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TueAug 20

National Bacon Lovers Day – August 20, 2024

It’s National Bacon Lovers Day on August 20. Arguably our favorite in-office holiday, no smell on Earth is as attractive as the thin-sliced bacon sizzling in a pan and served with anything at hand. Bacon is the hero of every meal it’s incorporated into. No wonder it’s been such a massive part of western cuisine since 1500 B.C. This means, for thousands of years, we have relished the sweet-savory smell of bacon frying, and the chewy taste too. One could argue that it’s now coded into our D.N.A., a historic love for bacon.

History of National Bacon Lovers Day

While bacon has been a part of our diet as a species since 1500 B.C., pigs were domesticated from around 8500 B.C., so for seven thousand years, humans had bacon right under their noses, and didn’t know it. The term ‘bacon’ is used more precisely today than it was until well into the 16th century, before which it referred to any cut of pork. The process of curing bacon for human consumption has also been refined over the centuries but has remained relatively the same. The only difference today is that the standards of hygiene have improved, and the scale of bacon production and consumption has risen astronomically.

Bacon was such a desirable cut of pork that in the 12th century, a church in the English town of Great Dunmow challenged the married men to a wager of sorts. If a man could go a complete year and a day without quarreling with his wife, a side of bacon would be their prize. Thus was the birth of the term “bring home the bacon,” widely used today to describe a person who can take care of their family financially.

Fast forward a couple of centuries to when the industrial revolution takes the pork industry to a completely new level of production. Before then, bacon and other pork products were once produced at home. Most people kept private pigs and regularly slaughtered their stock for consumption. Even in urban environments, it was common for people to keep pigs in their basements. However, in the 1930s, this was stopped. The late 1700s saw the rise of commercial pig farming and bacon production. With rising population rates and an increase in available machinery, bacon was one of the first food items to be mass-produced. It is still widely a household favorite to this day.

National Bacon Lovers Day timeline

Cuba Gets Some Royal Pigs

At the insistence of Queen Isabella of Castille, Christopher Columbus transports eight pigs to the island of Cuba.

Pigs in America

Hernando de Soto offloads 13 pigs in Tampa Bay, and many escape from Spanish activity.

Load Up The Trucks

John Harris sets up the first large-scale bacon curing business in the English town of Caine in Wiltshire.

The Pig Industry

Oscar Mayer, an industry leader in bacon curing and production, is established in the United States.

You Had Me At Bacon

Hardees adds bacon to their menu as a topping, one of the first fast-food companies to do so.

National Bacon Lovers Day FAQs

Can I eat bacon raw?

No, uncooked bacon can cause illnesses. Please, prepare your bacon properly before eating.

What’s the best thing to eat bacon with?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It’s up to you because there is no such thing as food that doesn’t pair well with bacon.

What’s the best type of bacon?

Traditionally, back bacon is the best cut, but strictly speaking, the pig determines the superiority of bacon.

National Bacon Lovers Day Activities

  1. Have an English breakfast

    It's Bacon Lovers Day, so we have to eat the stuff! Let's not forget where it all started, back bacon with a side of eggs and some pieces of toast, and voila.

  2. Be creative with it

    Bacon is one of the most versatile meat there is. It makes everything taste better. Would you like bacon with that olive? Yes, please!

  3. Wrap some bacon, and donate it

    Bacon is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat, and it does have decent protein and fat content for a family that might need the calories. Spread a little National Bacon Lovers Day spirit, and give to the less fortunate.

5 Ways Bacon Impacts Our Lives

  1. Living in America

    268.04 million Americans consume bacon annually.

  2. It's breakfast meat

    Of all the bacon produced in the United States, 70% is consumed at the breakfast table.

  3. That’s a lot of bacon

    The amount of bacon produced in America each year exceeds two billion pounds.

  4. We love bacon, it won’t go

    In the 1980s, health movements attempted to change the story around bacon, and bacon sales took a hit.

  5. The meaning of the word

    Bacon means “meat from the back of an animal.

Why We Love National Bacon Lovers Day

  1. It’s bacon

    We don’t care how it's prepared. As long as it's well cooked, we’re in. We just love bacon.

  2. A chance to have a family meal

    Breakfast is often had in a rush, and not as a family. On National Bacon Lovers Day, you can enjoy a group morning meal that honors one of our favorite cuts of meat.

  3. Bacon in the office

    Any reason to bring bacon to work is a reason to celebrate. Bacon is highly prized, and we can’t wait to share our love for it with our office family.

National Bacon Lovers Day dates

2024August 20Tuesday
2025August 20Wednesday
2026August 20Thursday
2027August 20Friday
2028August 20Sunday

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