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National Egg Roll Day
TueJun 10

National Egg Roll Day – June 10, 2025

National Egg Roll Day rolls around on June 10 every year. Whether brown, white, free-range, or organic eggs, this deep-fried finger food can have it all! Although similar to Mainland Chinese spring rolls, the egg roll has its contents wrapped in a crispy, thick, egg-dipped pastry, making the cabbage, meat, and other ingredients of the filling extra scrumptious! With its Asian heritage, egg rolls have found their way into every Vietnamese and Chinese-American restaurant, and thus, into every American’s heart.

History of National Egg Roll Day

Established in 2019, in honor of the founders of Van’s Kitchen, Van and Kim Nguyen, National Egg Roll Day is a relatively new food holiday. Van’s Kitchen began in Dallas, Texas, in 1986, with the Vietnamese-themed restaurant, representing the beginning of the family’s pursuit of the ‘American dream’. Like many other immigrant families, Van and Kim came from Vietnam with a passion for sharing their culture through food, especially their authentic egg rolls — consisting of shredded cabbage, minced meat (usually pork), bamboo shoot, onions, and a variety of other freshly ground spices all blended into one delectable filling. They strive to maintain the quality of their egg rolls by using only the freshest ingredients.

Although the origins of the dish are unknown, it may be traced back to Southern China’s Cantonese cuisine. However, many Asian countries also lay claim to having different variations of the humble egg roll. According to Andrew Coe, author of “Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States,” the modern-day egg roll was most likely invented in New York in the 1930s. As compared to the ancient Southern Chinese traditional rolls, Americans have been consuming egg-roll-like food since the mid-1800s.

The distinctive American-style egg roll recipe was first published in 1938 by chef Henry Low, one of the two contending chefs who vie to take credit for popularizing the dish. Despite its short history, the typical egg roll we see today has stayed true to its crunchy, soft, savory origins, and just the thought of it has us drooling and reaching for the nearest takeout menu.

National Egg Roll Day timeline

Egg Rolls Arrive in the U.S.

Chinese immigrants to the U.S. begin to make and consume egg rolls.

Egg Rolls Trend in NYC

Chinese diners across New York City begin to popularize the egg roll.

Van’s Kitchen Opens Up

Vietnamese egg rolls gain the spotlight through Van’s Kitchen.

National Egg Roll Day is Born

Thanks to Van’s Kitchen, the egg roll gets a national day of its own.

National Egg Roll Day FAQs

Are egg rolls and spring rolls the same?

Although they can easily be confused, egg rolls are distinct from spring rolls because of the dough it’s wrapped in. Spring rolls are wrapped in thin flour or rice sheets whereas egg rolls are thicker, richer, and are deep-fried for that extra crunch.

What is the egg in egg rolls?

Ironically, egg rolls do not actually have eggs in them. Some places may choose to dip their pastry in a thin egg wash before frying, but not all. Regardless, the wrap is made of a combination of wheat flour, water, salt, vinegar, and corn starch and the filling predominantly contains cabbage, at least in the U.S. 

Why do they call them egg rolls?

Most likely the reason why egg rolls are called this is that the dough used for making the wrapper requires eggs in its preparation. 

How to Celebrate National Egg Roll Day

  1. Go on a food walk

    Grab a few foodie pals and go on a food walk, hitting the different Asian restaurants that serve their own version of the egg roll. We guarantee this will be a deliciously rewarding ‘egg-speriment,’ and it will help support your local eateries.

  2. Enroll in a cooking class

    Enroll (pun intended) in a Vietnamese or Chinese cooking class and learn how to make your very own egg rolls. This will give you the freedom to later on modify and make it your own.

  3. Watch a documentary

    Explore the world wide web and see what you can find on the egg roll, its history, and various types. Watch some YouTube videos showing how people from different cultures make their egg rolls, and get inspired.

5 Egg FactsThat Will Get You Egg-cited!

  1. Equal protein content

    Egg yolk and egg whites have the same amount of protein in them.

  2. They can be blue or green

    Some hens lay blue or green eggs, thanks to a genetic mutation.

  3. Brown over white eggs

    Brown eggs are not actually healthier than white eggs, they just cost more because bigger hens lay them.

  4. Great source of vitamin D

    This is good news for those who may not want to get their vitamin D intake by soaking up the sun and risking a burn.

  5. Dark yolks are better

    The darker the egg yolk, the higher the nutritional value in terms of some of the minerals.

Why We Love National Egg Roll Day

  1. A variant for everyone

    You don’t have to be an ‘eggetarian’ to enjoy an egg roll. In fact, many egg rolls don’t even contain eggs. There are versions of the egg roll tweaked to suit every dietary style, lifestyle choice, and palate, so no one is left wanting.

  2. It brings cultures together

    Just as we saw the merging of Chinese and American cuisines to create American-Chinese dishes, the egg roll brings different cultures together through its versatility and universal appeal.

  3. It supports immigrant communities

    Celebrating a holiday like National Egg Roll Day brings egg rolls and their history into the limelight, highlighting the importance of supporting family-run restaurants and other businesses that are owned by communities from other parts of the world. It’s, therefore, a great way to promote these businesses and keep them from going down.

National Egg Roll Day dates

2025June 10Tuesday
2026June 10Wednesday
2027June 10Thursday
2028June 10Saturday
2029June 10Sunday

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