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The Big Lunch – June 3, 2023

The Big Lunch is celebrated over the first weekend of June every year. This year, it takes place from June 3 to 4. Since its inception, it has been earnestly looked forward to in the U.K. Who else wouldn’t anticipate a day where neighbors and communities converge in designated places to chat, eat, laugh, dance, sing, and generally enjoy? This is an event that has created millions of lasting connections across the U.K. and this year’s celebration is going to be a memorable one as it is scheduled to take place during Her Majesty’s platinum jubilee.

History of The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch is the U.K.’s thanksgiving weekend where communities and neighbors come together in open spaces or designated places to eat, drink, chat, enjoy each other’s company, and in the process, get to know each other better.

The Big Lunch has been celebrated across the United Kingdom since 2009. The first weekend of June brings communities and neighborhoods together to take pleasure in sharing a meal and increasing the bond between members of society. The event was created and first organized by the Eden Project, an organization in Cornwall, England, that promotes activities aimed at “deepening our collective understanding of the interconnection between all living things and seeing them as a whole…” Since its inception, more than six million people on average, actively participate in The Big Lunch yearly. There is little wonder then that the occasion is one of the most highly engaging events in the U.K.

Every year’s celebration comes with success stories across the nation and more people now participate in the festivities. During the event, new friendships are made and in 2019 alone, about seven million people participated in the gatherings, although numbers declined in the succeeding year to 3.3 million, but only due to the pandemic. Those figures only go to show the massive positive impact of the occasion and the favorable outcomes it has achieved.

In 2022, the celebration of The Big Lunch will surely create a great spectacle because Her Majesty’s platinum jubilee is scheduled to be celebrated in the first week of June, including the month’s first weekend. That means The Big Lunch coincides with the national celebration, making this year’s celebration one Big Jubilee Lunch.

The Big Lunch timeline

The First Celebration

The Eden Project Community organizes the first Big Lunch.

The First Big Jubilee Lunch

The Big Lunch is celebrated as a Big Jubilee Lunch in observance of the Queen's diamond platinum celebration.

Millions of Friendships Made

Seven million people take part in the year's Big Lunch Celebration.

An Extra Special Lunch

An extra special lunch is held at the Eden center to mark one year until another Big Jubilee Lunch.

The Big Lunch FAQs

Why is it called The Big Lunch and not breakfast or dinner?

Because the event mostly takes place around mid-day. Depending on the plans, cooking and other arrangements take up the morning and so, the celebration usually starts early afternoon.

Is The Big Lunch celebrated on a single day?

No. The event is celebrated over the first weekend in June.

Is The Big Lunch a public holiday in the U.K.?

As impacting as it is, The Big Lunch is not a public holiday. Moreover, it is celebrated over the weekend, which is usually a work-free day.

The Big Lunch Activities

  1. Invite your neighbors to your doorstep

    If you’re feeling sociable enough, invite neighbors over to your house. Prepare a variety of dishes to share over a conversation, and make the most of the opportunity to bond.

  2. Honor a neighbor or community's invite

    Even if you’re an introvert, take the opportunity to get out of your shell for just a little while. Accept an invite and join the celebration, you most likely won’t regret it.

  3. Make new friends and connections

    Walk up to that quiet neighbor you’ve once passed by. Introduce yourself and ask for their names, this interaction might strike a friendship that will last forever.

5 Facts About The Eden Project That Will Amaze You

  1. It began two decades ago

    The Eden Project was established in March 2001.

  2. It cost millions

    The construction was an expense of over £100 million.

  3. It was a World Wonder

    It was considered the Eighth Wonder of the World at one point in time.

  4. Home to a magnificent indoor forest

    It houses the world's largest indoor rainforest.

  5. Its biomes are special

    The Eden Project's biomes are made of special plastics.

Why We Love The Big Lunch

  1. It brings people together

    The Big Lunch is an avenue for people of different races, cultures, religions, and classes to meet and interact. It breaks the barriers that exist between people of different backgrounds.

  2. It is fun-filled

    Aside from eating and interacting, many fun activities are organized during the event. A talent show is an example.

  3. It fosters unity

    Communities that actively participate in The Big Lunch are characterized by the unity that is not seen in other places. The Big Lunch fosters a togetherness that is required to face life challenges.

The Big Lunch dates

2022June 4Saturday
2023June 3Saturday
2024June 1Saturday
2025June 7Saturday
2026June 6Saturday

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