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National Hand Roll Day – July 6, 2024

National Hand Roll Day is celebrated on July 6 every year. The holiday is dedicated to a delicious Japanese hand roll, presented by Sushi Nozawa Group, which has become a part of life and a favorite delicacy of people from all over the world.

On this day, you can slowly enjoy a delicious hand roll, which replaced the usual sushi. The day is celebrated to encourage those consumers and food producers who have not yet dared to try these incredibly delicious hand-made rolls.

History of National Hand Roll Day

Hand-made rolls, also called temaki, are paper-thin, nori sheets wrapped in a cone around sticky acetic rice and a diversity of seafood and vegetable fillings. ‘Nori’ is a specific species of seaweed. These rolls can be eaten as standalone food or as a snack. It is a great food for parties because guests can choose their favorite filling and roll their own. Raw fish is rarely used when making hand rolls. These can be smoked salmon, boiled shrimp, crab, and a lot of vegetables such as cucumbers, avocados, onions, mushrooms, and carrots. Stuffing can be alternated with eggs, which are used to make omelets and cut into strips, sesame, and tofu.

National Hand Roll Day is founded by Sushi Nozawa Group, a group behind SUGARFISH, Kazunori, and Nozawa Bar. This day was created to celebrate the hand roll and the introduction of Chef Nozawa’s cylindrical roll in the United States more than 40 years ago. National Hand Roll Day is a celebration of Japanese sushi, which delights the senses with bright colors, flavors, and textures.

In 2014, the Sushi Nozawa Group opened the Original Hand Roll Bar, also known as Kazunori, to give people a good experience eating hand rolls that are something special and worthy of their restaurant. It is noteworthy that Kazunori prepares rolls only from the freshest fish and homemade sauces, specially collected seaweed, and branded warm rice. Guests who eat dinner at the bar enjoy the roll, watching the chef cook their rolls.

National Hand Roll Day timeline

Sushi Explodes in Popularity

Japanese food is served during Japanese public meetings in the United States, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bismarck, North Dakota.

The First Sushi Shop in the U.S.

It opens in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Mid-20th Century

Original hand rolls, called temaki, emerge.

National Hand Roll Day

The holiday is proclaimed by the Registrar in the calendar of national days and is celebrated annually on July 6, the birthday of chef Nozawa.

National Hand Roll Day FAQs

What are hand rolls?

It is the version of sushi rolls. One large, conical piece of seaweed on the outside with the same variety of ingredients — raw fish, seafood, vegetables, rice – inside, pouring from one end.

Who was the inventor of hand rolls?

It was Chef Nozawa who introduced the cylindrical roll in the United States more than 40 years ago.

How do you eat temaki?

You can eat it from top to bottom. But so that the filling does not fall out, you need to hold on to the roll.

National Hand Roll Day Activities

  1. Visit the sushi restaurant

    The most convenient and easiest way to celebrate National Hand Roll Day is to visit a Japanese restaurant. Order hand rolls there and enjoy its wonderful taste.

  2. Try your first hand roll

    If you’ve never cooked or eaten hand rolls before, it’s time to try it. Find the recipe, buy the necessary ingredients, and start cooking!

  3. Share your story

    Many people do know about National Hand Roll Day. You can help spread the word by sharing photos or videos of your celebration on social media.

5 Facts About Sushi That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The country of origin is not Japan

    In fact, sushi was created in Southeast Asia.

  2. Real wasabi is very expensive

    Wasabi, which is offered in many restaurants, is not authentic because the plant is very expensive.

  3. Maki can be wrapped in anything

    An alternative to seaweed can be an egg, finely chopped cucumber, semi-hard avocado, and soy paper.

  4. A compliment to the chef is sake

    If you want to compliment the chef, buy him a shot of sake.

  5. At first, sushi was not a delicacy

    They were sold as affordable snacks eaten on the road.

Why We Love National Hand Roll Day

  1. It has a long history

    Hand rolls have been known since the 1900s. National Hand Roll Day celebrates their popularity, which they have gained over the years.

  2. We love hand rolls

    Many people like hand rolls. They’re quick to make and tasty. This is a perfect day to celebrate our love for them.

  3. A day to test yourself as a chef of hand rolls

    There are many recipes for making hand rolls with any filling you want. Test your culinary skills and taste the best hand rolls.

National Hand Roll Day dates

2024July 6Saturday
2025July 6Sunday
2026July 6Monday
2027July 6Tuesday
2028July 6Thursday

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