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National Ice Cream Pie Day
SunAug 18

National Ice Cream Pie Day – August 18, 2024

National Ice Cream Day is on August 18 every year! Surely you agree that few things are as relaxing, soothing, and pleasurable as eating ice cream. People used to merely put ice cream on their pies until, ultimately, they started making entire pies out of it. Ice cream pie takes something amazing and makes it even better — talk about overkill. This delicious treat comes in a plethora of delectable flavors that will make your head spin. Not to mention the variety of options you have in crusts. You can bring forth your creativity and create the ultimate ice cream pie recipe.

History of National Ice Cream Pie Day

Ice cream first appeared in Persia about 2,500 years ago. Those early versions used frozen sweetened water that had been smashed into little bits and topped with fruits and toppings. During the winter, ice was gathered from mountains and lakes and kept in ice huts. This method of ice cream making was progressively adopted by the Greek and Roman civilizations. Nobles and those who could afford to pay the costly process quickly became enamored with it.

Following the fall of the Roman Empire, organized ice transport came to a standstill, and ice cream production became even more expensive. It wasn’t until Europe left the Dark Ages behind that ice cream enjoyed a resurgence in Renaissance Italy.

During the 1300s and 1400s, Italy was a significant commerce center with Asia and the Middle East. This exposure to inventive dessert-making techniques soon extended throughout the rest of Europe. Ice cream had a difficult time gaining popularity. It was made possible by the marriage of Catherine de Medici, an Italian noblewoman, to the Duke of Orleans in 1553 France.

She took her eastern culture to continental Europe after moving to France to marry the Duke, afterward the King of France. Ice cream happened to be one of the lessons she imparted, and interest from nobles soon fueled its production, distribution, and popularity around the globe. After England and France, street sellers in North America began selling ice cream a few decades later. The industrial revolution aided in the resolution of the refrigeration problem.

A lasting solution came in 1926 in the form of electrical freezers. This meant mass production of ice cream was finally possible. The result was a dip in the price of this dessert, making it available to everyone. Ice cream continues to be a favorite everywhere in the world, with the United States being a major consumer of the delicious treat.

National Ice Cream Pie Day timeline

550 B.C.
The Earliest Record of Ice Cream Production

Early versions of what will become ice cream appear in ancient Persia.

Catherine de’ Medici Comes to France

The Italian noblewoman brings her eastern customs — including ice cream — to France when she marries the Duke de Orleans.

Ice Cream Cones are Introduced

The first ice cream cone is created at the World Fair in St. Louis.

Electrical Refrigerators Change the Game

Consistent refrigeration becomes possible with the introduction of electrical freezers.

National Ice Cream Pie Day FAQs

What makes ice cream so addictive?

As the sugar and fats melt on your tongue, pleasure centers in the brain fire up. You’ll soon be desiring that buzz all over again.

Can you die from brain freeze?

Brain freeze isn’t fatal, it’s just your body informing your brain about the rapid heat loss.

Is there dairy-free ice cream?

Yes, it’s called a sorbet. This dessert is made with fruits and sugar only. During multi-course meals, sorbet is often used as a palette cleanser due to its refreshing fruity flavor.

How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Pie Day

  1. Make or order one

    Make your own ice cream pie or purchase one. Remember, ice cream is delicious, but it's even better when shared with family and friends.

  2. Appreciate your favorite ice cream store

    Send an appreciation note to your favorite store or, if possible, make a donation. You can also help them by spreading the word about the company or posting on social media.

  3. Research new recipes

    Go online and look for fresh and unusual ways to make wonderful ice cream pies. Use a different crust or add more toppings. Let your imagination run wild!

5 Facts About Ice Cream That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. One scoop equals 50 licks

    On average, a scoop of ice cream will take about 50 licks to finish.

  2. Exotic commodity

    In the late 1700s, the vanilla ice cream flavor was rare and considered exotic.

  3. Always at arm's length

    Up to 90% of Americans have ice cream stored in their freezers.

  4. Giant cone

    The longest ice cream cone was made in Italy; it reached a mind-blowing 9 feet.

  5. Stranger things

    Bacon, avocado, licorice, garlic, Stilton cheese, and chili are among the strangest ice cream tastes available. That's some scary stuff.

Why We Love National Ice Cream Pie Day

  1. We get to enjoy its deliciousness

    Even if you don't need an excuse to indulge in a sweet delicacy, Ice Cream Pie Day provides one. Satisfy your twisted desires by indulging in the deliciousness of an ice cream pie.

  2. Endless flavor options

    Literally! Endless options for flavor, toppings, and even crust. Your imagination is your only enemy.

  3. It packs a mean punch!

    Ice cream not only contains vitamins, but it also provides the body with a lot of energy. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in this creamy fantasy treat give you that additional kick!

National Ice Cream Pie Day dates

2024August 18Sunday
2025August 18Monday
2026August 18Tuesday
2027August 18Wednesday
2028August 18Friday

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