National Burrito Day – April 2, 2020

Thu Apr 2

Would you rather change genders every time you sneezed, or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a burrito? That’s only one of the questions we ask ourselves on April 2, along with “Do burritos have rice or no rice?” and “Do we want black or pinto beans?” or even “Should I pay the extra money for guac?” Yes, friends, that’s right, it’s our favorite day of the year today: National Burrito Day! So celebrate with us by grabbing two burritos and double-fisting (or, if you’re not champions like us, you can just eat one. We understand).

National Burrito Day Activities

  1. Host a party

    Everyone loves an excuse to get together with their friends, and we’re giving you one today. Host a burrito party so you can rejoice in nature’s greatest creation with your closest buddies! But, to prevent full-blown fights from breaking out at your party, set up your party in the form of a burrito bar. Provide tortillas and a range of different fillings, so everyone can have their burrito and eat it too (see what we did there?)

  2. Go on a burrito tour

    You know how your coworkers are always bragging about the bar crawl they went on over the weekend? One-up them all by going on a burrito crawl around your city. How many restaurants can you go to in one night? The possibilities are endless, and the only limit to your tour is your stomach. (Don’t hurt yourself though. You need to live to see next year’s Burrito Day.)

  3. Hit up your local family restaurant

    Everyone has a favorite Mexican restaurant that they’re intensely loyal to  — and no, Chipotle doesn’t count. Pay your favorite restaurant a visit, and order the food of the gods. You’ll be doing something kind for local business, and also for your stomach. It’s a win-win. High-fives all around!

Why We Love National Burrito Day

  1. It inspires arguments like no other day

    Ask around your office, and we guarantee you everyone has an opinion on the perfect burrito. Are California burritos — burritos with french fries in them — gross, or delicious? (We say gross, and you cannot convince us otherwise.) Should burritos have rice, or is rice a bland addition that takes away all the burrito’s flavor? Are vegetarian burritos even worth eating? Ask some provocative questions, and let the angry opinions flow. It’s dinner and a show!

  2. It’s a universally appealing food

    Have you ever stopped to think about what exactly burritos are? They’re basically all your favorite foods wrapped up in a carby blanket. We hear you, everyone has different favorite foods. But that’s what makes the burrito so great — it’s infinitely customizable. Burritos are the great uniter: we might not agree on what goes in there, but we can all agree that they’re delicious.

  3. No forks are required — need we say more?

    Personally, we love any food where we can ditch the silverware and stuff our faces. Who needs to look dignified when there’s a cheesy, meaty, guacamole-y burrito waiting to get in your stomach? Silverware just slows down the eating process, so we’re all for any socially acceptable occasion to throw it away. Plus, when you don’t use silverware, you have to wash less dishes. Burritos: ending the drought, one delicious bite at a time.