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MHIP Day – July 6, 2024

MHIP Day is celebrated on July 6 each year in Mizoram, India. M.H.I.P. stands for ‘Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl,’ which means ‘binding women together.’ The M.H.I.P. is the largest N.G.O. in Mizoram state and the only N.G.O. dedicated to women’s welfare. Through philanthropic social work and local advocacy, the M.H.I.P. uplifts the women of Mizoram and educates them on their rights. They also equip them with vocational skills and group courses to give Indian women a foundation of independence and a sense of feeling capable. MHIP Day applauds the organization’s efforts as a champion for women’s welfare.

History of MHIP Day

The first phase of the Indian women’s liberation movement took place between 1850 to 1915. British colonialism brought European ideas and the question of gender roles and individual rights. Men primarily drove early efforts to end the practice of widow-immolation, a tradition where widows had to burn themselves following the passing of their husbands. A rise in nationalist ideals hampered efforts to liberate Indian women from archaic social roles. Nationalists called for resistance to European morals and a return to old traditions.

After World War II, Indian feminists began to redefine women’s roles in society, especially in the workplace and national politics. Inequalities such as wage gaps, harassment, and relegation to unskilled positions. Women began to acknowledge the role of class differences in terms of caste, wealth, and education in holding back nationwide empowerment drives. The focus shifted to empowering women at the grassroots in the 1960s and 1970s.

The M.H.I.P. was set up on July 6, 1974. As the only organization serving women and the most prominent volunteer organization in the province, the M.H.I.P. was registered under Registration No. 5 of 1977 and headquartered in Aizawl. At the organization’s founding, Mizoram was a Union Territory. This is considered the third phase of the Indian feminist movement. Organizations like the M.H.I.P. continue to carry the torch of female empowerment, uplifting and enlightening the women of Mizoram province.

MHIP Day timeline

The First Female Prime Minister

Indira Gandhi becomes India’s first and only female Prime Minister.

The First Female-Oriented N.G.O. in India

The M.H.I.P. is established on July 6.

The Registration of the M.H.I.P.

The M.H.I.P. is registered under the Society Act 1860, Registration. No. 5 of 1977.

The Assassination of Indira Gandhi

Gandhi’s bodyguards assassinate her, allegedly as an act of revenge for Operation Blue Star.


What does ‘M.H.I.P.’ stand for?

It stands for ‘Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl,’ which means ‘binding women together.’

Where is the M.H.I.P. located?

The headquarters are in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram.

Which government office is responsible for the M.H.I.P.?

The M.H.I.P. is a non-governmental organization staffed by volunteers and funded by philanthropists.

How to Observe MHIP Day

  1. Advocate for gender equality

    Become an advocate for gender equality. This could be at your workplace, in your neighborhood, or even in your home.

  2. Donate to female-focused charities

    You can support women by donating to charities focusing on women’s welfare. These charities fight for equal rights, help women find employment, and protect them from gender violence.

  3. Celebrate an essential woman in your life

    Women break down barriers every day. That includes the women in our lives. Reach out to them, tell them how special they are and how much you look up to them.

5 Important Facts About Women’s Rights In India

  1. Free legal aid

    The Legal Services Authorities Act grants victims of sexual assault the right to free legal aid or assistance from the Legal Services Authority, which must also provide the services of a lawyer for the victims.

  2. Equal pay

    The Equal Remuneration Act prohibits discrimination based on sex regarding wages.

  3. Privacy is protected

    Sexual assault victims can record their statements alone before a female police officer or a district magistrate when the case is under trial.

  4. Freedom from domestic violence

    Under Section 498 of the Indian Constitution, women have protection from domestic violence in verbal, sexual, or economic abuse.

  5. Protection from workplace harassment

    The Workplace Act gives Indian women the right to file complaints against harassment in the workplace.

Why MHIP Day is Important

  1. Ending patriarchal customs

    Traditional patriarchal customs are among the most significant contributors to the systemic oppression of women. The M.H.I.P. elevates the status of women within the society, challenging stereotypes and outdated social practices that infringe on their rights.

  2. Working for women’s welfare

    The M.H.I.P. is a humanitarian organization that helps society’s poor and needy, but above all, they serve the needs of Mizo women. Their workshops, seminars, and courses equip women with the tools to become self-sufficient regardless of their economic background, creed, or caste.

  3. Promoting social cohesion

    The M.H.I.P. works closely with the Mizoram State Social Welfare Advisory Board. Together, they reach out to communities through awareness projects, education centers, counseling, and vocational training. The joint efforts promote social cohesion in Mizoram and teach the role and responsibility of women in the community.

MHIP Day dates

2024July 6Saturday
2025July 6Sunday
2026July 6Monday
2027July 6Tuesday
2028July 6Thursday

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