Meme Bouquet

Jaime “Meme” Bouquet, born August 20, is the DJ that got Argentina dancing. He did this courtesy of his eclectic combinations and refined taste to create the most explosive playlists that will get even the shyest guy at the party moving. The incredible DJ conquered parties, clubs, and festivals all over South America and different parts of Europe. Now, he is coming to the U.S. to revolutionize the party scene. If you haven’t heard his mixes or you do not know who we’re talking about, keep reading because we want you to join in the celebration.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Meme Bouquet

Birth date:

August 20, 1984




5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$72 million

Meme's Social Media:


Jaime “Meme” Bouquet was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He and his two siblings grew up with his parents in a classy suburb. His first years in school went smoothly, and there is not much information about it. We can tell you that a few years later, the Argentinean decided to study Graphic Design.

After his years as a student, Bouquet started working in his field of study. He joined an advertising agency and worked as a creative for the company for three years. So, what cut short what seemed to be a prolific and well-paying career in the advertising world? His talent for getting everyone who listens to his perfectly configured playlists to dance.

Bouquet started DJing almost by accident. It all started at his cousin’s wedding; the DJ they had hired was pretty bad and had all the guests sitting around bored. The groom, Bouquet’s cousin, asked him to take over since he already had a reputation in the family for putting together the best playlists. Bouquet agreed and played music from two in the morning until six. The party was a success! Later, other family members paid him to play music at their parties, and it was then that a different future came to him.

He began to invest his own money to organize events where he was the DJ. The excellent results were reflected when different clubs started inviting him to play for several nights. From then on, there was no stopping Bouquet’s DJ career, so he had to quit his office job and dedicate himself to creating amazing playlists. Soon after, he would meet the love of his life — Maria “Mery” del Cerro, and continue his successful career. His first big festival was Tomorrowland in 2018.

Career timeline

The 2000s
The First Years as a DJ

Bouquet’s new career takes off and he travels broadly to perform in different places.

The Time Spent as a Designer

Bouquet finishes school and starts working in an agency as a graphic designer.

2010 to 2018
The Bouquet Family Takes shape

Bouquet meets his wife Maria del Cerro and he becomes the father of two daughters.

The First Big Festival

Tomorrowland was Bouquet’s first big festival and it was a great success.

Why We Love Meme Bouquet

  1. He is a great supporter of his wife

    His also famous wife, Maria del Cerro, has ventured into reality shows. Bouquet has always talked about how much he admires her and enjoys watching her succeed. The man is always there for his beloved.

  2. He is very dedicated and disciplined

    Although music was not his first career path, Bouquet decided to leave everything to pursue his dream. After years of consistent effort and sacrifice, Bouquet is now a recognized DJ who has conquered Latin America.

  3. He is an admirable family man

    Bouquet has told different media that during difficult moments the only thing that manages to refocus him on his path is the affection of his wife and daughters. We admire this strong family unit.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has a love for ink

    The charming DJ sports a good amount of tattoos on his body that are enough to have him labeled as a tattoo addict.

  2. He was once stranded in New York

    The musician was working at the Big Apple and he had to stay there for several months.

  3. He is a huge Boca fan

    Bouquet is a fan of the Boca Juniors football team, and his idol is Leo Messi.

  4. He is a dog person

    The Bouquet family has a little dog, called "Rudo," which in English means "Tough guy."

  5. He loves his country

    Aside from soccer, Bouquet often comments on how proud he is of his people and culture.

Meme Bouquet FAQs

What are the names of Meme Bouquet's children?

They are two girls, Mila and Cala Bouquet.

Where does Meme Bouquet live?

He currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his family.

When is Meme Bouquet playing in the U.S.?

You can find all the dates of the DJ on his social networks and on the pages of the venues where he will be performing.

Meme Bouquet’s birthday dates

2024August 20Tuesday
2025August 20Wednesday
2026August 20Thursday
2027August 20Friday
2028August 20Sunday

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