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Czech Founding Day – October 28, 2024

Czech Founding Day, which takes place on October 28 every year, is a day of celebration and fun because it observes the founding of the first independent Czechoslovakian state. Before 1918, the region was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it witnessed many wars before it attained freedom. Today, it has become a strong democracy focusing on human rights and providing exemplary services to its citizens. On this day, drink, get merry, dance away, and witness some fireworks.

History of Czech Founding Day

Like all countries of the world, the Czech Republic has an intriguing history of its own: new settlements, war, disasters, and various other issues. However, after years of struggle, the Czechs still came out strong and successful. Until 1355, Czechoslovakia was ruled by Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor. He reigned in the region till the 1800s, and then the Austrians and the Habsburg Empire took over. Some of the major fights started when Czech Protestants were expelled from the region because only Catholics were allowed to reside there. Apart from the war, there was famine and diseases that decimated the country’s population. The famine led to more conflicts as the hungry and dying peasants staged an uprising. Of course, the result of these battles was also positive in some way, since it led to the abolishment of Serfdom between 1781 and 1848. Several battles of the Napoleonic Wars took place on the current territory of the Czech Republic.

The territory of the Czech Republic was part of the Habsburg Monarchy until 1918 when it became part of Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, peace remained a far cry, as things started to get tough during World War II. During this time, the Czech lands were occupied by Germany. The German reign of terror went on till 1948 and was ended by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, which staged a communist coup d’état. The communist rule ended in 1989, after the famous Velvet Revolution. On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully dissolved.

Czech Founding Day timeline

4th Century B.C.
Increasing Population

The Czech Republic is populated by Celts.

14th Century
The Golden Time

This is the golden age of the Czechs.

Sowing the Seeds

A period of political liberalization known as the Prague Spring takes place.

The New Look

Czechoslovakia is peacefully divided into two independent states.

Czech Founding Day FAQs

From where did the Czech people originate?

They originated from the West Slavic subgroup of the larger Slavic ethnolinguistic group.

What is the Czechoslovakian symbol?

The symbol is the lion.

What is the Czechoslovakian national tree?

Lípa is the country’s national tree.

Czech Founding Day Activities

  1. Have a barbeque

    To celebrate Czech Founding Day, host a barbeque at your place so friends and family can get together to have a blast. During the event, share more about Czechoslovakia’s history with the kids.

  2. Watch some historical documentaries

    To brush up on your Czechoslovakian history, watch some documentaries that may enlighten you. If you’re a bibliophile, head out to the library and take a look at some fascinating historic books.

  3. Have a flag-raising ceremony

    Are you a patriot? In that case, use the day to host a flag-raising ceremony at your place. At the event, the guests can also eat, share historic stories, and speak of all the great things about the Czechs.

5 Facts About The Czech Republic

  1. The relationship with the U.S.

    The Czech Republic and the United States are NATO Allies.

  2. Famous beer

    The Czech Republic is known for its Pilsner-style lager.

  3. The Czech expatriates

    There are more than 535,000 foreign-born residents living there.

  4. Castles in the region

    The country has 2,000 castles.

  5. The Czech Republic’s highest point

    Sněžka is the highest point, its peak reaching 5,260 feet.

Why We Love Czech Founding Day

  1. It's a fun day

    We love the day because it is full of celebration and fun. Citizens throw parties, organize fireworks, and give discounts for purchases. It is also a great day to plan a family outing or reconnect with old friends.

  2. A peaceful democracy

    It is a developed country with an advanced, high-income social market economy. The country ranks as the 9th safest and most peaceful country in the world and 31st in democratic governance.

  3. Lessons of war

    War is never the solution to anything. This is one fact that the day reiterates as it looks back into the many wars fought in Czechoslovakian history, remembering the many lives lost.

Czech Founding Day dates

2024October 28Monday
2025October 28Tuesday
2026October 28Wednesday
2027October 28Thursday
2028October 28Saturday

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