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David John McDonald, now known as David Tennant, was born on April 18, 1971, in West Lothian, Scotland. His passion for the performing arts started at a young age, and so did his love for “Doctor Who,” a show in which he would later participate. His first love may have been the stage, but that didn’t stop him from finding success in movies and television. He could be the master of the science fiction universe, having participated in projects that include “Doctor Who,” “Harry Potter,” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Participating in numerous animated projects has made his voice a fan favorite. Come celebrate with us this versatile actor’s special day by learning more about this Scottish legend.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

David John McDonald


David Tennat

Birth date:

April 18, 1971



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$7 million

David's Social Media:


Almost three decades of work have made David Tennant a household name in acting, with multiple awards to support his legacy. Tennant was born David John McDonald but later legally changed his surname. He had always enjoyed watching television as a child, which is why, even before he began acting professionally, he became rather hooked with the series “Doctor Who.” He always had a passion for the arts by performing in school plays up until his higher education years. He was still a student when he made his television debut in the series, “Dramarama.” After graduating, he joined a Scottish political theater group and toured with them.

He worked as a guest star in various T.V. shows. This went on until 2005 when he was cast as as the 10th Doctor in the acclaimed science fiction series, “Doctor Who.” This was a career changer for Tennant and he played that role for five years, receiving positive reviews and even a B.A.F.T.A. award. He also gained a huge following for the show and his character. However, that wasn’t his only noteworthy role. He went on to have a role in the fourth “Harry Potter” film as Barty Crouch Jr. His participation in the science fiction universe didn’t stop there. In 2015, he was cast in the Marvel series, “Jessica Jones.”

Along with his acting success, he has worked in various voicing roles for animated films and television shows, for which he won an Emmy. He also continued to do theater. In fact, for his portrayal in “Lobby Hero,” he went on to be nominated for an ‘Oliver Award for Best Actor.’ Currently, he is happily married and continues to work in the acting industry doing what he loves most.

Career timeline

The Television Debut

Tennant plays the main character, named Charlie, in the local show, “Takin’ Over the Asylum.”

The Role of 10th ‘Doctor’

Following the departure of Christopher Eccleston, Tennant joins the “Doctor Who” universe in the episode, “The Parting of Ways.”

The Theater Accolade for “Hamlet”

For his role as Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tennant wins a ‘Critics’ Circle Theater Award.’

The Voice Actor Debut

Tennant begins working as a voice actor in projects such as “How to Train Your Dragon” and “The Clone Wars,” where he wins an Emmy Award.

The First Role in Netflix

Tennant plays the role of Kilgrave in the Netflix original, “Jessica Jones,” which is also his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why We Love David Tennant

  1. He is amazing to his fans

    Tennant has stated that he likes spending time with his fans. In online forums, it can be confirmed that he is loved because he is said to be very nice.

  2. He is passionate about politics

    He is not afraid to speak about his views and his principles. He participates in what he believes is best for his family and his community.

  3. He does a lot of charity work

    He has donated to several charities, like Comic Relief and the Association for International Cancer Research. He supports causes including addiction, bullying, and the environment.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His father-in-law was a ‘Doctor’

    His father-in-law, Peter Davison, was the fifth ‘Doctor’ and his mother-in-law was also in the sci-fi world, appearing in “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.”

  2. He’s had a childhood obsession

    When he was younger, Tennant would sometimes get into trouble at school because the essays he would write were all about “Doctor Who.”

  3. He named himself after Pet Shop Boys

    He couldn’t think of the last name for his actor persona, so he decided to go with ‘Tennant’ after one of the Pet Shop Boys members.

  4. He is not fond of interviews

    Tennant has said he doesn’t like giving interviews, he does, however, appear in a few and participate in panels.

  5. He appeared on a postage stamp

    As a commemoration of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 50th anniversary, Tennant’s image was used on one of the stamp designs.

David Tennant FAQs

Why did David Tennant stop being the ‘Doctor’?

He stated that he was ready to move on at the time, trying not to cling to the character forever. His season had already been a hit, and it was the right time to retire from the show.

Is David Tennant a vegetarian?

He doesn’t define himself as a vegetarian, but he has mentioned that he’s ‘more vegetarian than he used to be.’

Does David Tennant have a sister?

Yes, he has a sister named Karen McDonald. He also has a brother named Blair.

David Tennant’s birthday dates

2025April 18Friday
2026April 18Saturday
2027April 18Sunday
2028April 18Tuesday
2029April 18Wednesday

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