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New Zealand Flowers Week – November 22-26, 2024

New Zealand Flowers Week is a special celebration that takes place during a decided week in November. It takes place from November 22 to 26 this year. It aims to promote the domestic flower industry and the production and selling of cut flowers. Did you know that there is a theme for every NZ Flowers Week? Last year, the theme was to highlight all the hard workers behind the cut-flower industry. The theme and date for 2022 are yet to be determined and once it is finalized by the organizers, we’ll update the information on our page. Let’s support locally grown flowers!

History of New Zealand Flowers Week

Whether it’s the cut-flower industry or technology, supporting domestic business is a great initiative. This is exactly what New Zealand Flower Week is all about. If you’re a proud New Zealander, you already know that New Zealand-grown flowers are second to none and that they are adored by all.

The main aim of New Zealand Flowers Week is to celebrate and promote locally grown flowers and to highlight the importance of the industry’s contribution to culture and the economy by encouraging people to buy and support locally-grown flowers.

Flowers, in essence, have always been an indisputable part of the majority of our lives. They might be a symbolic reflection of our feelings, emotions, and mental condition, or they can be powerful objects that can bring communities together. New Zealand being an island situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is one of the most vibrant countries with colorful landscapes, a clean environment, and safe cities. Nature has bestowed New Zealand with a little more of its magic, with beautiful flora and fauna. So why not commemorate it with a week dedicated to locally sourced flowers?

Moreover, the international flower industry is crushing the local flower industry, putting many flower farmers out of work. New Zealand Flowers Week is a great way to support them and return them to their glory. During New Zealand Flowers Week, many flower enthusiasts, leading florists, and activists come together to celebrate flowers!

New Zealand Flowers Week timeline

Feel Good With Flowers

The National Flower Promotion Group (N.F.P.G.) is launched in New Zealand.

N.F.P.G. Grows in Popularity

Due to its persistent efforts to promote and support flower retailers, N.F.P.G. grows in popularity.

The First New Zealand Flowers Week

The first New Zealand Flowers Week is celebrated in New Zealand to promote locally-grown flowers.

The Theme of Power

New Zealand Flowers Week is celebrated with a theme to highlight all the hard workers behind the cut-flower industry.

New Zealand Flowers Week FAQs

What flowers are native to New Zealand?

There are many flowers native to New Zealand including Akeake, Beech, Bog Pine, and Broom.

Is lavender native to New Zealand?

Lavenders are not native to New Zealand but were among the earliest plants introduced to New Zealand by Europeans.

Does the date for NZ Flowers Week vary each year?

Yes, the date for New Zealand Flowers Week varies each year. In 2021, New Zealand Flowers Week was celebrated from November 22 to 26.

How to Celebrate New Zealand Flowers Week

  1. Support local

    If you’re in New Zealand, the best way to celebrate New Zealand Flowers Week is to support the local florists and flower retailers.

  2. Give flowers to your loved ones

    Do we really need a special day to give flowers to someone? You can use New Zealand Flowers Week as an excuse to give flowers to your friends and family.

  3. Visit a local garden

    You can go exploring and touring your neighborhood garden or florist.

5 Colorful Facts About Flowers

  1. Smallest flower

    The smallest flower in the world, Wolffia globose, is the size of a grain of rice.

  2. Tulips were more valuable than gold

    During the 1600s, tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland.

  3. Flowers make the most expensive spice

    Saffron, the most expensive flavor spice in the world comes from a type of crocus flower.

  4. Bamboos are a flowering plant

    Bamboos have flowers too but only flowers every few years.

  5. Lillies are bad for cats

    Lillies, one of the most beloved flowers, are bad for cats.

Why We Love New Zealand Flowers Week

  1. We need to support local

    New Zealand Flowers Week is a great initiative that supports the local flower manufacturers of the country. This is something that we can all promote and encourage.

  2. It brings us closer to nature

    Flowers not only provide an endless feeling of happiness, but it also gives us a feeling that we are closer to nature. It’s been proven that spending even five minutes outside in nature boosts our mental health capacity.

  3. Flowers bring color to life

    Fresh flowers provide several health benefits in addition to their aesthetic value. They have been discovered to increase our mood and provide joy to our life.

New Zealand Flowers Week dates

2022November 22Tuesday
2023November 22Wednesday
2024November 22Friday
2025November 22Saturday
2026November 22Sunday

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