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Lebanon Independence Day – November 22, 2024

Lebanese Independence Day, celebrated on November 22, is a holiday spent with family and friends. Aside from an official army march in downtown Beirut, Lebanese Independence Day is primarily observed in schools. Every year on November 22, the entire country is filled with joy and gaiety as people recall the day Lebanon gained Independence. There are also fireworks displays that both children and adults look forward to. Furthermore, communities host concerts and cultural activities to celebrate Lebanese history. The national flag is frequently displayed on Lebanon’s streets and buildings as a sign of the country’s freedom and identity. Almost every part of Lebanon is ablaze with the colors of the country’s flag: red, green, and white.

History of Lebanon Independence Day

The Lebanese Independence Day, observed on November 22, 1943, is a national holiday commemorating the country’s emancipation from the French Mandate, which had been in place over Lebanese territory for almost 23 years. Lebanon was administratively ruled by the Ottoman Empire From 1516 to 1918. General Gouraud, the commander of French soldiers in the Levant at the time, issued a directive setting the limits of Greater Lebanon, or ‘Grand Liban’, in 1920. The Grand Liban remained under the French Mandate until 1941.

The Vichy Government took control of French regions in 1940. General Henri Fernand Dentz was chosen as Lebanon’s high commissioner as a result of this. The Lebanese president at the time, Emile Edde, eventually resigned on April 4. 1941. General Dents also named Alfred Naccache as the new President of Lebanon, although his government lasted barely three months. The Chamber of Deputies changed the Lebanese Constitution on November 8, 1943, after electing president Bechara El Khoury and selecting Prime Minister Riad al-Solh, thus unilaterally terminating the Mandate.

The French retaliated by arresting the president, prime minister, and other cabinet members and exiling them to Rashaya’s medieval fortress. This episode, which brought together Christian and Muslim views on the mandate, resulted in worldwide pressure calling for the release of the Lebanese leaders and enormous public protests. Finally, on November 22, 1943, France gave in to mounting pressure from the Lebanese people, as well as demands from several other countries and free the captives from Rashaya. This day has been commemorated as Lebanese Independence Day ever since. This ancient Lebanese Independence landmark and mansion of the Halabi family is open to tourists and visitors all year to celebrate national pride.

Lebanon Independence Day timeline

Under the Ottoman Rule

From its annexation in 1516 to the end of World War I in 1918, Mount Lebanon is administered by the Ottoman Empire.

Established Decree by General Gouraud

Greater Lebanon, as it is known in English, is a forerunner to the contemporary Lebanese state occupied by France.

Lebanon is Declared an Independent Country

France gives in, ending the War of Independence and making Lebanon a free country.

Member of the League of the Arab States

Following this historic event, the country, which has long been a target of foreign powers, becomes a full member of the League of the Arab States and the United Nations.

Lebanon Independence Day FAQs

What is the primary language of Lebanon?

Arabic is the primary language. In some circumstances, French can be spoken in public.

Why do people go to The Castle of Rashaya on Independence Day?

The Castle of Rashaya is one of the most visited locations on this day since people wish to commemorate what their monarchs endured in exile to obtain freedom from French authority.

Is there a lot of inventiveness involved in commemorating Independence Day?

Lebanese Independence Day has evolved into a festival of cuisine and culture at restaurants and pubs, with many offering deals in conjunction with the event. It’s simple and enjoyable to make dishes with three colors of the Lebanese flag: red, white, and green. Other companies, such as jewelry retailers, provide discounts or Independence Day-themed merchandise.

How to Observe Lebanon Independence Day

  1. Fly the Lebanon flag

    No matter where you reside, commemorate Lebanese Independence Day by flying the country’s unique red, green, and white flag. Liberation, cedars, and peace are represented by the horizontal stripes in that order.

  2. Reserve a table at your local Lebanese restaurant

    Lebanese cuisine is so diverse, that it’s difficult to choose just one dish. Try the ‘Fattoush salad’ or pea and carrot stew known as ‘Bazella w rezz’. Enjoy the celebrations while sipping an ice-cold apple tea and enjoy a full, flavorful meal.

  3. Take part in the army’s parade

    Every year, Lebanese Independence Day is marked by a military parade. Participate by watching the military parade with your family.

5 Facts About Lebanese Independence Day

  1. The people’s parade

    A people’s procession will take place in downtown Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square.

  2. Civil marches of various types

    People’s civil marches will take hold in several locations, with varied themes at each location, with the dress code being white clothes and at least one Lebanese flag on you.

  3. Paying homage to the Lebanese flag

    People from the south will converge in the afternoon, at Sidon’s Revolution Square to form a massive Lebanese flag.

  4. A Lebanese breakfast to commemorate

    In the morning, a large Lebanese breakfast will be served at Sidon’s Revolution Square, where people are encouraged to bring their meals as well as their children because there will be fun family activities.

  5. Gatherings for meditation for a better Lebanon

    Peaceful meditation takes place for 15 minutes.

Why Lebanon Independence Day is Important

  1. It commemorates liberty

    Lebanon Independence Day is like July 4 in the United States or Bastille Day in France, commemorating freedom. There is nothing better than freedom and acknowledging it as a right and a blessing.

  2. Re-establishing hope in Lebanon

    True independence from entrenched sectarian divides, ignorance, cowardice, and blind allegiance was attained. The women and men on the street brought actual meaning to Independence Day.

  3. Uniting against all odds

    The day marked the conclusion of the Civil War. People banded together to support the same cause and achieve the same objective.

Lebanon Independence Day dates

2024November 22Friday
2025November 22Saturday
2026November 22Sunday
2027November 22Monday
2028November 22Wednesday

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