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SunApr 6

National Taylor Day – April 6, 2025

National Taylor Day is celebrated on April 6 every year. We honor and uplift Taylors around us and make them feel seen and respected on this day. Taylor is a stunning two-syllable gender-neutral name opted for by parents in the western world. It is the 33rd most popular unisex name in the U.S. Taylors are natural leaders who thrive in a challenging environment. Balancing solitude and social engagement in perfect symmetry, a Taylor namesake loves to meet new people but also values time alone.

History of National Taylor Day

Taylor is a well-liked unisex name in the English-speaking world. The name, which has British origins, was first used as a surname for approximately 1,000 years before becoming a common first name. Taylor is believed to be the anglicized form of the prestigious German surname ‘Schneider.’ The name, which was a surname derived from the Catalan word ‘tauler,’ which means ‘the cutting board,’ enjoyed decades of importance in Britain. Taylor derives from the term ‘tailor,’ a French word initially written as ‘tailleur’ in an earlier language.

The name is thought to have crossed the Atlantic in the late 1900s, quickly ascending the charts in the following centuries, culminating at number six in 1995. It presently ranked 192nd after a slight decline in popularity in 2009. However, there are now 40,000 Taylors residing in the U.S. Taylor Swift is one of the most well-known pop performers of all time and a worldwide phenomenon.

Taylor continues to chart astronomically high in Wales, Scotland, and England. It ranks in the top 10 surnames in both the U.K. and England. History has graced us with some pretty significant Taylors. Legends like Taylor Dent and Elizabeth Taylor added bounties of grace to the name and carried it for decades. Despite being the fourth most popular last name in the U.K., you won’t find any royalty who shared the name Taylor — which is quite a novelty.

National Taylor Day timeline

The First Taylor

The surname Taylor is found in documents recovered from South West England.

Taylor Swift is Born

Swift, the most famous namesake, is born.

The Name Reaches New Heights

The name reaches a new peak, with more than 21,000 babies being named Taylor.

Taylor as a Surname

Taylor ranks as the 10th most common surname in the U.S.

National Taylor Day FAQs

Is Taylor a surname?

Although Taylor is the 10th most popular surname in the United States, it can also be used as a first name.

What does Taylor mean spiritually?

The biblical meaning of Taylor translates to ‘clothed with salvation, and the name means ‘eternal beauty.’

Is Taylor a feminine name?

Taylor is one of the most popular unisex names in the English-speaking world.

National Taylor Day Activities

  1. Blast your Taylor Swift playlist

    ‘We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time — it’s miserable and magical.” So true, Swift. Being the most famous person with the name Taylor, Swift does enjoy some privileges on this day. Mark National Taylor Day with a rundown of Swift’s best, most preppy songs.

  2. Read about its origin

    You probably didn't know that the name Taylor is the sibling of 'tailor' phonetically. More pronounced vowel enunciation never does anyone any harm. Consider the name's origins as we come together to celebrate this enjoyable and carefree occasion, and see whether other appellations evolved as they traveled across countries.

  3. Take a stitching class

    Stitching isn’t a frivolous, middle-aged hobby but a life-saving skill that can come to your aid at any time. We're not expecting you to become a seamstress, that's for sure. All we suggest is picking up the basics of sewing and some elementary needlework — all in the glory of Taylors and tailors, of course.

5 Exciting Facts About The Name ‘Taylor’

  1. An exciting origin

    The name ‘Taylor’ has roots in the Anglo-French and Latin etymologies.

  2. Taylors charmed the ‘80s

    Taylor peaked at #192 in the U.S. in 1980s.

  3. An abundance of options

    Several variations of the name such as Tailour, Tayloe, Taylour, and Tyler are gaining popularity right now.

  4. Girls trump boys

    Although it is a popular unisex name, Taylor is found to be more common among girls than boys.

  5. The sweetest nicknames

    Tee, Tay-Tay, Tails, and Lory are some of the sweetest nicknames attributed to the name ‘Taylor.’

Why We Love National Taylor Day

  1. Taylors are charming, inspiring, and full of life

    According to the experts, people sharing the name Taylor are eternal optimists with off-the-charts enthusiasm for life. They are mature, inspiring, and sensible, with a hidden wild side reserved only for their inner circle.

  2. It comes from an honest profession

    Plenty of names like Mason, Miller, Potter, and Hunter have evolved from professions. Likewise, Taylor is the reformed version of a tailor — a professional stitcher and maker of clothes. It is a beautiful ode to this humble profession and is worthy of every ounce of celebration.

  3. It has a charming nickname

    Tay is a cute and bubbly nickname attributed to the name Taylor. On April 6, we celebrate the Tays of the world and shower them with love and respect. And if you don’t have a Taylor in your life, there’s always Taylor Swift.

National Taylor Day dates

2025April 6Sunday
2026April 6Monday
2027April 6Tuesday
2028April 6Thursday
2029April 6Friday

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