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Poet in a Cupcake Day – April 11, 2025

Poet in a Cupcake Day is celebrated annually on the Friday of the first full week in April and takes place on April 11 this year. This occasion is the capstone of the Take Your Poet to School Week, where each day of the week has a designated theme and certain activities are done to show appreciation for poets. Poet in a Cupcake Day is an opportunity to make delicious cupcakes decorated with lines from your favorite poets.

History of Poet in a Cupcake Day

Poet in a Cupcake Day was founded in April 2018, by Tweetspeak, which was initially a poetry community that frequently hosted poetry parties where people could attend, write and submit poetry on Twitter or to their blog website. These parties grew quite quickly, gaining attention and new members.

Tweetspeak originally started as a small group of friends on Twitter who loved writing and sharing their poetry online. On October 3, 2009, they formally launched Tweetspeak to keep pace with their poetry archives and party activities. A software developer called Eric Swalberg built their first site and they started to observe significant growth and more social media following.

In March 2012, Tweetspeak was obtained by T. S. Poetry Press, a publishing company that publishes poetry and other forms of literature. On June 8, in the same year, a T.S poetry Press title was named one of Oprah’s Best Summer Reads. On January 15, 2013, Tweetspeak launched its first annual Poetry at Work Day and was featured at Huffpo’s Austengaza. On July 2, 2013, Tweetspeak issued the first of many ‘poetry dares’ inviting reluctant readers into the gifts of poetry, which got quite a reception from the public.

On July 16, 2013, poets stormed workplaces around the world with the first Take Your Poet to Work Day. It was featured in the “Paris Review” and “New York Observer.” In April 2018, our beloved poets made a move to the school year with Take your poet to school week, capping off on Poet in a Cupcake Day.

Poet in a Cupcake Day timeline

Tweetspeak Becomes Official

Four friends Glynn Young, Jim Wood, Jim Wood, Eric Swalberg, and L.L. Barkat, officially launch the poetry party called Tweetspeak.

T. S. Poetry Press Acquires Tweetspeak

T. S. Poetry Press is a publishing company that publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

Tweetspeak Launches Poetry at Work Day

Tweetspeak launches its first annual poetry at Work Day.

Tweetspeak Launches Poet in a Cupcake Day

Through the efforts of Tweetspeak, Poet in a Cupcake Day launches as part of the poetry event week.

Poet in a Cupcake Day FAQs

What is blackout poetry?

Blackout poetry is when you take a written piece of text from a book, newspaper, or magazine and redact words, to come up with your very own poetry.

What is Tweetspeak?

Tweetspeak Poetry is a poetry community committed to nurturing literary writers.

Who is a poet?

A poet is a person who creates literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of a unique style and rhythm.

Poet in a Cupcake Day Activities

  1. Bake and decorate some cupcakes

    Bake a pan full of delicious cupcakes. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles and top it up with a poet sticker on a popsicle stick or toothpick. You can also draw your own pictures and color them.

  2. Share your cupcakes with friends and colleagues

    You can take decorated treats to school or work and share them with all your friends or colleagues. You can also share pictures of your cupcakes on social media.

  3. Decorate a cut ‘n color cupcake

    If you’re short on baking time or looking for a healthier option, you can download and print cut ‘n color cupcake patterns and decorate with crayons, magic markers, or paint with glitter. You can also scribble a line of poetry on colored cardboard and attach it to it.

5 Types Of Poetry

  1. Blank verse

    Blank verse is poetry written with a precise meter — almost always iambic pentameter — that does not rhyme.

  2. Rhyming poetry

    In contrast to blank verse, rhymed poems rhyme by definition, although their scheme varies

  3. Epics

    An epic poem is a lengthy, narrative work of poetry — these long poems typically detail extraordinary feats and adventures of characters from the distant past.

  4. Sonnets

    A sonnet is a 14-line poem, typically (but not exclusively) concerning the topic of love, and contains internal rhymes within their 14 lines; the exact rhyme scheme depends on the style of a sonnet.

  5. Narrative poetry

    Similar to an epic, a narrative poem tells a story.

Why We Love Poet in a Cupcake Day

  1. An opportunity to honor our poets

    We get to honor our poets and revive the oral traditions of poetry recitals. We also promote the reading, writing, and teaching of poetry.

  2. Linguistic diversity through poetic expression is encouraged

    We get to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression. In doing so, we help increase the chance for endangered languages to be heard.

  3. It raises the visibility of poetry in the media

    By celebrating Poet in a Cupcake Day, we help bring about the convergence between poetry and other arts such as baking and painting. This helps to raise the visibility of poetry in the media.

Poet in a Cupcake Day dates

2022April 8Friday
2023April 7Friday
2024April 5Friday
2025April 11Friday
2026April 10Friday

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