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Frederick Allen Mayne III — better known as Fred Durst — was born on August 20, 1970. In 1994, he started his music career with the nu metal band ‘Limp Bizkit’ and they have since released six studio albums. Hurst began directing films in 2006 and he has made many successful films over the years. We are happy to give you all the information you need as you celebrate this multiskilled artist on his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Frederick Allen Mayne III


Fred Durst

Birth date:

August 20, 1970



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$20 million

Frederick's Social Media:


Fred Durst was born Frederick Allen Mayne III and then when his mother later remarried, she rechristened him as William Frederick Durst. He is one of the biggest names not only in the world of music but also in filmmaking. He is a native of Utica, New York, and is the son of Anita and Robert Durst. He took an interest in dance, hip-hop, and heavy metal as a young boy and began to rap, beatbox and DJ soon after.

In 1994, Durst and his friends formed the band ‘Limp Bizkit.’ The band started to become popular after their cover songs on George Micheal’s album “Faith” and Paula Abdul’s “Straight up” started attracting concert-goers. They soon started getting signed onto tours. Limp Bizkit released their first album, “Three Dollar Bill Y’all,” in 1997 with Flip Records. The album received a moderate response and soon after one of their tours, Durst started appearing in songs and music videos by other artists. He also directed two versions of Limp Bizkit’s single “Faith,” one for the film “Very Bad Things” (1998) and the other that also included a tribute for the band’s tourmates Primus and Deftones. Limp Bizkit’s next two albums, “Significant Other” (1999) and “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” (2000) became very successful and catapulted the band to mainstream popularity. They did more tours for the next five years, and Durst and his band released their third song collection, “The Unquestionable Truth, Part 1” in 2005. Limp Bizkit went on a hiatus soon after.

During this duration, Durst started his filmmaking career by making independent films. After acting in the 2006 film “Population 436,” he directed “The Education of Charlie Banks” (2007). The movie received mixed reviews. He also starred in two episodes of the medical drama “House, M.D” (2004-2012). Limp Bizkit reunited in 2009 and started tours. They released their next album, “Gold Cobra” in 2011, which peaked at number 16 on the Billboard 200 chart. A year later, Durst appeared in Kevin Rudolf’s hit song “Champions” along with fellow rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman. His last directorial venture, “The Fanatic,” starring John Travolta, was released in 2019 and Limp Bizkit released their latest album, “Still Sucks” in 2021.

Durst has had three spouses and he has two children; a daughter and a son.

Career timeline

The Band Limp Bizkit is Formed

Durst and two other friends form the band that gains popularity very fast.

The Band Signs a Record Deal

Limp Bizkit signs a deal with Flip Records and releases their first album.

The First Music Video Durst Directs

Durst makes his debut in video directing using his band’s song “Faith.”

The First Attempt at Film Making

With Limp Bizkit on hiatus, the rapper begins his filmmaking journey.

The Band Comes Back Together

The band reunites and they start their tours and concerts.

Why We Love Fred Durst

  1. He is a very professional

    The rapper met the band Staind during one of his band’s tours in 1997, and while their initial interaction led to a small rivalry, Durst was professional and ended it quickly. He even co-produced Staind’s next album “Dysfunction.”

  2. He is very unique

    Everything about Durst's style, from his personality to the fact that his band is named “Limp Bizkit,” screams that he is a unique person. And this is a label he wears like a badge!

  3. He keeps going despite any obstacles

    Durst has faced a fair share of controversies and criticisms. To that, all he did was trudge on and not give up.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Durst was in the Navy

    From 1988 to 1990, Durst served in the U.S. Navy.

  2. He is a video game character

    In the video game “Fight Club,” Durst is a playable character!

  3. There’s a reason behind his band’s name

    Durst intentionally chose a name that would repel any listeners.

  4. His concert turned into a rage party

    During one of Limp Bizkit’s earlier concerts, they sang their song “Break Stuff,” and the crowd took it literally.

  5. He once tricked his fans

    In 2017, Durst said his band had released an album but no one could find it; we still don’t know if it was a trick or if he actually did do so.

Fred Durst FAQs

Why did Fred Durst stop making music?

He said people were starting to misinterpret his music and using it as “torture fuel.”

Are Ben Stiller and Fred Durst friends?

Yes, they are and Stiller even appeared on his band’s spoken outro for “Chocolate Starfish” and the “Hot Dog Flavored Water.”

Where did Fred Durst grow up?

He was born in New York, but moved to North Carolina at the age of one, and grew up there.

Fred Durst’s birthday dates

2024August 20Tuesday
2025August 20Wednesday
2026August 20Thursday
2027August 20Friday
2028August 20Sunday

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