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British Sandwich Week – May 16-22, 2024

We celebrate British Sandwich Week from May 16 to May 22 this year. This is the perfect time for you to fill your belly with some of the most intriguing sandwich recipes in town. Want to know more about the day? Keep reading!

History of British Sandwich Week

Every year, British Sandwich Week is celebrated across the U.K. to honor their most exquisite culinary invention — the sandwich! Yes, the sandwich originated in Britain, and today it is one of the most common household dishes in the world. This is because a sandwich is healthy, affordable, and has countless recipes that are super easy to create. In fact, there are so many kids around the globe for whom peanut butter sandwiches and egg sandwiches have become a consistent part of their diet. Since the food item is so essential in today’s time, celebrating its invention every year is a must!

Keeping the importance of sandwiches in mind, British Sandwich Week is celebrated yearly in May. Though the dates vary based on the year, an entire week is always dedicated to glorifying sandwiches and the different mouth-watering recipes that exist in the market today. During the designated week, sandwich manufacturers and eateries across the U.K. formulate their own strategies to promote the different sandwiches on their menu. In fact, in 2019, Branston Pickle teamed up with Max Halley to create a new sandwich recipe that included numerous layers of ingredients.

The week also includes events such as the ‘Sammies’ — the annual Awards of the sandwich industry. Some of the awards presented comprise the Best New Sandwich and the Sandwich Retailer of the year. Campaigns are also run by the British Sandwich Association to promote the week and host activities that market the sandwich industry of the country.

British Sandwich Week timeline

The Creation

John Montagu begins eating beef in two slices of toast.

18th century
A Recipe For All

Sandwich recipes appear in cookbooks.

The Perfect Solution

Gustav Papendick creates the idea of slicing and packaging bread.

The Commercial Touch

Marks & Spencer launches the first packaged sandwich.

British Sandwich Week FAQs

What goes in sandwiches?

Layers of meat, cheese, and vegetables go in sandwiches.


What are popular sandwich fillings?

Popular sandwich fillings include ham, cheese, egg, mayonnaise, and sausage.


What is a sandwich called in England?

This food item is also known as ‘butty’ and ‘bap’ in England.

How to Celebrate British Sandwich Week

  1. Try the best sandwiches in town

    Research and find eateries that serve the best sandwiches and try them all out throughout the week.

  2. Host a sandwich eating competition

    Though this can get messy, it will be fun! Arrange the event at an eatery and award a prize to whoever eats the most sandwiches at the designated time.

  3. Create a cookbook

    Ask all your friends and family to share their favorite sandwich recipes and you can compile them all to form a sandwich cookbook.

Why We Celebrate British Sandwich Week

  1. The week brings different recipes to the forefront

    Throughout the week, different eateries join forces and cook up new sandwich recipes. This means there are chances of a scrumptious new sandwich entering the market.

  2. It celebrates the English culture

    British Sandwich Week brings to light the British culture and their adaptation of the sandwich. Events like these are important to spread information regarding different societies and their way of life.

  3. It increases business

    Throughout the week, eateries offer special discounts or deals and are visited by numerous customers. This leads to an increase in business as well as a surge in tips for the servers.

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