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SatApr 6

National Robert Day – April 6, 2024

National Robert Day falls on April 6 and is celebrated worldwide to honor the Roberts. Robert, one of the most common names of the past millennia, is an ancient German name. The name has evolved from the term ‘Hrodebert,’ which translates to ‘fame’ and ‘bright.’ Prevalent both as a first name and a surname, Robert and its versions, Roberta, Roberto, and Rupert, continue to grace the identities of millions of boys and men around the world. National Robert Day illuminates the deep meaning behind the name and its prominence in our collective history.

History of National Robert Day

Robert is an ancient Germanic name derived from the term ‘Hrodebert,’ which consists of two elements — ‘Hrod,’ meaning ‘fame,’ and ‘Beraht,’ meaning ‘bright.’ Robert has historically been conferred upon persons destined for renown and recognition. It was introduced to the British people following the Norman Conquest.

The name gained rapid popularity and recognition after the English embraced it. Throughout the Middle Ages, several kings and nobles shared the name Robert, which added to its European prominence. Soon enough, it climbed the charts and became one of the most common names for boys in Europe — a trend that has since endured. It was also during this time that Robert or Roberts was embraced as a surname by the Americans. The charm and royalty of the name infatuated many parents in the early 20th century, placing it at the first position in the list of Most Popular Male Names in the U.S.

Most of us have a distinct uncle or a cousin by the moniker of Robert. Peers? Not so much. The usage of Robert has been in a steep decline since the ‘70s and now ranks 80th in the list of Most Popular Male Names in the U.S. From Scottish emperor Robert the Bruce to Hollywood legend Robert De Niro, the name itself is an epic status symbol. But hey! Don’t let the grandiosity of the name deter you from celebrating your acquaintances who share it because National Robert Day celebrates all the Roberts of the world.

National Robert Day timeline

The Robert Sway

Robert ranks at the 10th position in the chart of Most Popular Male Names in the U.S.

Robert Climbs the Charts

Robert becomes the most popular male name in the U.S.

The Hollywood Knocks

Robert Di Nero is born to Hollywood actor Robert De Niro Sr.

The Final Stretch

Robert ranks 94th in the chart of the Most Popular Male Names in the U.S.

National Robert Day FAQs

What did Robert the Bruce accomplish?

Bruce is credited for defeating the English forces in the Battle of Bannockburn and taking Scotland to independence in 1328.

Is Robert a common name in the U.S.?

Robert is not as common in the U.S. as in Great Britain.

Is Robby a good nickname for Robert?

Bob and Bobby are solid nicknames for Robert. However, Robby is also a great term of endearment.

National Robert Day Activities

  1. Appreciate the German culture

    On National Robert Day, we honor and uplift Germany’s cultural influence on the world. The celebration of the name brings our attention to other notable German monikers such as Ella, Amelia, and Sophia. The prominence of these names proves that the German culture is diverse, and its presence in the English-speaking world is irrevocable.

  2. Host a brunch

    Robert is a beautiful ancient German name, which translates to ‘bright fame.’ As we gather around to celebrate this royal name, we deserve to get some royal treatment as well. National Robert Day is a great excuse to ring up your best friends and invite them over for an afternoon of delightful food and bottomless mimosas.

  3. Have a ‘Robert’ marathon

    Almost every generation has had an admirable actor by the name of Robert — and there are plenty of movies to go around. On April 6, indulge yourself in a day filled with the mastery of Roberts around us. Blockbusters like “Batman,” “Goodfellas,” and “Iron Man” make for a pretty good list for a marathon.

5 Most Consequential Roberts Throughout History

  1. Robert the Bruce

    He was an outlaw, freedom fighter, and Scotland's chosen king.

  2. Robert E. Lee

    He was a seasoned combatant, a southern hero, and America's most revered Confederate commander.

  3. Robert F. Kennedy

    He was a democratic leader, attorney general, and the closest advisor to President John F. Kennedy.

  4. Robert Frost

    He was a ‘Pulitzer Prize’-winner, poet laureate, and the leading crusader of American colloquial speech.

  5. Robert Di Nero

    He is a formative actor, activist, and one of the highest-grossing stars in Hollywood.

Why We Love National Robert Day

  1. Roberts are worth the appluase

    Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., and Robert Di Nero make a strong case that people carrying the name Robert are worth all the celebration. On April 6, we uplift everyone who shares the name and remind them that they are in great company.

  2. Roberts are balanced and steady

    If you’re lucky enough to have a Robert in your life, chances are you can count on them for anything and everything. Personality experts suggest that a Robert namesake is a sturdy and balanced individual with immense potential.

  3. It’s a royal name

    Countless monarchs, princes, and other royal family members have shared the name. Robert is a classic royal name that’s existed in the monarchy for millennia. Even "Game of Thrones" couldn't resist utilizing the moniker to portray royalty's treasures and beauty. On National Robert Day, we invite the Roberts around us to search through history for their favorite Robert.

National Robert Day dates

2024April 6Saturday
2025April 6Sunday
2026April 6Monday
2027April 6Tuesday
2028April 6Thursday

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