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FriFeb 28

Global Scouse Day – February 28, 2025

Global Scouse Day is an annual celebration held on February 28 in Liverpool. It’s a day that celebrates the maritime city’s favorite local dish, scouse. Ask any Scouser, (as the Liverpudlians call themselves,) and they’ll tell you that the day is a big deal. Scouse is a beloved stew with recipes passed down through generations. Everyone has strong opinions on their scouse. From consistency to secret ingredients. One of the only things Liverpudlians do agree on is that you should always have scouse with delicious, crusty bread.

History of Global Scouse Day

In the 18th Century, a stew called ‘Lobscouse’ was popular with sailors in Northern Europe. They brought the magic along with them to the Liverpool port, where the dish quickly grew to become a staple in homes, inns, and pubs everywhere. Soon, the Liverpudlians shortened the word ‘lobscouse’ into ‘scouse.’ Since then, scouse has become the winter comfort food of choice for Scousers.

So, how did Global Scouse Day begin? The idea first took shape in the home of Liverpudlian filmmaker and television presenter Graham Hughes. Hughes would host a ‘scouse supper’ for his friends every year. When he left for one of his adventures in 2008, Hughes’ friends thought it might be nice to continue the tradition while he was away. They held a scouse supper each year on February 28, which was Hughes’ birthday. Little did they know that the ‘scouse supper’ would become a quintessentially Liverpool cultural phenomenon. Over time ‘scouse’ became an identity marker, a badge of honor for Liverpool. From an idea for an intimate dinner, scouse grew into a city-wide event. Hundreds of bars, restaurants, and cafes put scouse on the menu. Football clubs and even the mayor’s office joined in on the fun.

In preparing the dish, everyone adds a little something extra to their scouse to make it stand out. It usually contains meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and Worcestershire sauce. Vegetarians can make a meatless version called a “blind scouse.” The term ‘scouse’ can also allude to the famous Liverpool accent with its sharp letters and exaggerated vowels. So, depending on the context, ‘scouse’ could either mean a stew or something unequivocally Liverpudlian. Either way, it’s a term that captures the essence of Liverpool and its people.

Global Scouse Day timeline

A Sailor’s Dish

Sailors of the Baltic popularize a stew called “Lobscouse” in Liverpool.

The Name “Scouse” is Born

The Liverpudlians shorten the name to “scouse,” which has since stuck.

The Word “Scouse” Becomes Official

The first recording in the Oxford English Dictionary of ‘scouse’ was in

28 February 2008
The First Scouse Day

The ‘scouse supper’ initiated by Graham Hughes turns into Scouse Day, courtesy of his friends who continued the tradition every year.

Global Scouse Day FAQs

What day is Global Scouse Day?

Global Scouse Day is held every year on February 28. It’s a day that celebrates Liverpool’s local dish – the hearty scouse.

Why is it called Scouse?

The term ‘scouse’ comes from the word ‘lobscouse.’ It was a stew popular with Norwegian soldiers in the 18th century who brought the dish to Liverpool. Scouse has been a Liverpudlian favorite ever since.

Is Scouser an insult?

Scouser is a word that Liverpudlians use to refer to themselves. It is a widely accepted colloquialism and a source of pride. 

Global Scouse Day Activities

  1. Cook some scouse

    The best way to celebrate is by calling friends over for a scouse dinner. The general recipe calls for potatoes, meat, carrots, onions, and Worcestershire sauce. But, go ahead and experiment with flavors that work best for you. If you’re in Liverpool, head out and enjoy the festivities.

  2. Learn the Scouse accent

    If you can’t be in Liverpool, immerse yourself in the day’s celebrations by learning the Liverpool accent. There are a significant number of online videos that will help. Remember to elongate those vowels.

  3. Listen to the Beatles

    Apart from delicious Scouse, Liverpool is most famous for its connection to The Beatles. Today is perfect for rediscovering a favorite Beatle’s album by listening to it in the background while you’re cooking up some scouse.

5 Intriguing Facts About Scouse

  1. It has four basic ingredients

    A scouse meal must comprise potatoes, carrots, onion, and chunks of meat.

  2. It was a sailor’s staple dish

    In the 18th Century, sailors would eat scouse and a ‘sailors’ biscuit.

  3. It was previously called ‘lobscouse’

    The name ‘lobscouse’ comes from — ‘lob’ which means ‘to bubble as it boils’ and ‘course’ which means ‘course’ or part of a meal.

  4. It’s more than just a meal’s name

    Scouse is also used to refer to an inhabitant of Liverpool — which is a city in the U.K.

  5. It has a meatless version

    ‘Blind’ scouse is a meatless version of the meal eaten by vegetarians or by people who were too poor to afford meat.

Why We Love Global Scouse Day

  1. It’s warm and comforting

    Nothing smells like home more than beef stew bubbling on the stove. Scouse is winter warmth and snuggles in a bowl.

  2. Celebrating local traditions

    We love food that tells a story. The unassuming scouse is part of Northern European maritime culture. It has come to be associated with everything Liverpudlian.

  3. A conversation starter

    Who knew that stew could invite such heated debate? Is it better to use lamb or beef? Is it best enjoyed with pickled cabbage or beetroot?

Global Scouse Day dates

2025February 28Friday
2026February 28Saturday
2027February 28Sunday
2028February 28Monday
2029February 28Wednesday

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