Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner, born on April 17, 1972, is a famous American actress. She was raised in Charleston, West Virginia, the birthplace of a prominent character she once portrayed in the series “Alias.” She starred in “13 Going On 30” and Marvel movies such as “Daredevil” (2003) and “Elektra” (2005). Let’s celebrate her special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jennifer Anne Garner

Birth date:

April 17, 1972



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$80 million

Jennifer's Social Media:


Jennifer Garner was born on April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas but was raised in Charleston, West Virginia. Her father, William John Garner, was a chemical engineer for Union Carbide. Her mother Patricia Ann taught at a local college. Wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps, she graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. But because she wanted to pursue her dream as an actress, she moved to New York to try her luck in the movies. She worked at a restaurant while appearing in Broadway plays. She had a cameo role in the series “Felicity.” (It was on this show that she met her first husband Scott Foley.) She got her big break in the action thriller “Alias.”

Garner’s first lead role was in the widely praised romantic comedy “13 Going on 30.” She played a teenager who found herself trapped in the body of a 30-year-old. Garner chose Gary Winick to direct the film; they continued to look for other projects together until his death in 2011.

In 2009, Garner was named an artist ambassador for Save the Children U.S.A. The role includes promoting national literacy, nutrition, and early education. Since 2014, Garner has been a member of the board of trustees of this organization, pushing for early childhood education. As an ambassador, she frequently visits with families involved in the organization’s Early Steps to School Success program, which coaches families on how to help young children learn. In 2014, she signed up with Invest in Us, an early childhood education initiative. In 2015, she appeared in “A Path Appears,” a PBS documentary about rural poverty in West Virginia. She is divorced from Folley and then from actor Ben Affleck to whom she was married for 10 years. She and Affleck have three children.

Career timeline

Garner’s First Movie

She makes her film debut in "Zoya" portraying a young Russian countess who escapes the 1917 revolution and starts a new life in America.

Her Big Break

She appears in the action thriller “Alias,” which airs for five years.

Her First Leading Role

She plays the main character Jenna Rink in “13 Going On 30.”

Her Acting Award

She wins the ‘Favorite Female Action Star’ award at the People's Choice Awards.

Her Voice in an Animated Film

She voices a caring and fun mother of a girl named June in the animated movie "Wonder Park" about an abandoned amusement park where the latter’s imagination comes alive.

Her Netflix Movie

She stars in the Netflix comedy film "Yes Day."

Why We Love Jennifer Garner

  1. She fights for children's rights

    She is a big advocate for the privacy of famous children. She was one of the celebrities who helped pass a bill in 2013 that would protect these children from being harassed by the paparazzi.

  2. She's a kind soul

    She has been named an artist ambassador and trustee for Save the Children. In 2017, she traveled to Texas (where she was born) to help many kids and their families who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. Such a kind and compassionate soul!

  3. She loves to cook

    She's not shy about sharing her favorite recipes on social media. Incidentally, she regularly hosts what she calls "A Pretend Cooking Show" featuring her favorite recipes for fans to enjoy.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She can play the sax

    She plays the saxophone; she even made a video playing the instrument to wish actress Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday.

  2. She loved dancing as a child

    She loved dancing so much and was so good at it that she devoted nine years to learning ballet.

  3. She gets into her character

    To prepare for her role in “13 Going on 30” in 2004, she had a sleep-over party with 13-year-olds.

  4. She works hard

    While filming “Daredevil,” Jennifer worked seven days for several weeks, spent Monday to Friday in Los Angeles filming “Alias,” and then flew to New York on weekends to shoot more scenes for “Daredevil.”

  5. She knows martial arts

    Before filming "Alias," Garner learned martial arts and taekwondo and did many of the action sequences herself.

Jennifer Garner FAQs

How old was Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30”?

Garner was 32 then.

What does Jennifer Garner do for exercise?

Garner works out with trainer Beth Nicely doing incredibly coordinated box jumps and box squats set to music.

What cookbooks does Jennifer Garner use?

Garner uses the “Barefoot Contessa” cookbooks authored by Ina Garten.

Jennifer Garner’s birthday dates

2025April 17Thursday
2026April 17Friday
2027April 17Saturday
2028April 17Monday
2029April 17Tuesday

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