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Pocky Day – November 11, 2024

Pocky Day is annually celebrated on November 11. It is an opportunity for fans of Pocky — a delicious, slightly sweet biscuit in a coating of easily-snackable flavored icing — to gather and show their appreciation for the treat. Pocky is one of the most popular treats in Japan and is even served in bars alongside a glass of ice water.

History of Pocky Day

Pocky is made of a breadstick coated in chocolate and served in boxes. The treat was created by Ezaki Glico, a food corporation, in 1963. Though It became popular almost instantly, it was messy to eat, often leading to rivers of chocolate running down the fingers. So, to satisfy their customers, Glico went back to the drawing board and came up with several solutions for their popular candy. In a burst of inspiration, the company came up with the genius idea of removing chocolate from a portion of the candy and leaving it with a handle. From that one decision, a sensation named Rocky was born. However, in 2014, Rocky was changed to Pocky, the name we know and love.

Pocky comes in many unusual flavors, such as honey and kiwifruit mango. The Men’s Pocky is a mature, bittersweet version of milk chocolate Pocky. The regional flavors of Pocky include Yubari melon, Kobe wine, grape, giant Mikan, powdered tea azuki bean, and five-fusion berry. Other flavors like banana, coffee, lychee, caramel, melon, marble royal milk tea, Daim bar, milk, honey and milk, cream cheese, berry, sweet potato, coconut, crush, corn on the cob, pineapple, pumpkin, kinako, Brazilian pudding, marron, tomato, cherry, and green tea are also available.

Pocky Day was created by Ezaki Glico in 1999 to celebrate the worldwide sensation. The holiday is an excellent time for Pocky lovers to eat as much Pocky as they want.

Pocky Day timeline

A Japanese Company Launches Glico Caramel

Ezaki Glico launches Glico Caramel in a distinctive red box.

Glico Creates Rocky

The Japanese food company makes Rocky.

Pocky Becomes Popular

Pocky is a hit across Japan.

The Rename

Glico renames Rocky to Pocky.

Pocky Day FAQs

Is Pocky gluten-free?

Unfortunately, Pocky is not gluten-free.

Is any Pocky vegan?

Pocky is made of whole milk powder, so it isn’t vegan.

Is Pocky healthy?

Pocky is a calorically dense snack and heavy in sugar and carbohydrates. So, it’s certainly not very healthy — you can’t eat it every day, but you can make it your go-to cheat meal.

Pocky Day Activities

  1. Enjoy your favorite Pocky

    Enjoying your favorite Pocky flavor is the perfect way to celebrate Pocky Day. Go out with your friends and family and start enjoying as many Pocky sticks as you want!

  2. Host a Pocky-themed party

    Invite your friends and family to a Pocky-themed party. Prepare different drinks and desserts using Pocky sticks.

  3. Try Pocky

    If you have never tried Pocky, Pocky Day is the perfect day to get a taste. Buy different flavors of Pocky and take a bite. You’ll soon find yourself falling in love.

5 Interesting Facts About Pocky

  1. It was hand-dipped in chocolate

    When it was launched, Pocky was hand-dipped in chocolate.

  2. It was the most tweeted snack

    Pocky was the most tweeted brand name in 2013 — with 3,710,044 tweets in 24 hours.

  3. There is a Pocky truck tour

    The Pocky truck tour has given away 1.5 million Pocky boxes since its launch in 2013.

  4. It has more than 50 flavors

    Pocky has dozens of flavors, from plain vanilla to kiwifruit mango.

  5. It was inspired by kushikatsu

    The idea for keeping half of the stick uncovered came from ‘kushikatsu,’ Japanese ‘skewered fried pork.’

Why We Love Pocky Day

  1. It celebrates Pocky

    Pocky is delicious and comes in as many flavors as you can imagine (not that many, but still!). You can choose whichever flavor catches your fancy.

  2. It makes us feel content

    We love Pocky, and on Pocky Day, we can eat as much of it as we want. It’s enough to make the heart feel content.

  3. It’s an opportunity to try something new

    Pocky Day is the best time to try the treat if you’ve never had it before. There are so many different flavors you’ll never get bored.

Pocky Day dates

2024November 11Monday
2025November 11Tuesday
2026November 11Wednesday
2027November 11Thursday
2028November 11Saturday

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