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SunApr 13

National Theresa Day – April 13, 2025

National Theresa Day is observed annually on April 13. Theresa is a female name of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese origins. In 1950, Theresa was number 65 among the most popular female names in the U.S. 1956 was a good year for the name as it moved to number 32 before dropping all the way to number 226 in 1992 and then to 852 by 2008. On the other hand, Terese ranked as high as 18 between 1961 and 1963, though it dropped to 719 in recent times.

History of National Theresa Day

Theresa is a female name of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese origins. In Greek, the name possesses several meanings, the first of which is ‘from the island of Therassia,’ or ‘inhabitant of Thera,’ Thera, Thira, Therassia, or Thirassia being a Greek island now known as Santorini. Another possible meaning is ‘huntress’ or ‘hunter.’ However, it has been widely accepted that the name means ‘late summer’ in ancient Greek. The Spanish variation of the name spelled ‘Teresa’ originated from the name ‘Therasia.’

One of the earliest records of the name is traceable to the wife of Saint Paulinus of Nola during the fourth century. The name was confined to Spain and Portugal between the Middle Ages and the 16th century. It eventually spread to the other parts of the world thanks to the fame of Spanish nun Saint Teresa of Avila. Another famous woman who bore the name was the Austrian Queen Maria Teresa who inherited the domains of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, her father. The French variation of the name, ‘Therese,’ received the limelight during the 19th century thanks to the life of Saint Therese of Lisieux, who wrote a touching account of her life titled “The Story of A Soul,” which makes her one of the most famous saints of modern times.

National Theresa Day timeline

381 A.D.
The Earliest Record of the Name

Saint Paulinus of Nola lived during the third century and his wife was called Therasia.

Saint Teresa is Born

Saint Teresa of Avila is born in Avila, Spain.

16th Century
Teresa's Popularity Spreads

The name’s popularity spreads to other parts of the Christian world.

Theresa Ranks High in the U.S.

Theresa shows up as number 32 among the most popular girl names in the U.S.

National Theresa Day FAQs

In which country is Theresa most common?

Theresa is the most common name in the U.S.

What are the anagrams of Theresa?

Anagrams of the name ‘Theresa’ include Esthera, Teresah, Teresha, and Treesha.

When was Mother Teresa canonized?

On September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa was declared a saint in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

National Theresa Day Activities

  1. Go on a "treasure hunt"

    Go on a little "treasure hunt" by finding all the famous women who bear the name Theresa. We've already shortlisted a few in our "Facts" section. You can enjoy this game with your friends and family.

  2. Celebrate Theresa

    Know anyone named Theresa or a variation of the name? Celebrate this fun day by letting them know how special they are.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Spread the word about National Theresa Day. Share this article on social media and use the hashtags #theresa and #nationaltheresaday.

5 Famous People Named Theresa

  1. Mother Teresa

    Born in 1910 as Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, she is canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta by the Catholic Church.

  2. Infanta Maria Teresa

    Born in 1793, Infanta Maria Terese of Braganza was once heir presumptive to the throne of Portugal as the first child of John VI of Portugal and Carlota Joaquina of Spain.

  3. Theresa May

    Born on October 1, 1956, May served as Prime Minister of the U.K. from 2016 to 2019.

  4. Teresa Aquino-Oreta

    Born on June 28, 1994, "Tessie" Aquino-Oreta served as the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture in the Philippines.

  5. Teresa Bellanova

    Born on August 17, 1958, Bellanova served as Italy's Minister of Agriculture from 2019 to 2021.

Why We Love National Theresa Day

  1. Theresa is a lovely name

    From its spelling to its pronunciation, the name Theresa is feminine and sleek. It has extraordinary elegance, and we can't deny its appeal.

  2. Theresa has mixed origins

    Another unique aspect of the name is its origins are steeped in more than one culture. Spain, Greece, and Portugal have claimed that the name is rare and unique.

  3. Theresa has several meanings

    Unlike names confined to only one interpretation, Theresa is a name with more than one meaning. Depending on whatever interpretation you love, Theresa is a beautiful name for a girl.

National Theresa Day dates

2025April 13Sunday
2026April 13Monday
2027April 13Tuesday
2028April 13Thursday
2029April 13Friday

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