National Cookie Exchange Day – December 22, 2020

Tue Dec 22

You’ll no doubt have plenty of gift giving opportunities and parties this holiday season. But on December 22, National Cookie Exchange Day, cookies get their day in the spotlight. And while sugar cookies and snickerdoodles may be wintertime favorites, you’ll find that today is a time for celebrating all cookies. Crispy or chewy? Face-sized, palm-sized, or bite-sized? Sprinkles or no? One of the best ways to break out of your cookie comfort zone is through cookie exchanges.

Cookies came to prominence in areas where sugar was abundant thousands of years ago, and cakes were an extreme delicacy. In order to test the cakes with the ingredients they had, it’s believed they made miniature versions as trial cakes. Fast forward a few millennia, and virtually every corner of their world has their own twist on this eternal treat.

National Cookie Exchange Day Activities

  1. Have a cookie party

    Perhaps the most obvious, but also the most appropriate, is to have a cookie exchange party. There are innumerable ways to do this, but the main idea is for everyone to bring a batch of cookies (preferably homemade), display them, and let everyone put together a cookie bouquet of a few different kinds. You could incorporate a blind taste test, or allow people to trade their cookies as if they were currency. However you do it, you can rest assured you’ll end up with plenty of cookies to help expand your palate.

  2. Exchange Cookies for something fun

    National Cookie Exchange Day doesn’t have to be a strictly C2C (cookie to cookie) transaction. Get out in your community and enjoy the holiday spirit by giving out cookies in exchange for hugs, smiles, holiday singing, or anything else you can think of to bring cheer to your neighbors.

  3. Have a bake sale for charity

    The holidays are filled with opportunities to help the less fortunate. By joining up with a few of your friends or family, you can bake large batches of cookies, set up shop at the local mall or movie theater and have a bake sale for charity. Not only will your customers be happy, but you’ll help make a difference in others’ lives.

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Why We Love National Cookie Exchange Day

  1. They’re sweet and simple

    It’s certainly true that cookies have grown complex over the decades, but at their core, cookies are made from a few key ingredients — it’s what we do with these ingredients and how we use them that make cookies distinct. Unlike many labor- and time-intensive baking projects, cookies are relatively straightforward. With a little bit of trial and error, (and perhaps grandma’s recipe) anyone can make these munchy morsels from scratch.

  2. You can have them anytime

    Have you ever snuck a cookie for breakfast, to go perfectly with your morning coffee or tea? Surely you’ve packed a few cookies in your or your children’s lunch as a midday pick me up. And what’s better than adding a cookie to your vanilla ice cream dessert? When you whip up a batch of cookies, you’re not just making a single after dinner treat, but a complementary side dish you can justify with any meal.

  3. You’ll never try them all

    Even the most spectacular cookie connoisseur would struggle to say they’ve tried every cookie in the world. There are dozens of variations on the recipe for chocolate chip cookies alone, resulting in cookies that are either soft, chewy, risen, flat, crispy, thin, etc. Now extrapolate that out to every variety of cookie, in every culture of the world, and you’ve got a biscuit bucket list you’ll never quite complete. But hey, all the more reason to get out and try.

National Cookie Exchange Day dates
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