Orlin Home

Orlin Home, born on May 19, 1992, is a popular YouTuber commonly known for his food-related videos. His self-titled channel was created in 2019 and hosts over 280,000 subscribers. He shares videos of himself eating various food items in one setting, from noodles to pizza, while talking to the camera or to his husband, Nick, a fellow YouTuber who posts similar content.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Orlin Home



Birth date:

May 19, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$300 thousand

Orlin's Social Media:


Content creation has taken shape since becoming a lucrative business over the years, with creators finding new avenues of creating content to stay ahead and keep their audiences interested. A popular content style that continues to fascinate viewers is mukbangs, where creators take videos of themselves eating large amounts of food and, in some instances, talking to the camera — one such creator is Orlin Home. Born on May 19, 1992, in Columbia, Home is best known for his entertaining mukbang content on his YouTube page.

Orlin Home, the channel, was created in 2019 and began with Home eating large amounts of food, with the first video, “Sonic Drive-In,” garnering over 390,000 views. He has shared numerous fast food mukbang videos, eating food from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s. Among his content pieces are vlogs where he shares some details of his personal life including his relationship and marriage with fellow popular YouTuber, Nicholas Perry, better known by his online name, Nikocado Avocado who began his YouTube career in 2014.

Home and Perry married in 2017 and have published several mukbang videos together along with some vlogs about their volatile relationship. Despite this, Home continues to share mukbang videos with his husband, trying out new foods together and keeping his subscribers entertained.

Career timeline

He Marries His Fellow YouTuber

After three years of dating and meeting, Home and his boyfriend, Nicholas Perry, officially tie the knot.

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Home opens his self-titled YouTube channel, Orlin Home.

The First YouTube Milestone

His channel’s popularity grows and he becomes eligible for a silver YouTube play button.

The Videos go Viral

Home’s videos have been viewed over 33 million times.

Why We Love Orlin Home

  1. He’s unapologetically himself

    Home is expressive and open about sharing his personal life with his supporters. We love his confidence.

  2. He knows how to attract viewers

    The titles of his videos are enough to spark curiosity and have earned him thousands of views through the years. He is creative.

  3. He keeps his viewers in the loop

    Home tries to publish videos regularly to keep his subscribers updated on his life. He is dedicated to his fans.

Why We Love

  1. He brought mangoes to meet his husband

    On the day they met, Home offered his future husband bags of fruit from Columbia.

  2. His relationship has received online criticism

    Home and his husband’s tumultuous relationship has been criticized online by viewers and other creators, which hasn’t stopped them yet.

  3. He posted a vlog on their wedding

    He published a video of himself with Perry getting married at a wedding chapel along with their families and later having lunch at a Colombian restaurant.

  4. His dream wedding reception

    He shared on a vlog with his husband that he’d like to pull all the stops in the future, where they’ll wear tuxedos and have a five-course meal at their wedding.

  5. His first kiss

    Home’s first kiss was in his bedroom with Perry sometime after they began dating and they both describe it as being an awkward experience.

Orlin Home FAQs

Does Home have siblings?

Not much is known about his family, however, he has published mukbangs with his younger brother.

Did Home and Nick Perry break up?

The two have posted multiple videos about having broken up though continuing to publish mukbangs together; we’re uncertain about the status of their relationship.

When did Home and Nikocado Avocado meet?

The pair met around 2013 in New York. Before then, the two had been chatting online for a while after a cyber meeting on a Facebook page dedicated to gay, vegan men.

Orlin Home’s birthday dates

2025May 19Monday
2026May 19Tuesday
2027May 19Wednesday
2028May 19Friday
2029May 19Saturday

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