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ThuApr 10

Golfer’s Day – April 10, 2025

Golfer’s Day is celebrated every year on April 10 to celebrate not just the game of golf but also the people who play and enjoy it. A possible source of origin of the word golf can be the Dutch word ‘kolf,’ which is a kind of stick or club, or it can be the Scottish word ‘goulf,’ which means to strike or cuff. From whichever word it might have originated from, Golfer’s Day is best celebrated by playing with your loved ones and spreading the joy of the game.

History of Golfer’s Day

Golf originated in Scotland from a game played close to the royal capital of Edinburg. The earliest form of golf used to be played by hitting a pebble over dunes around tracks. King James IV of Scotland became the world’s first golfing monarch, and the popularity of the game soared throughout the 16 Century. The game reached England through King Charles I, and Mary Queen of Scots introduced the game to France when she studied there. The first international golf match was hosted at Leith near Edinburgh in 1682, and the Duke of York and George Patterson represented Scotland and beat two English noblemen.

After the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith formed the first club in 1744 and set up an annual competition, then golf officially became a sport. Rules were drafted by Duncan Forbes, which are still somewhat followed. In 1764, the first-ever 18-hole course was constructed at St Andrews, which established the standard for the game. The club was honored by King William IV in 1834 with the title of ‘Royal & Ancient.’ As the British Empire expanded, so did golf. The first golf club outside Britain was in Bangalore, India in 1870, which was followed by Royal Montreal, Cape Town in 1885, and St Andrew’s of New York in 1888.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) was established in 1894, and by 1900 more than 1,000 golf clubs were formed throughout the U.S. The U.S. quickly became the center of the professional game.

Golfer’s Day timeline

16th Century
The First Monarch to Play Golf

The popularity of golf soars to new heights after King James IV of Scotland becomes the world’s first golfing monarch.

Golf Officially Becomes a Sport

After Gentlemen Golfers of Leith forms the first golfing club, it becomes officially recognized as a sport.

The First Ever 18-hole Course is Constructed

At Andrews, the first-ever 18-hole course is constructed and establishes itself as the standard for the game.

The United States Golf Association is Formed

The United States Golf Association (USGA) is established, and by 1900 more than 1,000 golf clubs are formed throughout the U.S.

Golfer’s Day FAQs

What do you call someone who plays golf?

A golfer is the term used to describe someone who plays golf.

Why do golfers yell mashed potatoes?

The trend started after Andrew Widmar used the phrase to signal to his mother that he was there during an event.

What is P.G.A. Tour?

It is the body that organizes male professional golf tours in the U.S. and North America.

Golfer’s Day Activities

  1. Teach the sport the someone

    Introduce this beautiful sport to someone and pass on your knowledge. Spread the beautification of the sport.

  2. Hit the links

    Play a few shots yourself and enjoy the day. The best way to celebrate the day is by playing the sport, preferably with a few friends.

  3. Buy new equipment

    It is time to buy more golf equipment and splurge a little. This day is the best occasion for you to let loose a little. Pass down your old gear to new golfers to spread the love.

5 Incredible Facts About Golf

  1. Golf was once banned

    Golf was banned three times in Scotland between 1457 and 1744 because it interfered with military training.

  2. The first round of women’s golf

    The first round was played in Musselburgh, Scotland, and the first women’s club was developed in 1867.

  3. Chances of making a hole-in-one

    Chances of making a hole-in-one are so low that even professional golfers can go their whole career without making one.

  4. The first golf balls

    During the initial days of the sport, golf balls were made by wetting feathers and wrapping them around the leather.

  5. Under 18 golfers and the handicap

    Though professional golfers play to handicaps of four and six, most golfers are not this gifted and will not play a handicap under 18.

Why We Love Golfer’s Day

  1. It celebrates a great game

    This day celebrates golf and everything it stands for. People play this sport to enjoy the day out surrounded by the greens and to zone out and enjoy the moment.

  2. It celebrates the beauty of the sport

    We don’t just celebrate the day but also the people who play this sport. This day is to celebrate all those people who changed the sport forever.

  3. It unites people

    The day unites people as it brings everyone together for a game of golf. People come together to enjoy this sport.

Golfer’s Day dates

2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday
2027April 10Saturday
2028April 10Monday
2029April 10Tuesday

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