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ThuApr 10

National Nana Day – April 10, 2025

We are celebrating National Nana Day on April 10. It is an annual celebration dedicated to everyone with the name Nana. Nana is a relatively gender-neutral name. The name is simple and easy and has roots in various cultures. In most cases, the meaning is related to ‘grace’ and ‘spring season.’ Nana is currently one of the most popular girl names, but the name has been used for both males and females in some cultures. This is a day for people with the name Nana to come forward and participate in activities that connect people with the common name.

History of National Nana Day

National Nana Day is an occasion for every person with the name Nana to celebrate. When we hear the name Nana, the first thing that comes to our mind might be our nanny. But these two words do not share much meaning. We do not exactly know the origin of the name. However, we do know that various cultures developed the name individually.

Nana means a different thing in different places. The name is popular in various regions of Asia, Africa, and America. While it is a boy’s name in some countries, it is a girl’s name in others. In other places, it is a unisex name. The meaning of the name also changes over time. In general discussions, Nana means ‘grace’ in Spanish, Hebrew, and all over the U.S. Nana as a girl’s name has a Hawaiian origin referring to a spring month and the name of a star. The Spanish Nana can also be a pet form of Ana. In Ghana, among the Akan people, particularly the Akyem, Ashanti, and Akuapim peoples, Nana is used as the title of a monarch to signify their status.

The number of people with the name Nana is increasing nowadays. The name started to gain popularity in the fourth century. During the fourth century, Nana of Iberia became the Georgian queen. She is the first Nana with historical significance. After that, the name only started gaining in popularity. Perhaps the best-known person in the U.S. to first use the name was film actress Nana Bryant. She lived between 1888 and 1955. Nana Visitor was another American actress with the name. She was born in 1957.

National Nana Day timeline

293 — 361 A.D.
The Queen Who Spread the Gospel

Nana, the Queen of Iberia, takes the lead in spreading Christianity in Georgia.

The Great Revolt of 1857

Nana Sahib leads the rebellion in Kanpur during the Great Revolt of 1857.

The Birth of an Outstanding Actress

Nana Bryant, an American film and television actress who appeared in more than 100 films, is born.

The International Chess Master

Nana Alexandria, a Georgian chess player, is awarded the Women's International Master title.

National Nana Day FAQs

What does Nana mean in Italian?

The term Nana means ‘grandmother’, as it is in other many languages.

What is the name Nana short for?

Nana is most often used for girls as a short form of Anna or Nancy.

What does Nana mean in India?

Nana in Marathi — an Indian language — means grandfather from the mother’s side.

National Nana Day Activities

  1. Send your glad tidings to a Nana

    If you have a person named Nana on your contact list, reach out to them. Wish them a happy National Nana Day and explain the day to them.

  2. Buy a gift

    A message accompanied by a gift can mean a lot. Send out something that has sentimental value to the Nana in your life.

  3. Arrange a party for all the Nanas

    Throw a party for all the Nanas on your contact list. Invite your friends and ask them to bring a Nana that they know.

5 Facts About Nana That You Should Know

  1. Nana in Telugu

    The meaning of the word ‘Nana’ in the Telugu language is ‘father.’

  2. Nana in Georgia

    Nana is the fifth most popular girl name in Georgia.

  3. Nana in Ghana

    Nana means monarch among certain tribes of Ghana.

  4. Feminine or Masculine

    Nana is a feminine name in Japan, Georgia, and Greece — whereas it is a masculine name in India and Ethiopia.

  5. Nana as grandmother

    In English, the word Nana also means grandmother.

Why We Love National Nana Day

  1. It gives us a chance to learn about Nana

    Nana is a very old name. Learn all the myths and folklore behind the name Nana.

  2. We can meet a Nana

    This is the perfect day to meet a Nana. You could end up making a new friend.

  3. Historical origin of the name

    A day for Nana means a day to understand the origin of the name. We love to make people curious and help them learn new things every day.

National Nana Day dates

2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday
2027April 10Saturday
2028April 10Monday
2029April 10Tuesday

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