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National Colt Day – June 10, 2024

National Colt Day is celebrated every year on June 10. The name Colt arouses the imagery of the Wild West with cowboys riding off into the sunset across a desert plane. Originally meaning a ‘young horse’ preferably below the age of four, Colt is also the metonymic name for stable boys that tend to horses and asses. Colt acquired its lively and vigorous connotation over the years as many such adventurous minds bearing the name Colt rose to prominence on the American frontier. Many even consider Colt as a jock name owing to its association with young horses and quarterback Colt McCoy.

History of National Colt Day

In medieval English, colt means a ‘young horse’ or ‘a caretaker of horses.’ In Hebrew, ‘colt’ refers to a ‘young camel,’ and in Swedish, a similar word ‘kult’ refers to the ‘piglet,’ ‘young bore,’ or a ‘young boy.’ The repeated reference to youthful members of the animal realm is often interpreted as Colt’s qualities of being inexperienced, obstinate, and lively. The name Colt is also used as a nickname for the name Colton in the United States. Many people also use the last name ‘Colt,’ which has its roots in central Scotland.

Recently, Colt has become a forerunner among parents choosing a name for their young ones, yet until a few decades ago, the name Colt was not even cutting into the list of top 1,000 names in the United States. Why? The answer is Colt McCoy — a quarterback currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals, who has become a fan favorite.

Colt seems like a name that is not very peculiar for people to understand, yet it is not common. Samuel Colt is another worthy personality, sensationalizing the name ‘Colt.’ He is an industry mogul credited with the invention of the revolver.

National Colt Day timeline

A Patent For Samuel Colt

Colt receives the patent for a revolver that fires multiple times without loading.

The Introduction of Colt 45

The National Brewing Company introduces a lager or malt liquor, Colt 45, that’s popular in the United States.

The Indianapolis Colts

The N.F.L. franchise Baltimore Colts relocates to Indianapolis, changing their name to Indianapolis Colts.

Colt McCoy is Born

On September 5, Colt McCoy, a famous football player, is born in Hobbs, New Mexico.

National Colt Day FAQs

How rare is the name Colt?

Colt was the 220th most popular boy name. In 2021, one out of every 1,079 baby boys born were named Colt.

What does the name colt mean in the Bible?

Colt is a boy’s name common in the Christian religion, meaning ‘Young horse’ and ‘frisky.’

How much alcohol is in a Colt 45?

A Colt 45 single malt has 5.6% alcohol.

National Colt Day Activities

  1. Celebrate it with the Colts

    If you have friends or family bearing the name Colt, celebrate the day with them by buying them gifts and taking them out for meals. Make them feel extra-special today.

  2. Honor the origin

    Visit a farm and find some colts to pet. Colts are cute and so easy to love.

  3. Watch football

    Get your friends and families together to watch a game of football. Try and support the Indianapolis Colts at least for today.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Colt

  1. The champions

    Indianapolis Colts have won three N.F.L Championships and two Super Bowls.

  2. A shared name

    Colt Anderson played for Indianapolis Colts and was the first player in history to share a name with their football team.

  3. The Colt's Manufacturing Company

    Samuel Colt founded this business, which specializes in the production of weapons.

  4. Arkansas and Louisiana

    Both the states have an unincorporated community/city named Colt.

  5. Colt McCoy’s real name

    The actual name of football quarterback Colt McCoy is Daniel McCoy.

Why We Love National Colt Day

  1. It’s a magical name

    Some national-level athletes include Colt McCoy, Colt Anderson, Colt Brennan, Colt David, and Colt Knost, with the majority of them being football players. It has to be a magical name, right?

  2. Cook a special meal

    On this day, cook a special meal to honor anyone you know named Colt. Make Colt decide on the main dish or the entire meal. Even if he decides on pancakes topped with a ton of whipped cream, call it a meal and take some time to enjoy yourself.

  3. It gives a feeling of belonging and love

    In many cultures that celebrate name days, it is customary for the name day person to bring treats to people in their classrooms or workplace. This gives the feeling of belonging and love.

National Colt Day dates

2024June 10Monday
2025June 10Tuesday
2026June 10Wednesday
2027June 10Thursday
2028June 10Saturday

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