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SunAug 18

Pinot Noir Day – August 18, 2024

Pinot Noir Day on August 18 is a fan favorite among wine connoisseurs. Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile and enjoyed derivatives of wine in the world. Originally grown in France, today, we can enjoy Pinot Noir grown and made from every corner of the globe. Its rich history is complemented by its rich flavors, making this a day all can enjoy.

History of Pinot Noir Day

Pinot Noir derives its name from the grape species from which it is made; it is derived from the French words meaning ‘pine’ and ‘black.’ As far back as the 1st century, Pinot Noir and its consumption can be found in the regions of Burgundy, France. Today, the grape species can be found all over the world, its roots in French history are an important part of the history of Europe and the culture of wine today.

When invading Romans arrived in Ghaul they were impressed by the rich quality, texture, and unique flavors of ripe red fruit, cherries, toast, and spices. The grape, mostly grown in the Burgundy region of France, became a coveted item to the Romans for more than 300 years. When the Romans established vineyards and began to farm the grape commercially, it soon became the wine of choice among the nobility and was soon the grape of choice grown by the Catholic Church, harvested, and used in religious settings.

The favored grape species and wine, Pinot Noir, became a mainstay wine for the Catholic Church for centuries to come. Pinot Noir vineyards owned by the Catholic Church remained under the control of the Catholic Church, in France, until the French Revolution in 1789, which brought an end to the aristocratic-only access to the wine. The grape has been exported far and wide, however, it is an extremely difficult grape to cultivate successfully, conditions have to be perfect, and while there is a population of Pinot Noir grapes grown on every continent in the world, the French variant seems to attract the most prestige and admiration.

Pinot Noir Day timeline

Cistercian Monks enjoy backbreaking labor

Cisterian Monks become the authority on Christendom, their religious position expresses that hard labor placed one as close to God as possible, and thus, they begin growing and cultivating Pinot Noir on the rocky slopes of Burgundy.

Gammy Gets the Ban

A popular French grape and wine in Burgundy are outlawed in the region by Duke Phillipe without any competition, and a demand for good wine makes Pinot Noir the most popular wine among the locals.

Pinot Noir Arrives in the Americas

Spanish Padres from Mexico bring the first variant of Pinot Noir to California.


The film, “Sideways,” does well at the Box Office and inadvertently makes Pinot Noir popular thanks to strong, positive references to the French wine.

Pinot Noir Day FAQs

What’s the correct way to serve Pinot Noir?

Straight from the bottle, let it chill slightly.

Is there a specific glass I should use?

For the connoisseur, definitely. A red wine glass with a large bowl shape offers the best space to observe the wine in its entirety.

Is wine good for you?

There have been countless studies and the consensus is that in moderation, and without excess, wine can be good for you under the right circumstances.

Pinot Noir Day Activities

  1. Have a glass of Pinot Noir

    Pour yourself a healthy glass, this is the way to start. Sit back, savor and relax.

  2. Host a wine tasting

    A great way to have friends over, we suggest that each person brings a different bottle of their favorite wine, and that way, you can “taste” all night long. Pinot Noir pairs well with grilled salmon or tuna.

  3. Give a bottle as a gift

    Remind someone special that they are important to you. Let them celebrate today however they choose to, but make sure you buy a great bottle of Pinot Noir for them.

5 Things About Pinot Noir That You Might Not Know

  1. There are many variants

    Today, over 40 variants of Pinot Noir exist, globally.

  2. The Pope wouldn’t return home to Italy

    Pope Urban V refused to return to Rome in the Middle Ages, where you just couldn’t get the wine of the same quality as that found in Burgundy.

  3. It can’t take the heat

    Pinot Noir grows comfortably in cooler climates — the grape is “overcooked” when its thin skin is exposed to too much heat and sun.

  4. France grows the most

    Throughout the entire world, France has the most hectares of Pinot Noir Vineyards — 29,738 hectares.

  5. It’s known as the “heartbreak grape”

    Yes, it has been popularly referred to as such, but not for the reason that you may think. Sure many people have turned to a good pinot during a breakup, but it's actually because of how difficult it is to harvest a successful crop, leaving many vintners heartbroken because of a failed yield.

Why We Love Pinot Noir Day

  1. Its wine, and good wine too

    Who could turn down a valid reason to enjoy a great glass of wine on a day like today? We can’t, that’s for sure.

  2. It’s a great reason to absorb antioxidants

    Antioxidants are great for you, and Pinot Noir is jam-packed with them. A single glass has been proven to provide you with a much-needed supply of antioxidants.

  3. It brings history and culture into your life

    Wine culture is strange and peculiar when looked at by an outside observer. Today gives everyone a chance to enjoy a good bottle of wine, regardless of how astute they may be in the world of fine wine.

Pinot Noir Day dates

2024August 18Sunday
2025August 18Monday
2026August 18Tuesday
2027August 18Wednesday
2028August 18Friday

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