National Sundae Day – November 11, 2019

Mon Nov 11

Today we celebrate National Sundae Day, held every year on November 11. These ice cream, chocolate sauce, and decadently-topped treats got their start in 1881, when George Hallauer asked Edward C. Berner, the owner of a soda fountain, to top a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce modeled after ice cream sodas. The magnificent creation only cost a nickel and skyrocketed in popularity, but was sold only on Sundays. Today, they cost quite a bit more bucks but they’re tasty concoctions to indulge in any day of the week. Here are a few of the delicious reasons you deserve (and perhaps need) to experience an edible bowl of joy today and any day of the week.

National Sundae Day Activities

  1. Host your own sundae bar

    Sundaes are a dessert party in a bowl, so what better way to celebrate this sweet holiday than to host your own sundae bar with some friends? Time for an ice cream social hour.

  2. Make your own hot fudge sauce

    Making homemade hot fudge sauce is so simple, so good, and so chocolatey that you will never want to go back to the store-bought squirt-out-of-the-bottle kind again. Search online for a recipe—most use fairly simple ingredients like heavy cream, cocoa powder, vanilla, chocolate, brown sugar, and corn syrup. Store it in your fridge and you can drizzle this chocolate concoction for months on end.

  3. Make it boozy

    Time to make an adult version of this childhood favorite. For for a simple but very grown-up dessert, pour a tablespoon of coffee-flavored liqueur over a coffee ice cream sundae or some creme de menthe over a mint chocolate chip sundae. You'll be drunk in love with sundaes all over again.

Why We Love National Sundae Day

  1. They're easy to make

    For sundaes, it's the building and layering, not the cooking, that counts. These sweet treats require minimal effort with delectable reward: you just need your favorite ice cream, your favorite toppings, a bowl, and an ice cream scooper.

  2. It's all about toppings

    When it comes to mixing and matching toppings for these ice cream concoctions, the sky's the limit. Crumbled cookies, candy bar chunks, nuts, granola, shredded coconut, even the classic whipped cream, fudge, and maraschino cherry trio—anything goes.

  3. They're great for any occasion

    Sundaes are the perfect dessert to dress up a date night, sweeten an outdoor barbecue, or liven up a birthday. Dress up your next occasion by dressing in your "sundae" best.

National Sundae Day dates
2019November 11Monday
2020November 11Wednesday
2021November 11Thursday
2022November 11Friday
2023November 11Saturday