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Indian Air Force Day

Indian Air Force Day – October 8, 2024

Every October 8, Indian Air Force Day is celebrated to pay a tribute to the Air Force of India and acknowledge the excellence the country has presented in the field. Founded on October 8, 1932, the force has been a part of several landmark missions that have led to the success of the nation. These historic air force battles have also built the reputation of India as a country that is strong on the battlefield and possesses the force required to protect its nation. This year, honor India’s aviation industry and the air force personnel who have spent years to ensure the safety of the state.

History of Indian Air Force Day

Like every air force in the world, it took the Indian Air Force a lot of practice to excel on the battlefield. However, the resilience of the officers ensured that the force attained success and became one of the strongest in the world. When the Indian Air Force was officially established, it possessed a strength of six RAF-trained officers and 19 air soldiers. Their inventory contained four Westland Wapiti IIA army cooperation biplanes. This wasn’t much compared to the strong air force of dozens of other countries in the world. However, after a little over four years, a flight took off toward North Waziristan to support the Indian Army against insurgent Bhittani tribesmen. A “B” Flight was formed in April 1936 on the vintage Wapiti, and in 1938, a “C” Flight was raised to bring the No. 1 Squadron ostensibly to full strength. By the time World War II took place, the strength of the Indian Air Force had risen greatly.

After 1941, a training structure in India became critical for the force, and the RAF (Royal Air Force) flying instructors were assigned to flying clubs to provide training to volunteers and interested individuals. Training was given at seven clubs in British India and two in various princely States. All these measures took place after issues concerning the defense of India were reassessed in 1939 by the Chatfield Committee. However, after years of training and the government giving extra attention to the air force, the squadrons emerged as one of the best flyers in the world.

Indian Air Force Day timeline

The Colonists

The Indian Air Force is created to support the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.

Fly High

The first flight takes place.

The Enemy

The Indian Air Force loses six aircraft to bombings by the Japanese.

It's In the Stars

Arjan Singh is granted the rank of Marshal of the Air Force, becoming the first and the only five-star officer.

Indian Air Force Day FAQs

Where is Indian Air Force Day?

It is celebrated every year at the Hindon base.

Who is the father of the Indian army?

Major Stringer Lawrence is the ‘father of the Indian Army’.

Is the Indian Air Force better than the Navy?

Yes. The Indian Air Force scores higher in areas such as work-life balance. 

How to Celebrate Indian Air Force Day

  1. Visit a parade

    To see the air force in action, visit a parade and you will be left in awe at the skills of the Indian Air Force and the planes they fly to protect the nation.

  2. Compose a song for the air force

    Are you the talented sort who can write well? This is the perfect day to show your love for the country by composing a song for the air force.

  3. Discuss the history

    Use this day to educate youngsters regarding the history of the air force and the wars they have fought for the country.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About The Indian Air Force

  1. One of the largest in the world

    The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest in the world.

  2. Their motto

    The Indian Air Force’s motto is “Touching the Sky with Glory.”

  3. Amount of aircrafts

    It has over 813 combat aircraft.

  4. The largest defense firm

    The largest defense firm is Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

  5. The wars

    The air force has had four wars with neighboring country Pakistan and one with China.

Why Indian Air Force Day is Important

  1. It’s patriotic

    The day itself spreads love for India and the efforts and sacrifices that are made by the armed forces. It also encourages youngsters to dream to be a part of the force.

  2. It's a historical reminder

    The day serves as a reminder of history and speaks of several events that required the help of the air force. Therefore, the day is educational.

  3. It unites the country

    On this day, the entire nation gathers together to pay tribute to the air force regardless of their social class or gender.

Indian Air Force Day dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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