JJ Subia

JJ Subia was born on June 16, 2003, and is an American social media personality and TikTok star. He is primarily known for his lip sync, dance, and funny videos. He has a following of over 300,000 and millions of views on his videos. His pleasant personality and smile have won him many hearts. He has earned the title of an ace TikTok comedian. Join us today as we celebrate his birthday here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

JJ Subia

Birth date:

June 16, 2003



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


JJ's Social Media:


JJ Subia was born in Templeton, California, United States. He has two siblings, a sister named Kiana and a brother named Maddox — who is frequently seen in his TikTok videos. He has Spanish-Filipino ancestry and American nationality. Throughout his youth, Subia played soccer, including varsity soccer, for four years of high school. Additionally, he is also a talented boxer, and it appears he might take it up as a profession in the near future. Previously, he published “Fortnite” videos on his YouTube channel.

Subia is a social media personality and a TikTok star. He is primarily known for the video content on his TikTok account. He rose to prominence through short-form lip-sync, dance, and funny videos. He has gathered a following of over 300,000 people. His account also features short videos created in collaboration with other content creators. Likewise, he has also performed split-screen duets with other well-known creators.

Subia prefers keeping his personal life away from the limelight. With zero rumors, scandals, and controversies surrounding his life, he solely focuses on his work. He has over 19k followers on Instagram and frequently posts about boxing and his social life. His talent, humor, and charm continue to win hearts.

Career timeline

His Debut YouTube Video

Subia posts his first video in July, which receives over 3,000 views.

He Becomes a TikTok Sensation

He gains over 10 million views and 300,000 followers with lip-sync, dance, and funny videos.

His Instagram Debut

On March 4, Subia makes a carousel post of his soccer trophy win.

His Boxing Title

On February 14, Subia celebrates his win with a series of happy photographs with his team on Instagram.

Why We Love JJ Subia

  1. He lives a private life

    Despite the social media success and a following of thousands, he prefers living a quiet life. He doesn’t get involved in any scandals.

  2. He is close to his family

    As seen on his Instagram, he often posts pictures with his siblings, showcasing that he loves spending time with family. He has featured his brother in most of his TikTok videos.

  3. He is focused and ambitious

    One of the good parts about his social media is a sneak peek into his life, which is currently about his boxing. He seems quite focused on achieving a particular milestone.

Why We Love

  1. His different hairstyles

    The TikTok star is fond of his hair and is often seen sporting different styles.

  2. His social life

    Subia often shared snippets of his social gatherings on his social media handles.

  3. He loves traveling

    He likes exploring new places and mentions what he loves about the city that he explores.

  4. He has a photogenic face

    Primarily known for his videos, Subia often shares some pictures of himself on his Instagram account and keeps gathering a following.

  5. He is a fitness enthusiast

    A budding athlete, he takes his fitness seriously and practices wellness regularly.

JJ Subia FAQs

Is JJ Subia single?

Yes, he is currently single and is enjoying his athletic life.

How old is JJ Subia?

Born on June 16, 2003, Subia is 19years old as of 2022, living in California, United States.

Where is JJ Subia now?

A boxing athlete now, Subia spends most of his time training and fighting in the ring.

JJ Subia’s birthday dates

2024June 16Sunday
2025June 16Monday
2026June 16Tuesday
2027June 16Wednesday
2028June 16Friday

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