Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, known by the mononym Akon, is a Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur born on April 16, 1973. He is best known for his chart-topping singles ‘Locked Up’ and ‘Lonely’ from his debut album “Trouble” (2004). Akon has been on the music scene since 1996. He’s a talented artist and we’re celebrating him today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam



Birth date:

April 16, 1973



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$80 million

Aliaune's Social Media:


Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, better known as Akon, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur who has garnered an international fanbase. He is an Aries, born on April 16, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri. Akon was born into a Muslim family. He’s of Senegalese descent and spent most of his childhood in the African country. When he turned seven, he moved with his family to Union City, New Jersey. He attended William L. Dickinson High School and learned to play multiple instruments.

Akon formed a relationship with music mogul Devyne Stephens, who signed him to his production company and began grooming him professionally. In June 2004, Akon’s debut album “Trouble” dropped. The album featured singles like ‘Locked Up,’ ‘Lonely,’ Ghetto,’ ‘Belly Dancer (Bananza),’ and ‘Pot of Gold.’ The first single, ‘Locked Up,’ peaked in the U.S. and U.K. charts, climbing to the number one spot in the U.K. by 2005. In 2006, he released his sophomore album “Konvicted,” which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and sold 286,000 copies in its first week. “Konvicted” was certified double platinum after 16 weeks and triple platinum by the R.I.A.A. in 2007, after it sold three million units in the U.S. The album featured acts like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, etc. Akon followed up this album with his third one, “Freedom,” which dropped in December 2008. The album featured singles like ‘Right Now (Na Na Na),’ ‘I’m So Paid,’ ‘Beautiful,’ e.t.c. Akon co-wrote Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Award at the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony. Akon has written several successful records like ‘Forgive Me’ by Leona Lewis and ‘I Look to You’ by Whitney Houston.

Akon has collaborated with multiple talented musicians. His most recent album, “Konnect” was released in December 2019. Aside from music, Akon has dabbled in film and T.V. He appeared in the “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2” in 2007 and made his acting debut in “Black November” (2012). Akon is talented in multiple niches. His current career features more songwriting and producing than singing. For someone of such substance, Akon’s personal life has been under wraps. However, his spouse is Tomeka Thiam, and he revealed he has six children with three women. He keeps his family protected from the public.

Career timeline

His Debut Album

Akon’s debut studio album, “Trouble,” drops.

His Sophomore Album

Akon’s sophomore album, “Konvicted,” is released.

‘We Are The World’

Akon contributes to the ‘We Are the World: 25 for Haiti’ charity single to aid the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

His Reality Show Appearance

Akon appears in the Chinese reality T.V. show “I Am a Singer.”

“El Negreeto”

Akon releases his fourth studio album, “El Negreeto.”

Why We Love Akon

  1. He’s a man of many talents

    As a singer, songwriter, and record producer, Akon’s talent is supreme. He creates perfection and has no bad songs.

  2. He’s versatile

    Akon has created a name for himself outside the music industry. His property development, cryptocurrency, and diamond mine, to name a few, are reasons why he’s so wealthy.

  3. He’s innovative

    Akon plans to build Akon City, which is a sustainable smart city in Senegal. The futuristic metropolis is a huge, innovative step forward.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is on Michael Jackson’s last song

    Akon is on Jackson’s last known song, ‘Hold My Hand.’

  2. He has a city

    Akon is building a $6 billion city called Akon City in Senegal.

  3. He has a diamond mine

    To add to his property collection, Akon owns a diamond mine in South Africa.

  4. He’s a Guinness World Record holder

    Akon was listed by the Guinness World Records as the number-one-selling artist for master ringtones worldwide.

  5. He developed a cryptocurrency

    Akon created Akoin (AKN), a cryptocurrency that would be accepted in Akon City.

Akon FAQs

How many Grammys has Akon won?

As a singer, Akon has been nominated for five Grammys but has never won.

Does Akon practice polygamy?

Akon revealed he practices polygamy and that his father had four wives.

How many singles does Akon have?

He has 38 singles.

Akon’s birthday dates

2024April 16Tuesday
2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday

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