National Fajita Day – August 18, 2020

Tue Aug 18

Today is National Fajita Day, held every year on August 18, when there’s nothing better than the sound of a juicy cut of skirt steak sizzling over an open flame.  Join us to celebrate the authentic taste of the Southwest with the fiesta of flavor know as the fajita. Throw in some awesome black beans or even add a little hot sauce, guacamole, sour cream or cheese.  The combinations are endless.

Not sure how to celebrate? Head to your local taqueria, cantina or Mexican restaurant because today is all about satisfying those spicy food cravings with this sizzling hot dish!

National Fajita Day Activities

  1. Cook your way to Fajita Nirvana

    Flex your culinary muscles with this easy, yet flavorful, dish. Add bell peppers, onions, a slab of quality beef and a few sweet and savory ingredients to create a perfect melange of meat-veggie goodness.

  2. Find the best sizzling special

    Several restaurants across the nation offer sizzling hot deals on fajita menu items today. Find the nearest place specializing in Mexican fare and indulge in the richly-marinated, grilled-to-perfection taste!

  3. Discover another fajitas-inspired dish

    Fajita-stuffed bell peppers, chicken fajita sliders, vegan sweet potato fajitas, shrimp fajita chili are mouth-watering dishes you have to try on National Fajita Day. It's the perfect day for culinary experimentation and the possibilities are endless with this tasty south-of-the-border dish!

Why We Love National Fajita Day

  1. We love meat

    The approaching noise of sizzling meat is almost too much to bear! It halts conversations and commands attention — those who surround you usually lift their chins in jealousy to catch a whiff of the beef, onion, garlic and chili aromas wafting by your table.

  2. It's the perfect blend of sweet and savory

    Nothing is better than an ultra-juicy, buttery, skirt steak marinated with the zing of lime and the fiery kick of chili. The slightly sweet, very savory flavor gets even better with age. Let the marinade work its magic overnight. When you start cooking, you'll marvel at the tender meat, infused with citrus and absolutely unforgettable flavor!

  3. It's a fiesta in a dish

    Fajitas are a sizzling platter of meat and veggies that can be shared among many or selfishly enjoyed for one. They pack bold flavor in a surprisingly simple dish — a fiesta for your tastebuds!

National Fajita Day dates

2020August 18Tuesday
2021August 18Wednesday
2022August 18Thursday
2023August 18Friday
2024August 18Sunday