Spencer X

Spencer Polanco Knight, better known as Spencer X, was born on April 20, 1992. He is among the most popular social media stars of today. The TikTok star, who is of Chinese and Ecuadorian ethnicity, is best known for his music and beatboxing, in which he creates original, produced, and hilarious tunes for social media platforms. Today is a special day for Spencer and we are here to help you celebrate it.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Spencer Polanco Knight

Birth date:

April 20, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.2 million

Spencer's Social Media:


Spencer X, born Spencer Polanco Knight, is a big name on TikTok and defines the art of beatboxing. Spencer began playing percussion, trumpet, and bass when he was in middle school. Around the same time, he was introduced to beatboxing by a friend who began beatboxing while they were playing tennis. He was captivated by what he saw and heard and set out to learn as much as he could about it. He then decided to try his luck at beatboxing.

Spencer started participating in hip-hop clubs and performing throughout his high school years. He started his professional career shortly after graduating from high school when he joined the acapella group Midnight Ramblers.

His group was invited by N.B.C’s “The Sing-Off” to audition. He later became a member of the acapella group Backtrack. One of his videos, “One beatboxer, 14 genres,” went viral, bringing him worldwide attention for the first time. “One beatboxer, 20 sound effects,” his follow-up video was also a hit, garnering millions of views. Spencer has also worked with many well-known artists in the music industry.

Spencer’s beatboxing has earned him numerous awards. He ranked 16th in the East Coast Beatbox Battle. He took the title of vice-champion when he participated in the Midwest Beatbox Battle in Ohio in 2012. He was also a featured artist for The Purchase Beat — SUNY Purchase in the same year.

The talented beatboxer has also been featured in “The Village Voice” and “U.S.A. Today,” among many other publications. He was labeled an up-and-coming artist by “USA Today” in 2014.

Career timeline

He Posts His First Viral Video

Spencer posts a video named “One Beatboxer, 12 Animojis” on his YouTube channel, which gains over 20 million views.

His Debut on TikTok

Spencer debuts on TikTok and moves to Los Angeles where he starts to make original music and produce tracks and comedy sketches.

He Gets Chosen by TikTok

Spencer and a few other creators are selected by TikTok to receive money from the platform’s $2 billion creators’ fund.

He Gets Featured in “Forbes’” List

Spencer gets featured in “Forbes’” inaugural list of TikTok’s seven highest-earning stars.

He is Nominated for YouTube

Spencer gets nominated for the YouTube Streamy Award in the Breakout Creator category.

He Wins Over Millions of Followers

Spencer gets 58 million followers across social media platforms, making him one of the biggest stars on the internet.

Why We Love Spencer X

  1. He has big dreams

    Besides being an internet beatboxing sensation, Spencer cherishes some big dreams. He wants to perform at the Grammys and the Super Bowl with top celebrities and stars.

  2. He is a hard worker

    Spencer dropped out of college and spent a few years struggling in New York trying to earn money by beatboxing. He later decided to move to L.A. and slept on couches at friends’ houses until he was able to make it on his own.

  3. He loves his fans

    When Spencer was still struggling and working hard to succeed, his supportive fan base motivated him a lot. In a “Forbes” interview, he expressed his gratitude for the “thousands of people who cared about” what he was doing.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He received a golden YouTube Play Button

    YouTube gave him a silver Play Button for reaching 100,000 subscribers and a golden one for getting one million subscribers.

  2. He worked with big celebrities

    Spencer has collaborated with some big names in showbiz like Alicia Keys, Russ, Marshmello, Sean Kingston, and Lopez Brothers.

  3. He is a TEDx speaker

    Spencer has been featured in a TEDx video titled “Trusting The Unknown,” which has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

  4. He became famous quickly

    Spencer was famous before his big social media debut, but when he focused on making posts on TikTok he reached a new level of fame and success in no time.

  5. He makes original music

    Spencer initially found success on social media platforms by making beatboxing posts and sketches, but recently the TikTok star has switched his focus toward making original music tracks.

Spencer X FAQs

What are Spencer X’s hobbies?

Spencer likes to travel and explore new places for leisure.

What did Spencer X study in college?

Spencer studied science and mathematics in college before dropping out.

Does Spencer X have a brother?

Spencer doesn’t have a brother but he has a younger sister named Gigi.

Spencer X’s birthday dates

2025April 20Sunday
2026April 20Monday
2027April 20Tuesday
2028April 20Thursday
2029April 20Friday

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