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Chucks-N-Pearls Day – October 28, 2024

Chucks-N-Pearls Day is celebrated on October 28 every year to honor the simple but unique dressing style of the second most important person in the U.S. — Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President of the United States, who is known for wearing converse sneakers and a pearl necklace to numerous notable events. Her fans throughout the country dress up like her to celebrate her humble but happy existence. Harris not only set the White House record but also a slew of other milestones in her life.

History of Chucks-N-Pearls Day

LaTanga Raney founded Chucks-N-Pearls Day in 2021 to recognize the first female Vice President of the United States and the highest-ranking black female politician in the country, as well as her illustrious achievements. People across the United States imitate her unique style of dress as part of the day’s celebrations to honor and exalt her for the records she has set and broken. Harris is an activist as well as a politician. Her activism began in the 20th century. She was the first black woman in numerous fields before becoming Vice President and Joe Biden’s running mate in the White House.

Harris was born October 20, 1964, to a Jamaican father, Donald J. Harris, and an Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan. Harris is an activist, lawyer, author, and politician who has served as the first female Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2017, a Senator representing California from 2017 to 2021, and the incumbent Vice President of the United States. She met Doug Emhoff in 2013 and they got married in 2014.

Harris has a soft spot in her heart for Chuck Taylor sneakers and pearls. This explains why she has spent significant occasions with the two. While the pearl necklace is the trademark symbol of Harris’ Howard University sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Chuck Taylor sneaker has no hidden mysteries, and many assume Harris simply enjoys wearing them.

Chucks-N-Pearls Day timeline

Harris' Birth

Harris is born to an African father and Asian mother.

First Female to Occupy Attorney General

Harris becomes the first female to occupy the office of Attorney General of California.

She Marries

Harris marries Dough Emhoff, with the latter describing the relationship as love at first sight.

Swearing in as Vice President

Harris is sworn in as the Vice President of America.

Chucks-N-Pearls Day FAQs

What does it mean to get your pearls A.K.A.?

A.K.A was the first African-American Greek-letter sorority, and its founders are referred to as the Twenty Pearls. Pearls have long been the emblem of the sorority, and every new member is given a badge with 20 pearls. The A.K.A. sisterhood has been called Harris’s secret weapon.

Who makes Harris’s pearl necklace?

Rosado, a Puerto Rican jeweler, also based in New York City, designed the Australian south sea pearl necklace, featuring 11.5 mm pearls with white diamonds set in 18-karat yellow gold specifically for Harris’ groundbreaking moment.

What pearls does Harris wear?

Harris’s style has inspired not only trending hashtags but designers and brands alike. The Pearl Source’s collection Power Pearls is dedicated to women who make history and inspired by Harris, whose style is on its way to becoming iconic

Chucks-N-Pearls Day Activities

  1. Put on your Chucks-N-Pearls

    Search through your closet and fish out those Chuck Taylors and pearl necklaces. Go get them if you don't own one. It's a day to look Kamala-cious!

  2. Advocate for women in politics

    Call for more women in politics and seek a fair representation in high-ranking positions like the Vice President and President of the country. Women's political participation results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and a more sustainable future.

  3. Motivate women into politics

    Encourage women to enter politics through social media or in person. Ask your friends and relatives to do the same. The better representation will ensure women's voices are heard and their issues fairly recognized.

5 Interesting Facts About Harris You Should Know

  1. She has set several records

    In her new role as 49th Vice President of the United States, Harris set three records as the first South Asian American Vice President of the U.S.A., first Black Vice President of the U.S.A., and first female Vice President of the U.S.A.

  2. She has always been an activist

    At the age of 13, Harris staged her first act of activism, demanding that children living in the building be permitted to play on the front lawn.

  3. She married late in life

    Harris only got married well in her late forties.

  4. She’s an accomplished writer

    Harris published the book “Superheroes Are Everywhere,” which taught children that they don't need superpowers to be heroes.

  5. She has support from Trump

    Former president, Donald Trump, donated to her California campaign twice.

Why We Love Chucks-N-Pearls Day

  1. It is a unique style of dressing

    Putting on the Chucks-N-Pearls is a unique style of dressing that is attributed to an iconic female figure in America. When you dress in a way that makes you appear that you are on top of your game, chances are you will not be left behind.

  2. It demonstrates the strength of women

    Harris' life shows us that women can be as great as men or even greater. It also signifies the capability of women when given the chance.

  3. It drives women to greatness

    Celebrating Chucks-N-Pearl Day motivates and encourages women around the world to strive for greatness. Empowering women is essential to the health and social development of families, communities, and countries.

Chucks-N-Pearls Day dates

2024October 28Monday
2025October 28Tuesday
2026October 28Wednesday
2027October 28Thursday
2028October 28Saturday

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