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Car Keys and Small Change Day – February 28, 2025

Car Keys and Small Change Day takes place on February 28 every year. It’s not a day to celebrate car keys and small change, as the name implies. The day is actually a celebration of the place where those seemingly unrelated items are stored: pockets. Yes, the small opening or pouch that forms part of a person’s clothing and is used to carry small items. This necessary but often undervalued part of our clothes has been around much longer than you think and can be traced as far back as 3300 B.C.

History of Car Keys and Small Change Day

The history of pockets is traceable to 3300 B.C. when Ötzi, also known as the ‘Iceman,’ wore a belt with a pouch sewn onto it. The pouch is said to have contained a scraper, drill, flint flake, bone awl, and a dried tinder fungus.

The word ‘pocket’ is derived from the old French word, ‘pouque.’ During the 13th century, a form of pockets, known as ‘fitchets,’ emerged in Europe. These fitchets were ordinary slits in people’s tunics.

It wasn’t until about a century later that pockets began to become more noticeable. As time progressed, pockets became removable and could be hung as purses. However, these pouch-like purses were concealed beneath clothing to prevent pickpockets from snatching them away.

During the 17th century, pockets finally became an integral part of men’s clothing and were now sewn in, as opposed to being worn as removable pouches. However, this development didn’t apply to women, who still tied pouches beneath their petticoats and skirts. This trend continued into the 1800s, with women wearing pockets outside their clothing mainly as a fashion statement.

Pockets were finally integrated into women’s clothing during the 1920s when female film stars began the trend of wearing masculine attire. As jeans became a trend in the latter part of the 20th century, pockets became even more prominent. These days pockets aren’t limited to trousers but form an integral part of shorts, jumpsuits, skirts, and dresses. They’ve become essential to some and an expression of style to others.

Car Keys and Small Change Day timeline

3300 B.C.
Iceman is the First to Have One

The first pocket known in the history of man is worn by the “Iceman.”

‘Fitchets,’ a Type of Pocket

Fitches become part of European clothing.

Versatile Trousers

Men begin wearing trousers with sewn-in pockets.

Women’s Clothing

Pockets begin featuring in women’s clothing.

Car Keys and Small Change Day FAQs

Why do designers add fake pockets to clothes?

Designers do this to maintain the aesthetic profile of certain clothes to prevent them from losing their shape while in the warehouse.

What are those tiny pockets on jeans meant for?

Those tiny pockets are designed for pocket watches.

Why don’t women’s shirts have pockets?

Designers don’t add pockets to female shirts because of the belief that women, who usually have a lot more to carry, already have bags to carry their items.

Car Keys and Small Change Day Activities

  1. Use your pockets

    If your pockets have been doing nothing but collecting lint, make them work for you. Use them to carry small items you may need handy. Small change perhaps?

  2. A pocket scavenger hunt

    This group activity depends on people having something in their pocket. The leader of the game will call out items that one typically finds in their pockets such as a receipt, lip balm, or phone. Whoever has the most number of items that you call out wins, similar to bingo.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Spark some conversation among your friends by using the hashtag #carkeysandsmallchangeday. Let others know about this unique holiday.

5 Types Of Pockets

  1. Fob pockets

    A fob pocket is a little pocket that is designed to carry a pocket watch — it’s usually found in men’s trousers, traditional blue jeans, and waistcoats.

  2. A camp pocket

    A camp pocket, also known as a cargo pocket, is a pocket sewn onto the outer part of a clothing item — they’re usually squared off and characterized by visible seams.

  3. A slit pocket

    A slit pocket, also known as a besom pocket, is one that is cut into a garment — they’re usually found in clothes such as tuxedo jackets and trousers.

  4. A beer pocket

    A beer pocket is one designed to carry a bottle of beer — they’re usually sewn into jackets and vests.

  5. A patch pocket

    A patch pocket is one that is sewn patchwork style onto a piece of clothing — they’re usually sewn onto shirts.

Why We Love Car Keys and Small Change Day

  1. A modern convenience

    Without pockets, where would we keep car keys and small change? Pockets make life easier by carrying items for us, easily replacing a wallet or purse.

  2. An appreciation for the little things

    This day teaches us to appreciate the small conveniences. It makes us think of the other little things that, although are so useful, we often take for granted.

  3. It delves into the history of fashion

    Car Keys and Small Change Day gives us a little lesson on fashion history. It shows us how much fashion evolves over time.

Car Keys and Small Change Day dates

2025February 28Friday
2026February 28Saturday
2027February 28Sunday
2028February 28Monday
2029February 28Wednesday

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