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TueAug 27

Crab Soup Day – August 27, 2024

Crab Soup Day is celebrated every year in Nicaragua on August 27 by many people in the country. The citizens and visitors enjoy taking part in the activities, which feature several entertaining events. These events include beauty pageants, parades, and other contests. The magnificent turquoise waters and sandy white beaches of Nicaragua make the country the ideal venue for the Crab Festival despite being somewhat detached from the rest of the globe. The Crab Soup Festival is regarded as a significant event that honors the abolition of slavery in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a beautiful country in Central America that is located between Mexico and Colombia,

History of Crab Soup Day

Nicaragua can be found in Central America and many people have enjoyed visiting and exploring the area. The country is bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. The beautiful nation ranges from the Pacific Ocean bordering the west and the Caribbean Sea on the nation’s east coast. The country has a series of islands and cays that are located in the Caribbean Sea. The name Nicaragua is derived from Nicarao, from the Nahuatl-speaking tribe. This is the tribe that inhabited the shores of Lake Nicaragua before the Spanish conquest of the Americas. The second part of the name comes from the Spanish word ‘agua,’ which means ‘water.’ This is because of the presence of the large Lake Cocibolca. It also refers to the lagoons and rivers in the region.

The Spanish arrived in western Nicaragua in the early 16th century. At the time, they found three principal tribes, and each had a different culture and spoke a different language. The tribes in the region were the Niquirano, the Chorotegano, and the Chontal. They each occupied much of Nicaragua’s territory. They had independent chieftains who ruled according to each group’s laws and customs. They generally lived in peace, being tolerant of their differences. They respected each other’s territories and ways of life. These tribes had weapons that consisted of swords, lances, and arrows that were made out of wood. The form of government was monarchy. They had a supreme ruler who was the chief, or cacique. He was surrounded by his princes and formed the nobility. The laws and regulations in the country were disseminated by royal messengers. The messengers were required to visit each township in the nation. They were to assemble the inhabitants to give their chief’s orders.

Crab Soup Day timeline

The Local Intendente is Overthrown

The local intendente José Salvador, is overthrown

The Spanish Constitution

The Spanish constitution grants more independence to local administrations

A New Appointment

Garcia Perez is appointed as the intendente of Nicaragua.

The First Mexican Empire

Nicaragua becomes part of the First Mexican Empire

Crab Soup Day FAQs

When was slavery abolished in Nicaragua?

Slavery ended in the country in 1838, 17 years after it declared independence from Spain.

What is crab soup made of?

It’s made of beef stock, various vegetables, and — of course — crab!

What are the benefits of eating crab?

Crab is rich in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and iron! Eating crab can make your heart and brain stronger and prevent anemia.

Crab Soup Day Activities

  1. Join the parade

    Visit the islands to witness the festive Crab Soup Festival parade! Drummers march around the island at 3 a.m. and are later joined by groups wearing different costumes.

  2. Go on a sporting adventure

    Head to one of the islands’ many stunning coral reefs for a fishing expedition. Throughout the season, you can also participate in all kinds of sporting events.

  3. Try their crab delicacies

    It wouldn't be Crab Soup Day without a healthy helping of crab soup! Apart from their specialty soup, locals also serve a range of crab delicacies worth trying.

5 Interesting Facts About Big Corn Island

  1. They’re home to many

    An estimated 8,000 people live on Big Corn Island.

  2. The locals are multilingual

    English, Creole, Spanish, and Miskito are widely spoken on the islands.

  3. It used to be leased

    The Corn Islands were leased by Nicaragua to the United States from 1916 to 1971.

  4. Its tourism industry is booming

    Big Corn Island’s main economic drivers are fishing, lobstering, and tourism.

  5. It has excellent beaches

    Among the island’s beautiful beaches is Picnic Beach, featuring clear waters and white sand.

Why We Love Crab Soup Day

  1. It offers a unique fishing experience

    The Corn Islands’ magnificent coral reefs flourish in warm, tropical waters. During your Crab Soup Day visit, why not test your fishing skills and see what wonders you can catch?

  2. It features seafood

    We love seafood — especially crab — and will take any chance to indulge in it. The region’s tasty take on crab soup is more than worth the trip!

  3. It showcases the region’s colorful culture

    Crab Soup Day isn’t just about food. It also celebrates the area’s diverse culture and traditions.

Crab Soup Day dates

2024August 27Tuesday
2025August 27Wednesday
2026August 27Thursday
2027August 27Friday
2028August 27Sunday

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