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Republic Day in North Macedonia – August 2, 2024

In North Macedonia, Republic Day is observed on August 2 every year. The national holiday commemorates the Ilinden Uprising and the first assembly of the ASNOM during WWII. It also celebrates the traditional festival of Ilinden.

History of Republic Day in North Macedonia

Republic Day, or the Day of the Republic, commemorates the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire and the first assembly of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) that led to the establishment of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Ilinden Uprising was a revolt against the Ottoman Empire, which controlled a vast region in Eastern Europe, organized by the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization and supported by the Supreme Macedonian-Adrianople Committee.

The reason for the revolt was gaining complete autonomy over decision-making. It was supported by local Bulgarian and Aromanian populations. The people thought the revolution would be successful, as the Ottoman Empire had been crumbling for decades at this point. However, while the uprising was successful at first, the overwhelming response of the Ottomans crushed it.

A decade later, the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913 divided North Macedonia between Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, with Serbia taking the largest portion. All hope seemed to be lost. Yet, the Anti-fascist Assembly for the Liberation of Macedonia met clandestinely during WWII, keeping alive the hope for independence.

A few decades later, North Macedonia was incorporated into Yugoslavia, a socialist country that was created in the aftermath of World War II in Central and Eastern Europe. Yugoslavia comprised six socialist republics, including Macedonia. By the 1990s, Yugoslavia had started breaking up, and soon after, on September 8, 1991, the Republic of Macedonia came into existence.

Republic Day in North Macedonia timeline

The Ilinden Uprising Occurs

The people of Macedonia rise against the Ottoman Empire during the Ilinden Uprising.

ASNOM Has Its First Meeting

The Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia holds its first meeting clandestinely in Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia Breaks Up

The breakup of the state of Yugoslavia occurs as a result of political instabilities in the region.

Macedonia Becomes Independent

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, Macedonia declares itself an independent socialist republic state.

Republic Day in North Macedonia FAQs

Is Macedonia different from North Macedonia?

Macedonia is the name of the ancient kingdom that stretched across modern-day Greece and North Macedonia.

When did Macedonia become a republic?

North Macedonia became a republic on June 7, 1991.

When was Macedonia part of Bulgaria?

In the ninth and 10th centuries, Macedonia was ruled by the First Bulgarian Empire.

How to Observe Republic Day in North Macedonia

  1. Participate in the festivities

    Head over to Krusevo to witness the people of Macedonia honor the freedom fighters of the Ilinden Uprising. You can also go to the monastery gatherings to celebrate the Ilinden Festival.

  2. Learn about the history

    Make your participation more meaningful by learning about the history of Republic Day in North Macedonia and why it is being commemorated. Take some time out of your day to learn something new.

  3. Share information about North Macedonia

    Republic Day is a great day to share information about North Macedonia and its people. Share the country’s culture and traditions with your network.

5 Facts About North Macedonia That Will Surprise You

  1. It received independence without bloodshed

    North Macedonia is the only country that received independence from Yugoslavia without bloodshed or war.

  2. Everyone has full access to Wi-Fi

    Everyone in North Macedonia has complete access to Wi-Fi, as it was the first country in the world to gain full access to a wireless broadband connection in 2006.

  3. It is named after an ancient country

    Macedonia is the name of a country that flourished in the European continent between 7,000 to 3,500 B.C.

  4. Alexander the Great was Macedonian

    Alexander the Great, who conquered half the world, was from Macedonia.

  5. It has two flags

    Macedonia’s first flag was contested by Greece, so to maintain the peace, Macedonia changed its flag design.

Why Republic Day in North Macedonia is Important

  1. The history of its people

    North Macedonia’s history is replete with the bravery and will of its people to gain independence. It shows a story of undying determination that is incredible to behold.

  2. The amazing culture

    With a history stretching more than 1,000 years, North Macedonia is a melting pot of cultures. You can find Persian, Ottoman, and Slavic beliefs and references everywhere.

  3. The people’s determination

    The North Macedonians bravely spent hundreds of lives fighting for independence. In 1991, they finally achieved what they set out to do.

Republic Day in North Macedonia dates

2024August 2Friday
2025August 2Saturday
2026August 2Sunday
2027August 2Monday
2028August 2Wednesday

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