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Canada's Agriculture Day – February 13, 2025

Canada’s Agriculture Day is on February 13, and we are deliciously excited to celebrate in the best way possible — by eating good agricultural products and acknowledging farmers! Can you believe that Canada is the fifth-largest exporter of agricultural and agri-product food in the world? This alone makes Canada’s Agricultural Day unique and so important to everyone who consumes agricultural products, allowing us to celebrate the farmers who produce them.

History of Canada's Agriculture Day

Agriculture is an important venture and industry that holds a lot of significance everywhere in the world. It is what allows humanity to function and keep growing and to be able to focus on other aspects of life as it may be. Imagining a world without agriculture brings to the mind a picture of disaster, famine, hunger, and upheaval. So we think we can safely say agriculture is the major sustaining factor of modern society.

The history of agriculture stretches back to the time of early man when life was brutish and short. Humans at the time probably found that eating fruits and throwing the seeds on the ground made them germinate if they met certain conditions, and they began to plant these seeds in areas around their settlement to make them sprout so they wouldn’t go far to look for food later. Since then, agriculture has evolved greatly thanks to different types of machinery and revolutionary scientific methods.

Agriculture in Canada is one of the major industries and foundations of the country. Archeological research shows that agriculture in Canada started before 2300 B.C., but the first farmers that shaped the agriculture of Canada as it is today are the indigenous people of the Canadian Prairies. As early as the 1600s, farming in Canada began taking a new shape with the introduction of wheat and dairy production. Today, Canada produces wheat, canola, barley, corn, soya beans, oats, beef, pork, and dairy products, and they are among the biggest producers of these products in the world.

Canada Agriculture Day is an initiative of ‘Agriculture More Than Ever,’ an agricultural cause with thousands of partners and ‘agvocates.’ It is a day to celebrate Canadian agriculture, consumers, and farmers, and engage in conversations about improving Canadian agriculture.

Canada's Agriculture Day timeline

2300 B.C.
Evidence of Farming

Archeologists find evidence that farming and cultivation of the soil for maize, potatoes, beans, and other crops are carried out in parts of the present Canadian soil.

1600s A.D.
Dikes and Irrigation Plans

In the Maritimes, French Acadians build dikes for wheat, flax, vegetable, pasturage, and marshland farming.

New Variety of Wheat

Red Fife wheat is introduced into Canada, with David Fife from Ontario being the first to plant it.

Agriculture More Than Ever

The industry group ‘Agriculture More than Ever’ initiates Canada’s Agriculture Day.

Canada's Agriculture Day FAQs

What is the most common agricultural produce in Canada?

Canola, wheat, barley, soybeans, rice, potatoes, and sugar beets are the major crops planted in the country. Livestock like cattle, sheep, poultry, and swine, rank on top of the animal products in the country.

What is the most profitable type of farming in Canada?

Canola has been recognized by many as the crop to bring the most returns to the country. This is probably why it stands at the top of the chart as the most produced and imported crop.

Are there still farmlands for aspiring farmers in Canada?

Canada is enormous and still has a lot of untouched frontiers that can be farmed, and farmers are increasing by the day, spreading to more lands as the need arises.

Canada's Agriculture Day Activities

  1. Commend Canadian farmers and food

    Canadian farmers are doing a great job, evidenced by the food products we get to enjoy from their labors. Go on social media and celebrate Canadian farmers for their efforts and contribution to the continued existence of humanity.

  2. Cook a Canadian meal

    What a great opportunity this is to bring out the chef in you. There are several Canadian meals you can try your hands at to make your day, from poutine, butter tarts, and bannock to Saskatoon berry pie, peameal bacon, and more. Grab your pots and pans and get cooking!

  3. Give to your community

    Canadian Agriculture Day reminds us once again of the importance of food to man, and there are many out there with little or nothing to eat. Go out, shop, and get food gifts for neighbors you know need them, or those in homeless centers around.

5 Fun Facts About Farming In Canada

  1. Fifth-largest agricultural exporter in the world

    Canada ranks as the fifth-largest exporter of agricultural produce since 2011.

  2. Number one in canola

    Canada is the biggest producer and exporter of canola in the world.

  3. Agriculture employs millions

    More than 2.3 million Canadians are employed in the agriculture sector, making it a very important industry.

  4. Varieties of cheese

    At least 1,050 varieties or brands of cheese are made in Canada.

  5. Women are also farmers

    72.5% of farmers in Canada are men, while 27.5% are women.

Why We Love Canada's Agriculture Day

  1. Food is important to life

    Nobody can exist for long without eating food, and this makes this day so important to all of us. We get to celebrate the great sumptuous meals that satiate us anytime hunger pangs strike.

  2. Canada has a great contribution to agriculture

    Canadian farmers’ contribution to agriculture is by no means small. Standing as the fifth-largest exporter, their wheat, dairy products, beef, and agricultural commodities generally go a long way in improving our quality of life.

  3. Canadian farmers are superheroes

    Canadian farmers over the years have increased food production in light of the ever-increasing population, keeping food readily available. Young people in Canada are also involved in farming, making us so happy that we won’t be going hungry any time soon.

Canada's Agriculture Day dates

2025February 13Thursday
2026February 13Friday
2027February 13Saturday
2028February 13Sunday
2029February 13Tuesday

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