An American producer and electronic music D.J., Christopher Comstock A.K.A. Marshmello, was born on May 19, 1992. The artist shot to fame with his chart-busting remixes ‘Wolves,’ ‘Happier,’ ‘Silence,’ and ‘Friends.’ These were all certified multi-platinum and chart-toppers. Alongside an extensive body of work, his anonymous identity added an element of mystery to his popularity, though he was unmasked (quite literally) in 2017. He was 18 when he got his first hit single, so this DJ has the right stuff.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Christopher Comstock



Birth date:

May 19, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Net Worth:

$40 million

Christopher's Social Media:


Christopher Comstock, popularly known by his stage name ‘Marshmello,’ was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the artist uses an alias and keeps his personal life under the wraps, there is no information on his childhood and family. We do know, however, that fans speculate that he may have a sister as he made an Instagram post from his alternate account, dotcommusic, congratulating his ‘lil sister’ in 2019. Moreover, we also know that he moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

Marshmello began his career by posting remixes online. In fact, the more music he posted, the more fans he earned. He even got noticed by the famous DJ Skrillex, who reposted one of his songs. Eventually, Marshmello started performing live around the country and later shot to fame in 2015 with his remix of the song ‘I Want to Know You Now,’ originally by DJ Zedd and Selena Gomez. Over the years, the D.J. released a number of remixes of various songs, all of which became fan favorites. He has also collaborated with numerous top names, such as Anne-Marie, Khalid, Selena Gomez, and Bastille.

The artist became known for his white mask that looked like a marshmallow. For several years in his career, his true identity remained a secret. However, in 2017, “Forbes” officially revealed his identity, though fans had already suspected Comstock to be Marshmello. In addition, “Forbes” named him one of the highest-paid D.J.s in the world that same year. As of 2022, the artist has a massive fan base and boasts tens of millions of followers across his social media platforms.

Career timeline

Marshmello’s Rise to Fame

The artist gains international recognition by uploading remixes online.

His First Studio Album

Marshmello releases “Joytime,” his debut studio album.

He Hits the Charts

He releases ‘Alone,’ which becomes an instant hit and receives platinum certification in Canada and U.S.

His First Major Award

Marshmello wins the MTV Europe Music Award in the category ‘Best Electronic.’

He Joins the Top D.J.s

He becomes one of the top 5 D.J.s in the ranking of “DJ Magazine’s” top 100 D.J.s.

He Earns a Grammy Nomination

The artist earns his first Grammy nomination for his studio album “Shockwave.”

Why We Love Marshmello

  1. His sense of humor

    Marshmello has a quirky personality and an excellent sense of humor. He often posts funny images and memes on his social media handles, which keeps his fans thoroughly entertained.

  2. His unique sound

    He is one of the most adaptable artists in modern music. His chart-busting songs prove it. He stands tall not only in mainstream music, but also in rock, hip-hop, house, and trap genres.

  3. His philanthropy

    When Marshmello won the E3 Celebrity Pro-Am charity tournament in 2018, he donated half a million dollars to the Kids in Need of Defense organization. The organization provides legal counsel to immigrant children and refugees. That same year, he also supported the “#FindYourFido” campaign organized by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (A.S.P.C.A.).

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Life before fame

    The artist started his career under the alias, Dotcom, and played more upbeat music for a relatively smaller audience.

  2. He was inspired by Deadmau5

    Deadmau5’s used a helmet to shield his identity and symbolize a brand, which inspired Marshmello.

  3. SoundCloud kick-started his career

    He posted his first-ever song titled ‘WaVez’ on SoundCloud.

  4. Marshmello loves “Fortnite”

    This may come as a surprise only to non-gamers, but Marshmello is a huge fan of “Fortnite” and even has his own character in it.

  5. He likes to cook

    Apart from gaming, Marshmello also uploads cooking videos in a series entitled “Cooking with Marshmello.”

Marshmello FAQs

Why is Marshmello hiding his face?

The artist hides his face because he does not want fame. Instead, he wants to create something positive and unite his fans purely through his music.

Can Marshmello see through his helmet?

Yes, the helmet has a net-like lining that allows him to see.

Is Marshmello in a relationship?

It is difficult to know if he is in a relationship, but it is rumored that he is dating Kelsey Calemine (as of 2022).

Marshmello’s birthday dates

2024May 19Sunday
2025May 19Monday
2026May 19Tuesday
2027May 19Wednesday
2028May 19Friday

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