Callum Snape

Callum Snape, born on April 22, 1991, is a photographer best known for travel photography and natural landscape. His Instagram account has gained almost 800,000 followers. His fascinating work has been featured in major media outlets, such as C.B.C. News and The Huffington Post. His 15-year work has landed him many collaborations with major brands, such as Toyota, Fjallraven, Oru Kayak, and Samsung. He aims to inspire his audience to pursue their passions, seek new experiences, and challenge themselves creatively. Let’s celebrate his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Callum Snape

Birth date:

April 22, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Callum's Social Media:


Callum Snape is a well-known figure in the photography industry. He’s mainly known for photographing natural landscapes during his travels. He was born on April 22, 1991, in Belgium. There is very minimal information about his early life, other than he grew up with a military background. Born on a U.S. military base, he eventually moved around, from Germany to England. He revealed that he immigrated to Canada when he was 18, initially looking forward to pursuing a career in winter sports. He fell in love with photography when he started taking pictures of the Canadian wilderness to send to his family. He decided to teach himself how to work a camera and the business skills to go freelance.

He started his career as a freelance professional photographer in 2010. Balancing himself as fine art and commercial photographer, he aimed to produce meaningful work while simultaneously attracting a larger audience. He revealed that it took four years to attract nearly a million followers. Snape got the shot that he wanted in 2016 when he photographed ice and bubbles that were trapped underwater. The picture went viral on Instagram, where it reached 28,500 likes. Having a large following on social media has helped him land several jobs as well. He worked with various tourism boards around the world. Interestingly, he not only does photography but also researches marketing plans before giving suggestions on how to improve them. In 2020, he worked on the Northwest Territories’ Winter Project in Canada, Spectacular N.W.T., where he captured the Aurora Borealis Eye. He also worked with the Switzerland Tourism N.A. in 2021, where he captured Lake Oeschinen for their Summer marketing material.

There is also almost no information about his private life. He prefers to keep his social media focused on his photographs and works only. One of his recognized moments was his interaction with Korean boy group B.T.S. member, V, on Twitter. Snape replied to a tweet of the member expressing his admiration for his work, where they eventually interacted and Snape invited him to come to Canada.

Career timeline

The Landscape Photography Starts

After immigrating to Canada, Snape takes pictures of Canadian nature for fun to send to his family.

The Move to Professional Photography

Eventually falling out of love with his initial career aspiration, he begins doing freelance work as a professional photographer, teaching himself how to operate cameras and handle the business side of things.

The Photos go Viral

After taking a fascinating picture showcasing the ice and bubbles underwater, he goes viral after posting it on his Instagram page.

The Collaborations with Tourism Boards

His fame lands him collaborations with tourism boards, one of them being Northwest Territories, where he photographs the Aurora Borealis Eye.

The Project with Switzerland Tourism

His photograph of Lake Oeschinen becomes one of his featured works during his project with Switzerland Tourism.

Why We Love Callum Snape

  1. He does photography for himself

    Even though his works appeal to many people, he said that he’s pretty selfish with his photography. He encourages people to do the same: to put their passions first and not force them.

  2. He works hard at his job

    Snape revealed that he’s never fully happy with what he does. It keeps him pushing himself harder and figuring out what working style suits him best.

  3. He does his own thing

    Despite his fame in social media, Snape insists that he’s a photographer that uses Instagram and not the other way around. He works to balance himself out, trying to shoot stuff for himself while being aware of the client's wants and needs.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His initial interest was hiking

    Before developing his photography skills, Snape said that he had a passion for backcountry hiking, where he would bring his cheap camera along.

  2. Mountain landscape is his biggest inspiration

    He revealed that mountain landscapes inspire him the most, where he’s drawn to untouched wilderness and the towering summits that he had to climb.

  3. The bubbles photograph took time

    Snape said that it took five years for him to capture the bubbles trapped in ice photographs at Abraham Lake, Canada.

  4. He mainly uses Canon cameras

    In most of his kit reveals, Snape often mentions the variety of Canon cameras he uses.

  5. He does minimum post-production work

    Snape revealed that he has a short attention span, so he keeps his work heavy on the field rather than playing around with the results afterward.

Callum Snape FAQs

Is Callum Snape single?

It is assumed that he is because he does not reveal his private life on his social media.

Where does Callum Snape live?

He lives in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

How does Callum Snape afford to travel so much?

His expenses are covered in doing his projects and assignments. He lines up back-to-back jobs that give him a chance to travel for several months. He also says that personal travel becomes easier from that point.

Callum Snape’s birthday dates

2025April 22Tuesday
2026April 22Wednesday
2027April 22Thursday
2028April 22Saturday
2029April 22Sunday

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