuel Pérez de Tudela writes the Peruvian Declaration of Independence.

April 1879
The War of the Pacific

The war begins and Peru is dragged into it.

October 1879
The Battle of Angamos

Chile and Peru face each other.

The Treaty of Ancón

On October 20, hostilities between Peru and Chile finally come to an end.

Battle of Angamos FAQs

Why did Chile go to war with Peru?

The fighting started over a nitrate taxation dispute between Chile and Bolivia, with Peru drawn in due to its political treaties with the latter.

Who are Peru's supporters?

Peru has alliances with Australia, Canada, the United States, China, the European Union, and a number of other countries, and it is a member of the Andean Community Customs Union.

When was Peru's last war?

As of right now, Peru has an ongoing internal conflict between the government and the Maoist guerilla group Shining Path.

How to Observe Battle of Angamos

  1. Read about the Angamos battle

    Learn everything about it. Research the events that led up to the battle and the impact it had on modern-day Peru.

  2. Use social media to spread the word

    Create a post about the event and invite others to join the conversation. Use appropriate hashtags to get your posts noticed.

  3. Pay homage to the Peruvian navy

    Learn about Peru and its navy to honor their sacrifices. While you're at it, why not look into other modern-day navies?

5 Cool Facts About Peru

  1. The Citadel of the Incas

    Machu Picchu is an Inca citadel located on a high mountain ridge in Peru's Eastern Cordillera.

  2. Nazca lines' birthplace

    Peru is home to the mystical glyphs known as the Nazca Lines, which were created in Peru's Nazca Desert soil.

  3. Navigators paradise

    Titicaca, positioned between Peru and Bolivia, is the world's highest navigable lake.

  4. The Amazon River's Origin

    Peru is the source of the Amazon River.

  5. Jungle land

    The dense Amazon rainforest covers nearly 60% of Peruvian territory.

Why Battle of Angamos is Important

  1. It is a hopeful story

    We are inspired by the Battle of Angamos. Despite having fewer resources, these people rose against those who threatened them. Nothing makes us happier than hearing about people who fight the good fight against all odds.

  2. It celebrates solidarity in the face of oppression

    The fight is an emblem of Peruvian tenacity in the face of colonizers. It is a testament to the spirit of a noble people attempting to establish their own identity, as well as a protest against all forms of foreign power subjugation.

  3. It honors people who sacrifice their liberty

    The Battle of Angamos Day honors those who gave their lives in pursuing Peruvian independence. Peru would not be what it is today without these valiant soldiers.

Battle of Angamos dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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